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sanderfag a hack

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He left too soon

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So what's the general consensus on this?

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I guess Wolfe is off to see a new sun.

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Are audiobooks for fantasy books recommended? I've never listened to an audiobook. I always kind of thought it was stupid, but I these days I've begun to spend upwards of 2 hours walking around my town trying to unfat myself and I thought I could do something else instead of listen to music.

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>inserting himself as a giant

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i dont get it

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Depends on your personal preference. I don't really like to consume any type of fantasy series through audio. Just doesn't feel right to me and I always end up getting distracted by something else.

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Those writers trigger the incels.

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incels are dinosaurs ?

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Good, and also a pretty good place to start with Wolfe. It's not as abstruse as BotNS, and it's a better example of his mature style than The Fifth Head of Cerberus.

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I always listen to my fantasy stuff if I can help it, really great to listen while in bed or playing a slow game.
Also blood mirror was the worst fantasy book I've finished in years.

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Just finished The Dragons Blade trilogy, which was pretty good as I got it for a dollar on my kindle, but I recommend stop reading it in the last 5 chapters as what happens after just ruins what should have been the ending.

Its a shame the author started doing LITrpgs instead.

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Why do you hate tight pussy anon?

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>the pussy the tightest

I use audiobooks almost exclusively. You have to get used to it, the transition is a little jarring and you have to build up tolerance. Luckily for me i got that out of the way 13 years ago. Don't know how good your comprehension and retention ability is.

When you were in primary school, how good were you at memorizing sentences and repeating them?

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Incel wasn't a thing when that dino scale was made.

We used to have an anon review only old books in the general. He always rated them out of 5 dinos, so I made that for him (after finding out how he thought it should look).

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This one is for you, dorito man

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The Blood Mirror was absolute shit

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so next month's book club will be GW right?

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So is this seven blades in black a comedy or what?

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Did you miss all the times we told you that Breeks is one of worst writers alive? Next time listen.
I would rather read all of Sarah J Fatass' books before I read another chapter written by Breeks if I had to. Regular hacks like Rothfuss, Sanderson, Lawrence and Memecrombie are all practically Shakespeare tier compared to him.
Keep this in mind if any of you are about to fall for the Night Angel/Blood Mirror memes.

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forgot pic

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I don't come here often so I missed any talk of him.
Went in expecting little, the first 2 are generic but readable if you are desperate for fantasy books. 3 was shit but blood mirror so shit its hard to imagine how he got away with publishing it.

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Should I self insert myself into my fantasy saga? I would be a minor entity.

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fuck no. are you stupid?

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Yes, yes I am. My saga is the world of my dreams and nightmares. I am the dreamer. I am an idiot dreamer.

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As long as it's only some stupid minor character, who cares?

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There are several problems with this.
Firstly, you want the aspiring authors thread, not /sffg/.
Secondly your "minor entity" defence makes it clear you already know what answer you're going to get, so why bother asking?
Thirdly, you're not asking for advice about writing well, you're asking permission to write something self-indulgent, and framing it as asking for advice. This is dishonest and pointless, because you don't need permission to make your story self-indulgent, and even if you did we couldn't give you it.

Now stop being a faggot and write what you want.

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Ugh, I spent 30 minutes trying to come up with a funny analogy before giving up at like four sentences in. Sometimes writing is not for me.

ooh, can we read the ingredient list on the back of a can of pringles?

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>ooh, can we read the ingredient list on the back of a can of pringles?
Too long.

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>Too stupid to understand Wolfe's work

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I didn't understand the short stories or dr talos's play

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So any word on Birdboi?

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I hope not

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Fuck off

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Go to hell, this is a birdboi general.

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So he was a metaphor for nuclear power, wasn't he?

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Read a couple of chapters of this last night, that sure wasn't what I was expecting.

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Okay boys I need some advice, I'm currently writing a novel and I'm debating whether or not to go full on Cormac McCarthy in that I want to go away from standard writing convention kinda like he did. I mainly don't want to use he said, she said, max said, etc after every line of dialogue and was thinking of leaving that out unless it's needed for the reader to know in context.
Is this a completely stupid idea or would it be okay?
Example: "I want the Apple." Said max. "No I want it!" Shouted Ellie. "Wanna fight over it?" "You're going to lose!" "Well then put em' up" "It's go time nerd!"
Kinda like that, good idea or bad idea?

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That's up next for me after The Mote in God's Eye, I think

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I'm sorry I've been gone, Illness struck me down for a while.

Download in the OP.

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You should ask in the aspiring authors post not here.

But I don't mind it as long as the reader understands who says what

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Holy shit based.

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People do that all the time. Here's something I wrote a few days ago, for example. It's from furry fapshit so excuse the content.

>blah blah context
He finally got Ozzie on the other end of the handset.
“What,” Ozzie droned.
>because Ozzie is a character who doesn't talk much, it's necessary to describe his tone a lot more than other characters.
“Are you with your faggot cat friend right now?” Kai asked.
>Kai, on the other hand, talks a lot, so the tone comes from the dialogue rather than adjectives
There was some muttering on the other end of the phone. “Yes,” Ozzie replied, and the already remote possibility of a friendly conversation receded further into myth as his tone dropped to frigid.
>Again, because Ozzie doesn't talk much I needed to describe his tone. I went with a fun metaphor rather than a boring "Ozzie said flatly," adjective, but your tastes may vary.
“Tell him never to text me again. About anything.”
“Why are you such a cunt, Kai?”
“Because I am surrounded by fucking idiots. Now listen to me-”
“No,” Ozzie growled, “you listen to me.”
>After a few lines of dialogue without name markers, people can lose track of who's talking, so sprinkle some names in. Plus, this is the perfect time to emphasize with a "he growled." "He said," also works here because the tone is evident from context and the dialogue, but this is furry fiction and Ozzie is a bear so growling fits. Also note that Ozzie calls Kai by his name - this is a sneaky way to make it clear who's talking inside the dialogue. In real life people rarely ever use other people's names, but good dialogue is /believable/, not realistic
And Kai did, as Ozzie made some very straightforward recommendations about how to avoid future unpleasant consequences. Classic Ozzie. He’d never met a problem he couldn’t solve with threats and violence because he’d never met a man who could stand up against his threats and violence.
>A chance to introduce a bit about the character and also cut out some unnecessary dialogue. It also gives some "voice" to Kai's narration, but this is more clear (and coherent) with the context that I've cut out from before this section.
“Okay,” Kai said. “Truce. But I am serious. Don’t talk to people about where you get your gear from, and definitely don’t tell them you got it from me.”
“Don’t you want new customers?”
“Sure, but more importantly, I don’t want to get caught.”
There was more muttering on the other end of the phone. Then Ozzie spoke again. “Mat promises he’s not an undercover cop.”
>blah blah blah story continues

I don't promise that I'm a good writer, but this is my thought process when writing dialogue. There's usually good reason to include "he asked" or "he said" or "he growled" in dialogue, so they're not evil things you need to avoid, but where you can leave them out there's no reason not to and it really makes a conversation flow.

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Sorry, didn't see that thread

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Nah it's a pretty normal gritty fantasy (hell you could probably at least call the worldbuilding grimdark) but the protagonist is pretty irreverent at least during the framing story parts

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blue pill me on the Malazan books. I want some comfy high fantasy

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Malazan is shit and the opposite of comfy. Since Gene Wolfe just died you should read The Wizard Knight since it's pretty comfy.

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Malazan is the complete opposite of Malazan though.
Try Powder Mage, flintlock high fantasy. It's very comfy.
Or Benjamin Ashwood series. It's like Wheel of Time minus the slog.

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Malazan is the complete opposite of comfy though.
Try Powder Mage (flintlock high fantasy). It's very comfy.
Or Benjamin Ashwood series. It's like Wheel of Time minus the slog.

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Shit taste

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There was someone crying a few threads ago about Alpha World just stopping.
I saw a new one was released two weeks ago.

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>we told you
>the entire general told you
Okay, Mr General Spokesman.

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What was the story someone was talking about that they hoped was a comedy last thread? I thought it was this.

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>wot is good even with the slog taken out
Would never take your advice on books.

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>It's a Perrin episode

>> No.12943747

>There was someone crying a few threads ago about Alpha World just stopping.
theres one more comming.
8 is gonna be the last one. author isnt sure if a delta world is gonna happen.

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What would be the darkest option in fantasy? Not necessarily edgy or grimdark, just dark. Malazan and Black Company seem like my best options

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Bakker desu

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You could always just turn your lights off before reading.

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What do you guys think of this one?

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that was free the darkness

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Made me chuckle

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How would you rank Philip K. Dick?

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Is Demon Cycle series any good? Just got to Leesha chapter and its setting off some red flags for me.

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No. First book is passable but gets progressively worse with every book.

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The first half of the first book is good, the rest is fucking woeful.

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Well thats a shame, was looking forward to something new

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>it’s a post this in every thread episode because I have nothing meaningful to contribute episode

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If you like the idea of straight up horror stories in fantasy settings I'd recommend Night Winds by Karl Edward Wagner and The Throne of Bones by Brian McNaughton.

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his short story collections are alright

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Because sometimes you have to fight fire with hellfire, there's Caine Deathwalker: raised as a demon, armed like a gun merchant, and fuelled by booze. Nice is a dirty word and killing is what he does best. Make a contract with hell, and he could be on your side, God help you.

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is this readable? It sounds based but if its unironic I imagine the prose is unreadably bad.

>> No.12944295

The only reason I posted it was to laugh at it, anon. I'm sure it's unironic and I'm just as sure it's pure shit.

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It’s real fucking bad anon. Like Dresden but this time he’s an even edgier even bigger Mary Sue who also can’t help but fuck literally any woman he meets. Not to mention the prose is hardly readable

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>It’s real fucking bad anon. Like Dresden
But Dresden Files is good... I don't know how to interpret your words after that statement.

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You're just mad he ended up with a whore at the end. But what you fail to realize is that all women are thots. So unless you raised your wife from birth by yourself under lock and key, until she reached maturity, then you are a cuck. Seeing as she cheated at least once during your relationship.

But take that shit out on other people instead of yourself.

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if by good you mean not very good I agree

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He basically spells out the meaning of Dr Talos’ play in Urth of the New Sun.

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>World-building and magic systems!

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speaking of Dresden, is anyone else getting hyped? it looks like peace talks actually is happening, though its probably still a while off.

the post-skin game stories that came out last summer were fun, and from the way the one at the zoo played out Im genuinely wondering if butcher is thinking about a spin-off for kids. it would be a weird move but he has material to work with

also, ive started reading codex alera. its very different from what I expected. the setting doesn't even seem particularly ancient roman

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> So unless you raised your wife from birth by yourself under lock and key, until she reached maturity, then you are a cuck.
I haven't seen a better endorsement to NOT read Brent Weeks ever than this. Thank you.

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>I don't know how to interpret your words after that statement.
If you can't interpret a sentence as simple as that, how the hell are you reading books?

>> No.12944522

Have sex

>> No.12944523

see >>12944509

>> No.12944527

A "coming of age" story with a whole host of new wrinkles

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never read it purely because of how shitty the cover it usually has it

>> No.12944547

If you call that comfy, try the First Law trilogy. It's literally a better version of Malazan.

>> No.12944553

Pretty good, desu. Brought a lot of original themes to the genre. Unfortunately, I don't think he put enough effort into any individual novel.

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Three years ago, Sebastian Beaumont, was starving and struggling on the streets. An offer for safety and shelter was nothing but the lies of a vampire. Since then, he’s been trapped, surrendering his blood and body as a blood slave to vampires, all for the hope of gaining one more day of life and maybe, someday, his freedom.

Having crossed more than three hundred years of life, Valentin Wyndham, is a prince among vampires. Memories of betrayal still haunt him and love isn’t something he seeks. When his need for blood becomes too strong, he breaks his usual habits and visits a blood house. Though he tries to resist, he can’t help but be captivated by the beautiful Sebastian.

Unable to deny the intensity between them, Valentin frees Sebastian from the blood house, but danger follows them both from those who don’t want to let Sebastian go.

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if you want comfy fantasy read Modesitt, either Imager or Recluce is like the epitome of that

>> No.12944595

it's pretty good

>> No.12944597

Please no gay vampire porn.

>> No.12944599

Is there anything else like the First Law? The closest i found was the Ravens Mark books

>> No.12944605

A land fit for heroes

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Ultra kino

>> No.12944718

I thought it was very similar to the Witcher

>> No.12944738

Thanks, ill check it out.
Geralt might be somewhat simillar to logen, but thats it.

>> No.12944777

sorry with all the male focused characters and promotion of patriarchy and misogyny in science fiction i cannot support it. and that's not including all the oppression of women, glorification of war and power, promotion of nations and states rather than unification and openness, focus on individualism rather than collectivism with the promotion of heroism, extra. science fiction is a disease that helps wrap the mind of kids and adults.

>> No.12944832

Trips wasted on bait, how sad.

>> No.12944842

Is Red Rising any good? https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15839976-red-rising

>> No.12944865

If you like YA

>> No.12944905

I thought Bayaz was quite similar to Yennefer too.

>> No.12944912

it is pretty good, doesnt feel that YAish to me
but i dont really read YA so i might be wrong

>> No.12944919

what edition of urth of new sun should I look out for?

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go suck your gums

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I'm buying my 12 year old niece a fantasy book, what should it be? Is that Throne of Glass shit any good (by YA standards)? Sabriel? Maybe some Pratchett?

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>> No.12945016

Sabriel or Bartimaues. Probably sabriel because it has a female protag.

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>reading pre-1990s sci-fi books
>mfw STEMtarded fools who wrote them thought mankind would have FTL and similar cool shit by 2050

>> No.12945028

Throne of Glass is bad by any standards. Every kids first fantasy book should be The Hobbit.

>> No.12945031

alternatively if she still has trouble sleeping
or if she is too old in her mind for that kids shit

>> No.12945222

>tfw it's actually a Perrin episode

I don't mind it so much since the characters around him are cool but holy shit did he become an insufferable cunt, Egwene is miss congeniality by comparison.

>> No.12945307

>gene wolfe died yesterday
>creator of lupin the third died today
What the fuck lads.

>> No.12945309

Well, there is good 30 years left still.

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I was also discouraged by the cover you posted, but was lucky to find on Amazon the Gollancz "Fantasy Masterworks" edition for a few bucks and it looks fine

It surely seems promising

>> No.12945316

Ghibli BotNS when?

>> No.12945338

M16/2, in '89 people were still afraid of MAD, this is better than most of the predictions of the era in many ways.

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Children of dune was pretty boring but I’m glad I got through it because holy fuck this book is based

>> No.12945389

>birdboi rambling is discord and telling people he is going mad because he is off his medication
>posts long rambling descriptions of bird people comedic theater styles and ideas for short stories
Yeah he is going actual insane.

>> No.12945527

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

>> No.12945535

You're completely obsessed with him, you should stop.

>> No.12945646

wizard of earthsea series

>> No.12945680

Dragonriders of Pern

>> No.12945709

You don't realize how far we are away from anything like AI let alone FTL, we can't even make robots capable of picking strawberries yet.

>> No.12945749

What are good cyberpunk introductions?

>> No.12945750

We just need something to light a fire under our seat to bring humanity together and focused on one task.
Get this done and we can get ftl travel (once we find a sufficient power source, anti-matter? Black hole?)

Remember there are actual scientist working on an enterprise warp drive from star trek as we speak.

>> No.12945776

Way to optimistic, FTL is very very likely to be impossible on a sheer fundamental level, no amount of energy or technology would be enough.

>> No.12945808

can you really get a better introduction than burning chrome and neuromancer?

>> No.12945862

not to mention the Notre Dame and that ancient mosque

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>reading Urth
>reach the chapter with Gunnie and Burgundofara
I have no clue what I just read. Someone please explain what this chapter was about for this absolute brainlet.

>> No.12945918

honestly, ai isn't that far off. most chatbots can already pass the turing test. the hard part is taking everything we've figured out and cramming it together into one entity

>> No.12946073

>most chatbots can already pass the turing test
The turing test is literally meaningless and doesn't even test AI.

>the hard part is taking everything we've figured out and cramming it together into one entity
No, this is the easy part, we can already do this, data is extremely consumable for computers.

It's all fake, even the worlds most advanced virtual assistant couldn't even make an appointment at a hair salon, they had to fake it all and got caught.

>> No.12946102

what discord? if its an sffg one post the link

>> No.12946133

What's a good file converter for epub to mobi?
Also how bad will converting fuck up the formatting?

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it happened again bros.... i finished my chinkshit and now I have nothing to read.... please help me

>> No.12946295

It depends, different ebooks will have different results.

>> No.12946303

>It's a post this reply in every thread because I have even less to contribute episode.

>> No.12946357

Anytime you hear avian and the male child together, it's always /tg/

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I wonder how he is taking Gene's death.
He actually met and used to talk to Wolfe.

>> No.12946609

How do I get into the Malaz shitshow without feeling like a complete retard??

>> No.12946658

Read nigga read.

>> No.12946695

See >>12944439

>> No.12946715

Any good books where a knight fights a snail?

>> No.12946839


>> No.12946890

What happened to Arami?

>> No.12946905

Dungeon deposed 2 audiobook is out bois.

>> No.12946937
File: 438 KB, 995x1026, conan-snailriderclr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What about rides a snail?

>> No.12947293

What's everyone reading?
I'm running low on stuff. Now starting that red wolfe black lion book that was memed here.

>> No.12947310

I'm reading The Once and Future King. It's fantastic in both the sense that it's of very high quality and also that it's one of the very few books that I have read that gives me that sense of wistful adventure and fantasy. I'm only maybe 130 pages in or so out of 600, but it's shaping up to be one of my favorites.

>> No.12947315

Dune. Halfway through it now. Also bought Elric of Melniboné.

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>hey what are you reading
>what is it about

>> No.12947419

>tfw I wasted my 500 word daily goal on a stupid argument about whether to call something magic or psychic powers that nobody wants to read
>tfw it's after midnight and I'm too tired to keep writing

>> No.12947429

I'm trying to get a PDF of A Stitch in Time by Andrew Robinson but I can't find it. Anyone have one?

>> No.12947490

Just finished The Crippled God. A lot of people got a happier ending than I expected from this series. Loved it all the way through.
Will I enjoy First Law as much as I enjoyed Malazan?

>> No.12947623

You didn't even look anon and it isn't 2010, nobody reads ebooks as pdfs any longer . Epubs are what you're looking for.


>> No.12947636

>Dragonriders of Pern
Doesn't this series glorify promiscuity?

>> No.12947797

And the issue is....?

>> No.12947810

We don't like degeneracy in our SFF.

>> No.12947815

Can't remember but so what? Half this general reads harem smut so no one cares.

>> No.12947816

But Lazarus Long is my favorite MC?

>> No.12947832

I would love to read Wild Wastes with my 12-year-old niece indeed.

>> No.12947883


>> No.12947886

I don't know where you think you are but the book is not for us, it's for that anons 12 year old niece.
12 is a good time to start prepping them if you want them to come onto to you around 18.

>> No.12947890

What makes Breeks so bad? Never read his stuff btw.

>> No.12947892

it's great

>> No.12947918

Something about tight vaginas and killing off best girl so that the mc ends up with a literal whore.

>> No.12947930

Why are fantasy authors always creeps?

>> No.12947937

Why are (((creeps))) always creeps?

>> No.12947945

>Why are authors always creeps?
Fixed that for you.

>> No.12947957

Asimov was a creep?

>> No.12947959

Why else would you make writing your bread and butter if not to study your fantasies in public?

>> No.12947961

>he doesn't know about robot sex
They're anatomically correct!

>> No.12947984

That sounds like something Heinlein would write.

>> No.12947994

But it was something Asimov wrote. Read Robots of Dawn.

>> No.12948003

Does it have lots of steamy robot sex?

>> No.12948009

No but it's brought up that it happens.

>> No.12948020

See, Isaac might have been a towering intellectual but sex pervert he wasn't. That's why Heinlein's better.

>> No.12948040

Is there still a market for Amazon self-published /sffg/. I remember a few years ago it was pretty strong, but I had a quick look last night and it looks like a lot has changed on Amazon's side (and not for the better.)

It's all practice, anon. Got to shit out those million bad words before you can start writing good ones.

>> No.12948055

Heinlein is also a cuck.

>> No.12948090

That's why you don't fuck, sweaty.

>> No.12948099

Deluded, she'll be used up by 14 at the latest.

>> No.12948104

Hopefully, her standards will be low enough for me, then.

>> No.12948112

Nah there are some respected theories that require orders of magnitude more energy than a Dyson sphere around the sun would produce. If we had infinite power they might be possible.
Not that it is a feasible assumption.

>> No.12948116

If you like whores you should just hire an escort. Don't let your dreams start dreams.

>> No.12948165

I'm just kidding, I think even wizardry is more likely than me getting the sort of intimacy I crave from women.

>> No.12948180

Being a wizard isn't so bad, you get to walk around in public wearing a bathrobe.

>> No.12948223

That’s what slags do

>> No.12948226

What are the best books about Magicians?

>> No.12948229

Magicians as in people who perform tricks instead of actual magic?

>> No.12948241

Magician, that’s the one the dude was talking about a few threads ago where mcs best pal fucks an elf queen and dominates her soul when he gets too edgy.

>> No.12948255


>> No.12948314

Well go on. Give us the descriptions then.
I fcking love birdboi and want to read every word of him

>> No.12948325

If Tolkien was such an English patriot and wanted to give England it's own fleshed out mythology, why was he a Catholic and not an Anglican?

>> No.12948355
File: 1.51 MB, 500x483, 1538244356661.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the best book featuring magicians who actually do magic
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke
>the best books featuring magic users who don't really do magic in the book ever despite supposedly being very powerful
Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay
Long Price Quartet by Daniel Abraham

>> No.12948447
File: 167 KB, 809x1280, based.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do any of you ever dive into a book completely blind? As in not knowing who the author is or reading any reviews? Or even asking /sffg/ for opinions about said book? I used to do this when I was younger, but now I pretty much refuse to read any book if I'm not familiar with the author or read at least one thorough review first.

>> No.12948455

Yes. If I don't have anything particular in mind I go to the library and pick up books based on whether or not they catch my eye, literally judging books by their covers, by how long they are, by how cool their names are.
I don't think I've read actual book reviews in my entire life.

>> No.12948456

Yea. Even with research, reviews and shills from sffg after all these years I refuse to read conan.

>> No.12948461

But why?

>> No.12948463

He's an incel, anon.

>> No.12948466

Of course not, I might read something that offends me.

>> No.12948467

Oh. That must be awful.

>> No.12948493

Is there any decent modern Space Opera that isn't trying to copy Star Wars?

>> No.12948501

I can't speak of modern but have you read Donaldson's Gap Cycle?

>> No.12948503

Combat Frame XSeed. It's like Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but with mechs.

>> No.12948511

sounds like weebshit to me

>> No.12948512

Revelation Space which has a similar horror feel to Evangelion and Blinsight/Echopraxia.
Hyperion Cantos which also has a horror feel.

>> No.12948514

It really isn't. Read the reviews for it.

>> No.12948523

>Is there any decent modern Space Opera that isn't trying to copy Star Wars?
Star Justice

>> No.12948540

I knew conan was for normie cunnies. Only females and pussy whipped rebbiters use the word incel.
Neck thyself and leave these hallowed halls forthwith.

>> No.12948548
File: 411 KB, 1024x1598, Conan has a laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12948618

Because his dad died and his mum was a slut.

>> No.12948619

>Star Justice
He said decent

>> No.12948658

Dying Earth

>> No.12948705

one of the links didn't work and the other was straight up adware. thanks though, will keep looking

>> No.12948717

>don't know how to internet
Figures you can't find shit.

>> No.12948746

I assure at least one of the links is working perfectly well, you just have no clue what you're doing.
Most people here would just ask you to fuck off, I actually looked it up and gave you a direct link. Nobody not even me, has the patience to do a step by step with you, figure it out.
Hint: It starts with unticking shit you don't need.

>> No.12948759

probably not the place to ask, but I don't think it warrants a thread.

E-book, paperback, mass paperback, or hardcover? I want to start reading, preferably with fantasy, be it LoTR or GoT, but can't decide on format. I've tried e-books with torrented pdf's but it's annoying to have to flip back and forth so much, or highlight, or even find something. It's convenient but annoying as fuck to move around in an e-book.

>> No.12948763

I pretty much only buy paperbacks.

>> No.12948833

Love Mote in God's Eye. Just whatever you do don't bother with the sequel. Probably the most dissapointing book I've ever read. 400 pages of nothing happening to nobody characters.

>> No.12948847

do mass paperbacks break easier? Just trying to decide how to start buying books. How do paperbacks hold up?

>> No.12948850

They're okay, their spines end up looking like shit pretty quickly but I haven't had one fall apart on me.
My first hardcover copy of Lord of the Rings did fall apart though since I was always reading it and carried it in my bag for like three years in elementary school.

>> No.12948855


>> No.12948862

Pdfs are clunky as fuck for ebooks, epub format is what you want.
And literally any decent ebook reader (most people use Calibre) will let you bookmark, highlight and jump around as much as you like among many other things. If you like jumping around and marking down certain parts ebooks have paperbacks beat by a long margin.
But then again a lot of people the feeling of holding a real book in their hands even if ebooks are a LOT more convenient. You have to decide what you prefer but for utility ebooks are the way to go.

>> No.12948863

sounds like I should go paperback or hard cover then. I really dig how sturdy hard cover books look. Thanks for the help anon. Probably ordering the books online. Every time I walk into a Barnes and Noble or any book store, I spend hours looking at books

>> No.12948865

>no sex in weretiger form
I fail so see the furshit here.

>> No.12948869

Yeah, I tend to avoid bookstores. Libraries are bad enough but at least they're free.

>> No.12948870

But Poets or w/e aren't powerful, they can only control their demons and the demons are shown using their power.

>> No.12948871

Reason I did pdf is because that's the format I found for the books I was trying to read, and because I could directly move them to my kindle from my pc.

How does epub differ form pdf for jumping around?

>> No.12948963

There's no difference between jumping around on PDFs and EPUBs, it only depends on what kind of reader you're using and the features it has. You should be using Calibre, it's widely considered to be the best ebook reader/manager on PC.
EPUBs are better because the text in them is reflowable, meaning no matter what the size of the screen the text adjusts itself accordingly, PDFs on the other hand are clunky, the text doesn't reflow easily, it's better used when you want to uphold layout integrity of a document, like say a legal document. You've probably noticed this if you went from desktop to Kindle with a PDF.
On the topic of Kindle, I do not own one but if you can move PDFs onto it I can only assume you can also move EPUBs. In case you can't, I've already mentioned Calibre, using that you can convert any ebook format to any other. So converting an EPUB into AZW3 which is Kindle's native format is easy which should allow you to move the file onto your Kindle.

>> No.12949041

He was so much of a patriot that he refused to acknowledge the whole shameful reformation. Real England is a Catholic country.

>> No.12949050

I read real fiction and non-fiction like that. When it comes to /sffg/ I just go off whatever sounds like a cool concept or gets recommended to me (or sometimes, whatever has the nicest cover on payday)

>> No.12949204

>There was more muttering on the other end of the phone. Then Ozzie spoke again. “Mat promises he’s not an undercover cop.”
Ughhhh, I don't want to admit but I'm kinda curious what happens next.

>> No.12949338

The absolute madlad converted CS Lewis to Protestantism like true Briton

>> No.12949514

All the time. Even read stuff I know I won't like.

>> No.12949675

Given how much Tolkien seethed against Normans, who the pope sanctioned to invade Britain and Ireland, it's odd but also typical of the submissive & servile nature of catholics that'd he'd still be one.

>> No.12949711
File: 322 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20190418-000342.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok i just finished with this, and by finished i meant i read the first 2/3 and about 1/4 through the last 1/3 i decided to drop it
if you skip the info dumps on the first 2/3 of the novel it is really enjoyable, while this could be a lot shorter i appreciate the details he put in here (not the irrelevant info dumps about how orbital mechanics work)
i think this could work as a monthly reading if we skip the infodumps and only read 2/3 of it

thank you for reading this im having a hard time trying to articulate my thoughts and feelings into words

>> No.12949792
File: 74 KB, 336x500, 1_Ifyujr2yBmtSbsoRDKrRig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How is this? Worth spending my bucks?

>> No.12949796

Does anyone have a PDF of T.E.D. Kleins Dark Gods? The price of the book is ridiculous and I can't find a pdf/epub.

>> No.12949843

read the sticky you dumbfuck

>> No.12949846
File: 25 KB, 333x499, airs of earth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are there actually any good anthologies? I'm so tired of half the stories being skippable.

>> No.12949849
File: 50 KB, 290x290, face help.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw Calibre once did automatic format change from PDF to EPUB

>> No.12949857

I read about half of it and it was a complete load of shit with no signs of getting any better so I dropped it.
It was really, truly a turd of a book. I read the synopsis of the last half and it seemed like more of the same garbage.

Only seemed to get any traction because it was one of the lengthier scifi books published in recent years and Obama read it on holiday or something so everyone who licks his ass went and read it too.

>> No.12949862

Absolutely, it's one of the great SF&F books.

>> No.12949866

yea on of the best

>> No.12949868

From what I remember Kindle doesn't support Epub format because Amazon gonna Amazon. Like you said, Calibre can automatically convert upon detection so it's a no brainer.

>> No.12949872

>tfw finally bought some conan
>tfw finally bought some elric
>tfw finally bought some discworld
it's a good feel.

>> No.12949882

this is my 2nd try reading this book, dropped it last year in the early chapters too
but if you can skip the garbage info dumps it is not a bad story

>> No.12949886

if it's an ancient pdf and you can't actually detect text it's useless. basically, it has to not be a scan for the most part.

>> No.12949897


Thought bookz was down since my bookmark didn't work.

>> No.12949935

It has good parts and lots of them, but it's dragged down by Simmons' insistence on forcing us to read about Keats.

>> No.12949965

Some people just like Stephenson

>> No.12950014
File: 44 KB, 741x454, 2pgwj2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dude too many info dumps

>> No.12950037

if the info dumps are interesting that's ok but he's explaining how physics in space work in the middle of the fucking novel
thats just fucking dumb, who the fuck wants to read that

>> No.12950044

People who like Stephenson.
It's quite literally his shtick.

>> No.12950073

>he's explaining how sumerian culture works in the middle of the fucking novel
>he's explaining how phreaking works in the middle of the fucking novel
>he's explaining how quantum mechanics work in the middle of the fucking novel

>> No.12950223

>Should I self insert myself into my fantasy saga? I would be a minor entity.
Read the dark towers series to see how fucking retarded self insertion is.

>> No.12950264

according to him this is the general idea:
>birdpeople's main religion has a lot of ancestral worship
>living people can't criticize those above their station, but dead people can
>this gives you a style of theater where "dead faces", basically clowns portraying dead historical figures, heckle the living
>he is writing a short story about one such "dead face" who routinely plays historical figures who are simple minded and because of his public image people think he is also simple minded
>rich people will have Dead Faces follow them around as a sort of 'keeping myself in check' thing
>while doing this a guy uses the supposedly retarded Dead Face main character as an alibi to a crime

>> No.12950421
File: 359 KB, 2000x1472, 1541148791795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are there any good ones written within the last 10 years that feature a strong female protagonist but ideally no romance? I want to read about a decent and respectable woman, not some stupid bitch with her childish boyfriend struggles. Sadly scouring the internet only gives me the latter. Also, I only care about entertainment, the book doesn't need greater meanings or political messages. However, the writing should be smart and with care for detail.

I drop most books and honestly I can't name a single fiction book yet that I consider to be great. My taste is very unusual. Sometimes I wonder why I still try. Maybe I enjoy reading too much. Well, if there is any place that can point me to a book I will think highly of, it is 4chan. I appreciate any help on my seemingly neverending quest to find a book that I love.

>> No.12950431
File: 754 KB, 2022x1318, fixedd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Birdboi"s frail biological body seems to be struggling to be containing the fucking behemoth that seems to be birdboi"s mind.

Keep me updated discordboi

>> No.12950438

I had the same feel so i started writing myself. After a good 3 years my first true quality work is almost done.

>> No.12950448

I thought about writing myself for about 3 years now. But I always wonder what's the point. It will consume a lot of time, nobody will ever read it or care, writing well is hard. So instead I just fantasize my stories when I go to bed.

>> No.12950464

Not Snow Crash

>> No.12950490

Why can't birdboi come and talk about it himself?

>> No.12950551
File: 143 KB, 649x1024, Gene Wolfe - Severian of the Velvet Painters Guild.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cruise by /lit/
>chink litrpg is still a thing
>Gene Wolfe is dead
This was a mistake.
(It's nice to see the book club is still kicking, though.)

>> No.12950556


>> No.12950558

i started reading it today and it's really fun, really recommend it. not profound or anything, although it's got some good moments in that sense, but very engaging

>> No.12950621

>writing a story about a retarded dead clown

>> No.12950684

I use calibre and I've had formatting issues about twice ever and I'm pretty sure one of them was down to the original epub

>> No.12950771

>The Noun Noun
>The Verb Noun
>The Noun of the Noun
>The Verb of the Noun
How does my series sound?

>> No.12950797

Also it's a bird

>> No.12950813

Hell no.

>> No.12950815

>retarded dead clown bird man
Is there a more kino main character?

>> No.12950820

Nothing but the incels who haunt this general.

>> No.12950857

Why can't all you birdboi faggots go to discord and keep this shit there?

>> No.12950865

You all need to neck yourselves......

>> No.12950921

so you rather read maas spam than brent weeks....

>> No.12950955

lets hope it's not your last.

I finished my first novel last October and I honestly think it's all downhill from here. the stuff im writing now is god-awful and i don't expect it to get any better

>> No.12950997

maybe you should take a break and get some inspiration first?

>> No.12951123

>birdboi got bullied so hard about his nation names he invented more than a dozen languages to name his countries
Absolute perfection, get fucked bird, you'll never actually finish anything. >>>/tg/65764155

>> No.12951155

No one. Fucking. Cares.

>> No.12951183

Inspiration isn't the problem really. My problem is that I'm struggling with a story that has too many personally significant moving parts that I can't figure out how to assemble into a good story without discarding pieces.

As it is, I've managed to assemble the pieces into something barely publishable, so that alone is a small miracle

>> No.12951210

Ah, that makes sense. but sometimes you do have to kill your darlings.

>> No.12951241

I'm just not strong enough to do that

>> No.12951260

Just finished Urth of the New Sun today and it was more confusing than the previous four books combined. Had a good time.

>> No.12951306

I usually listen to fantasy, sci-fi, and lighter historical non-fiction, and stick to books for the denser stuff.

>> No.12951329


Is BotNS worth reading? I read Litany of the Long Sun and wasn't terribly impressed with it. Will I enjoy New Sun more or is it in the same general vein?

>> No.12951366

It's what you should've read first. The rest is optional.

>> No.12951435

Who do I read for really good action scenes?

>> No.12951444

i do

also if relentlessly estalking and bullying writefags keeps them out of the thread I'm all for it

>> No.12951543

>keeps them out of the thread
Surely you see the irony in your posts?

>> No.12951605

He disappeared 10 threads ago, you're the only one talking about him. Piss off.

>> No.12951738
File: 174 KB, 640x352, The Chaws is Yaws.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's spamming, and they are off topic stuff. You know what to do.

>> No.12951952

/sffg/, I really need someone I can talk to about the novel I have planned out who can look through the plot, the setting and the characters and help me bring it together into something I can actually be happy with. Are writers workshops worth anything?

if you want pure action, just read Butcher and Sanderson. They get a lot of shit here but they're exactly what you're looking for

>> No.12952073

RA Salvatore does pretty much nothing but action.

>> No.12952077

>115 posters
I've identified the problem lads.

>> No.12952083

What's the problem?

>> No.12952094

116 posters

>> No.12952100

80 or 90 is the limit when it's not summer or some kind of break.

>> No.12952106

Oh I didn't know these threads had a limit for how many posters are allowed, sorry. I'll go back to lurking now.

>> No.12952125

Pls recommend stories like The Dragon Prince :)

>> No.12952127

i am probably 5 or 10 of them, i changed my ip a lot on my phone

>> No.12952164

The Wyvern King

>> No.12952170


>> No.12952203

Sanderson fags are going to like this one.