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who are the best singers/songwriters who have tried to mix music with poetry
aside from the nobel prize winner and leonard cohen ?

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underrated Americana singers like Randy Newman, Townes Van Zandt and John Prine. It's a different style of poetry, but no less beautiful.

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the grateful dead. Listen to the europe '72 tour shows don't listen to their faggy overproduced albums or go fucking around with the 80s/90s shows its mostly shit

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Tekashi 6ix9ine

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Joni Mitchell (Coyote, a Case of You), Patti Smith (Piss Factory, Horses). Jacques Brel for French speaking anons.

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>Jacques Brel
basé et rougepillulé

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In Sweden everyone's grandma is a devotee of C.M Bellman and he's a foundation of most other literary endeavours. His works are rococco drinking or vau-de-ville songs with an extremely seedy subject matter and yet enshrouded depths of irony but they have stood up in all subsequent schools of critique and the chaste pastorals and such he wrote were also unparalleled in the language.
I've been told Wagner's librettos are signifcant else it's often hard to assess what engenders an appeal or esteem, words or music.

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based and bellmanpilled

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Richard Wagner

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Al Stewart has some great lyrics.

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Lou reed... duh

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Came here to post this

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Tom Waits

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Joan Manuel Serrat

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>unironically listening to non-classical music


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nick fucking cave

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Jim Morrison btw

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Tom Waits.

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yung lean

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Joanna Newsom

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I was going to post someone from my country but I remembered that no one will understand it anyways

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>Jacques Brel

Throw in Ferré and Brassens to complete the Frog Trifecta (even tho Brel was Belgian, he's counted as honorary frog).

I personally like Reggiani a lot and Ferrat to a lesser extent but to each his own.

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Fuck that pretentious kike.

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No, literally.

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in what way is he pretentious

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>tried to mix music with poetry

thats literally every band that uses lyrics

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That doesn't mean it's good though. Robert Plant's lyrics were almost all about fucking or just meaningless.

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He was a huge asshole to cover up his inauthenticity. Thank God he'll be remembered his pop tracks which he hated.

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being an asshole and being insecure do not make someone pretentious.

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He was pretending to be the icon he wasn't which is why he did that cringy shit with Metallica. He was only ever Transformer and that's how he'll be remembered.

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>He was pretending to be the icon he wasn't which is why he did that cringy shit with Metallica.
no, those two things are not related at all. he wasn't pretending to be an icon.

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Yes they are. He thought he was something he wasn't which is why he embarrassing walked off a cliff after a career of being an asshole to cover up who he really was. He should have made more pop music because that's what he was good at but he thought that was beneath him because he was a pretentious faggot Jew.

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>He thought he was something he wasn't
no he didn't. lots of artists make shitty art at some point in their career, that does not make them pretentious.

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Ben Gibbard
"It was one hundred degrees, as we sat beneath the willow tree, whose tears didn't care they just hung in the air, And refused to fall, to fall"
"'Cause at night, the sun in retreat
Made the skyline look like crooked teeth
In the mouth of a man who was devouring us both"

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>"'Cause at night, the sun in retreat
>Made the skyline look like crooked teeth
>In the mouth of a man who was devouring us both"
fucking gay

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>lots of artists make shitty art at some point in their career, that does not make them pretentious.
New York is embarrassing too. It's almost like the farther removed from pop the worse his music is. He thought he was so great and edgy that he couldn't be bothered to make good music. lmao what a piece of shit

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>He thought he was so great and edgy that he couldn't be bothered to make good music.
no he didn't, you keep saying this but there's no reason to actually think this.

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one more, this is arguably his best example the full lyrics to Transatlanticism

The Atlantic was born today, and I'll tell you how
The clouds above opened up and let it out
I was standing on the surface of a perforated sphere
When the water filled every hole
And thousands upon thousands made an ocean
Making islands where no islands should go (oh no)
Most people were overjoyed; they took to their boats
I thought it less like a lake and more like a moat
The rhythm of my footsteps crossing flatlands to your Door have been silenced forevermore
And the distance is quite simply much to far for me to row;
It seems farther than ever before (oh no)

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He didn't want to make Transformer Bowie had to force him to do it because he had such contempt for pop. If he weren't such a fake asshole pretending to be something he wasn't he could have made a lot more great music instead of fucking Lulu. He was too good for the lowly goyim so he's remembered as a marginal fag with a few good hits.

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not liking the art you make doesn't make you pretentious dude. plus berlin and rock and roll animal are better anyways.

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He fucking hated pop because he thought it was stupid and beneath him even though all of his best shit has elements of pop. He was such an asshole his entire career to cover up this up. And then whenever he tried to make music that was different it was embarrassing and forgettable.

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>He fucking hated pop
source on that

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the correct answer is conor oberst

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David Bowie. He hated Transformer and wished he was known by something more metal. I read some interview like three years ago and it's explained that he had to be to explained to that it in order to finance other projects it was necessary to do something with mass appeal. It's pretty obvious when you look at his discography as the trajectory of his career that he was trying to get away from pop. It's no wonder he was so mean to people.

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could you give a source where he says he doesn't like pop and not just that he doesn't like transformer? because he certainly seemed to love 50s rock/pop music.

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>no Scott Walker

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yeah, he didn't like the 60s rock scene. i don't really either. once again, he obviously appreciated 50's pop.

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Classical composers knew the folk/pop music of their countries very well and didnt deride it.
This happened to Richard Strauss with Funiculì, Funiculà btw

"German composer Richard Strauss heard the song while on a tour of Italy six years after it was written. He thought that it was a traditional Neapolitan folk song and incorporated it into his Aus Italien tone poem. Denza filed a lawsuit against him and won, and Strauss was forced to pay him a royalty fee"


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He didn't like Transformer? What about Berlin?

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>In 2003 Rolling Stone included it in their list of the 500 greatest albums of all time,[16] and in 2008 a filmed live performance was well received. When asked if he felt vindicated, Reed said, "For what? I always liked Berlin."[17]

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>Rolling Stone included it in their list of the 500 greatest albums of all time,
Which one was number one ?

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You’re a psychopath amongst us

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sgt peppers iirc

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Just making a joke but you cannot really compare traditional folk music to its modern equivalent. Originally these were patterns which evolved over long periods and grew into a musical picture of a place and a people. I can't really see guys like Dylan or Guthrie as folk artists and pop music is something entirely different.


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>pop music is something entirely different
not really

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early Bob Dylan could be considered folk surely, especially the times they are a-changing (the album)
not really after going electric though I agree

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You can't see Woody Guthrie as a folk singer?

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Not sure how to describe it. The patterns change too quickly, the songs are too individualist because you cannot create national music with regional relevance. It is created by too few people and often not as or for a community event. The music of a cole mining people is different to the music of a sea faring folk, moutain people have a different aesthetic to town dwellers. Folk music to me communicates the life in a particular area. There's no such thing as an American folk song but there's an Appalachian folk song. That's at least how it seems to me I'm not dogmatic about it.

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Too national and too political but I do understand that this is an eccentric perspective.

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So, let me see if I got it straight he liked Berlin but not Transformer?

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He definitely liked Berlin, but I can't find anything where he says he disliked Transformer.

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