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Would you guys like to hear the premise?

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dragons arguing

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ok. thanks.

A young women has found moderate success and fame as the star of a very well known commercial series for a very popular toy doll (Bratz dolls style) that has taken the world/social media by storm. She does modeling work, but her true passion is acting. She wants to be a movie star, but her bad acting and typecasting stands in the way.

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stop LARPing rude

My real premise is >>12940316

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You're not me,stop pretending to be me.

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does something happen in the movie or...

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What are they arguing about

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nothing important
lol good try anon but no one would write a screenplay on that

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yeah shit gets very intense.

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She goes camping?

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sounds like the YA version of Mulholland Drive

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>lol good try anon but no one would write a screenplay on that
why do u say that? im interested to hear

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not as interesting as dragons arguing

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>Why do u say that?
Not surprised you're a girl, honestly. Your screenplay would probably be a huge success among normie women, so I don't know. Maybe look up how to give your script ideas to movie companies you damn roastie. No point in not trying, they'll either deny you or accept you and either should be fine.

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