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>It wasn't that good...
what kind of person do you imagine

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An idiot who thinks he’s smart

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>garnett translation
understandable - at least it wasn't p&v's i guess
should've read slater's or ready's, hell, even mcduff's

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the fuck is bad about p&v?

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An ordinary person becomes tortured by his own misunderstood ideas of "greatness" that he commits a heinous crime in order to prove to himself that he is just like those "great" people he admired.
Then he tortures himself mentally and psychologically of what he had done, thus concluding that he is no so "great" after all...

It's a timeless idea so well demonstrated. Gud book.

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>slater's or ready's

I can't imagine preferring these also-rans to Garnett, the superior prose stylist by a mile.

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The stereotypical contrarian
Someone that says X book is overrated or something to hide in advance the fact that he hasnt read it. By saying X is overrated he states that has read it but doesnt want to discuss it because if you try and discuss it you become the brainlet that likes X even tho X is overrated.

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Yes. This is the aspect of the book that is so great to me. Not just the descriptive thriller aspect, but the timeless aspect of this plot line.

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what's wrong with Garnett?
>linking other people's opinions instead of defending yourself like a normal person

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It was good but the Idiot was better

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Some materialist retard.

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A good 200 pages could have been chopped off and nothing would have been lost. Too many pointless subplots. Reads like a Dickens novel, and that's not a compliment.

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Must be a man of taste, since it is easily Dosto's worst work

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A contrarian retard. Even a normie could find enjoyment out of it.

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Other than the above two URLs do you have a good account to refer to for Tolstoy/Dost/Gogol translations and their stylistic differences?

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C&P is one of the ten best novels ever written.
>hasn't read The Idiot
BK and Demons are both great but C&P is just so iconic.

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> Boring waifu characters
> Forced happy ending for everyone
> Nonsense villain in like three scenes who kills himself
> Bland philosophy

I can see why Yanks love it, but it's easily one of his weaker books.

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risk of pregnancy

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>" "

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fuck I hadn't seen this before I'm mad

have had to read p&v crime and punishment + notes from underground for school and looks like I got the butchered version

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