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any literature for this feel?

>> No.12939761

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

>> No.12939768

Tale of two cities

>> No.12939770

The Plot Against The Church

>> No.12939786

Singh from God that Paris has fallen.

>> No.12939790

The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism by F. T. Marinetti

>> No.12939805

Soumission by aint no hollaback girl

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came here to say this except without the stupid joke

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goddamn this hurts lads, this is the same cathedral that Thomas Aquinas saw being constructed, where Erasmus saw mass, that Napoleon was coronated in, that Hugo fell in love with, that Hemingway and Fitzgerald and Joyce and all the other emigres walked in the shadow of, that survived the Revolution and two world wars at its doorstep, every French writer to ever live, Proust, Céline, Camus, Sartre, all looked up at it

hold me bros, it’s all over

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The time for anger is coming

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Fahrenheit 451

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Make it stop

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all of those fuckers gave absolutely zero fucks about this cathedral and here you are crying about it. this is why you'll never make it.

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fuck off

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