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Do you ever imagine characters of the book you're reading to look like anime characters?

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only one time, with joan d'arc by twain. fuck that was the most animesque book i've ever read.

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yes. taras bulba was an example of this.

simply because it drifted into comedy terrain with its autism. then it became somewhat bearable

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normalfags coming to 4chan was a mistake

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Moot is such a twit.
/b/ let all the non-anime in.

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All the time. Why limit your imagination?

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Not usually but I certainly did while reading Neuromancer.

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All the time

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holy shit this is so autistic

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Most of the time. Like JoJo characters though. Some books also read oddly like anime though they shouldn't.

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Ya I do. I'm reading the mistborn series currently and I constantly see Vin as a shorter Mikasa

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Yes. I read some light novels where you are supposed to imagine it as anime and started doing it with other books as well.

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I don't imagine the characters looking like anything. I don't visualize characters.

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Not exactly anime but I often imagine them like western cartoon characters.

I started doing this when I was reading Don Quixote.

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Doesn't it happen naturally? Do you actively keep yourself from doing it?

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no, what the fuck

anime is incredibly normie though

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>anime is incredibly normie though
not really, only whatever mainstream shit that west eats up you could say
japanese indifference to western values and ethical standards usually acts as a filter against normies
shield hero and rape accusations, slime tensei and 2000 year old dragon loli wearing low pan, hero academia and "problematic" outfits
normies are forced to eat up shit they are being perpetually conditioned to recognize as bad and it fucking breaks them

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No but I do usually imagine them as furries.

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And still all of those are very popular among normalfags. Especially Shitacademy.

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My fellow

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Based adorable challenged person lmao!

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I imagined everyone in War and Peace as a cute anime. Even Pierre

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