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These are the recommended texts for teaching children in the US Common Core environment. How do they match up to your own schooling? I can assure you that I was not reading Eliot in elementary school.
The list actually isnt bad overall desu. Seems like a reasonably solid foundation.


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children should play outside and have fun and not read literature that's really only comprehensible after living a full and rewarding life.

Who here ban recreational reading for 18 and under?

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It's possible to do both friendo. The one thing we should do is ban electronic devices before puberty is complete. That stuff is known to change brain development in harmful ways.

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I've never read a book in my life. Should I start with these? I'll read the first book (Little Bear) and then work my way up to educated.

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little bear is bohemian trash. the hungry caterpillar remains superior.

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Worst case scenario is that you have read the same books and likely possess the same critical analysis skills of any overage 18-year-ole American. That's not saying much, but it's better than where you are now.

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Can i get some support for that claim please anon?

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100% agreed. I wish there was just a focus on the traditional things that worked until kids are adults and then let them do what they want.

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It's similar to our "recommended reading list" but we only actually read a very small amount of them. Most of my teachers basically picked one from each category and that was it for the class. The good ones gave us the list and let us pick whatever interested us but again, no student is going to graduate having read the entire list of books.

Not that anon, but parents often don't put the effort into actually raising their kids (tired after getting home from work, etc.) and so rely on the ipad or some other console to "babysit" their kid for them rather than having them go and play outside or socialize with their peers. The absence of that can really affect a child's social development well after puberty.

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Perfectly reasonable list, very similar to what we did. Proves /pol hysteria narrative about cultural decline is false

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I like this image. Can it be a meme?

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>Milhouse isn´t a meme

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Milhouse is a very old meme. A very, very old meme indeed :3

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Is this statement about modern parenting actually congruent with reality, or are you making shit up because it suits you?

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>The Kid’s Guide to Money: Earning It,
Saving It, Spending It, Growing It, Sharing It.
I know this is the 21st century. I know a critique of this is long past relevant. I know this book probably teaches substantially useful life stills to kids who might not get them elsewhere. I know you can't survive today without those skills. But when I see >growing it, I can't help but hear Aquinas echoing in my head.
>Money is infertile yet the usurer wants it to produce offspring
How offensive to the sensibilities of every century but our own. That our children should grow up this way, taught to give life to what is not alive.

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It’s a reality

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Yes, and we will also ban introspective and philosophical reading for anyone under 30. Ancient Chinese secret, you know...

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Not him but that's literally what my sister did to her daughter. She would just throw her in front of kids netflix and ignore her all day because she was "stressed" and by the time my niece was fucking 6 and a year into school she was already on a ton of medication for being too hyper. Big surprise a kid is fucking hyper when you scream at her to sit down and watch her cartoons every 20 minutes when she just wants to run around and do dumb kid shit.

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