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What are the 10 essential philosophy books that I should read to be well rounded in philosophy

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idk lol

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Kant's Critiques
Spinoza's Ethics
Das Kapital
Arcades Project
The Human Condition
The Gay Science
Process and Reality
The Order of Things
A Thousand Plateaus
Symbolic Exchange and Death

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The Republic
Aristotle's Metaphysics
Being and Time
Phenonmenology of Spirit
City of God
The Summa
Scheler Formalism in Ethics
>All those French degenerates

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Your list is a bit more well rounded yeah, but I still think a couple of the books you've chosen could be replaced by Spinoza and something of Marx. Perhaps the Brumaire if Capital is too much for a general overview.

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better to be a mile deep and an inch wide than the reverse. if you have truly mastered

>das kapital
>phenomenology of spirit

you can derive almost any philosophical thought raised afterwards by yourself

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>half the list are christcucks
>well rounded

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I don't think it is possible to make a 10 essential books. I don't think you can consider yourself well rounded in philosophy as a whole without a list of 50 at bare minimum. 10 might be fine for a very specific subfield of philosophical inquiry.

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ok make a list of 50

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if you want the academic rundown it's probably something like:
The Republic
-Nichomachian Ethics
-The Enchiridion of Epictetus
-Summa Theologica (you can read an abridged version but don't read Summa Contra Gentiles they were written for different purposes)
-Meditations on First Philosophy
-The Ethics
-An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
-The Critique of Pure Reason
-The Phenomenology of Spirit
-Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
-Being and Time

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shit that's 11, I guess you drop the Summa because no one wants to read that shit

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What is the point, not like anyone would follow the list. You will read a couple from a list as starters that sound interesting to you, and then you will use those as jumping points for more paths of reading based on what resonated with you the most. So given that you definitely won't follow any list I make, and are probably going to go off on weird tangents based on the subjects you find most interesting in philosophy, stop shitposting on here and just start reading would be my recommendation.

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just make a list

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Pay me and I will.

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nicomachean ethics
discourse on method
critique of pure reason
phenomenology of spirit
beyond good and evil
being and time
some other random shit
bobby flay's grill it cookbook

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Nicomachean Ethics
Eudemian Ethics
Prior Analytics
On the Soul
On the Heavens
On Interpretation

Ten is not enough anon, you need to read every surviving syllable of Aristotle that you can get your hands on.

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replace the tractatus with the investigations and this would be pretty good

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Kant, Critique of Pure Reason
Marx, The German Ideology
Nietzsche, The Gay Science
Freud, Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Bataille, The Accursed Share
Deleuze and Guattari, Anti-Oedipus
Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus
Baudrillard, Symbolic Exchange and Death
Thirst for Annihilation
Fanged Noumena

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okay how about this
-The Republic
-Nichomachian Ethics
-The Enchiridion of Epictetus
-Meditations on First Philosophy
-The Ethics
-An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
-The Critique of Pure Reason
-The Phenomenology of Spirit
-Philosophical Investigations
-Being and Time

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was with you until the last two

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Just take a fucking class lol

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i live in an anglo country though

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What is that supposed to mean? Just fucking read whatever you want you stupid faggot.

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anglo country=analytic philosophy

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Are you a child? Any normal department is going to have different types, this is a meme.

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Philosophy is for gays. Just have sex and do fun stuff

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>das kapital
Lol there is probably like one person that has posted here that has read das kapital in its entirety

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yea me

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just use this, it's fine

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Read a book on the history of Philosophy and go from there to what interests you the most.

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Since we're limited to 10 books I'm not going to recommend a lot of primary sources since they usually require some familiarity with the authors other works in order to understand. These books can be picked up by anyone.

The Trivium by Sister Mariam Joseph
Five Proofs by Edward Feser
Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell
Against Democracy by Jason Brennen
Stoicism and the Art of Happiness by Donald Robertson
Aristotle for Everybody by Mortimer Adler
Farnsworth’s Classical English Rhetoric
Relativism by Francis Beckwith
The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius
Ten Universal Principles by Fr. Spitzer

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these lists are legit

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>no Plato
>nothing continental
>Five Proofs by Edward Feser
>Ten Universal Principles by Fr. Spitzer
>Against Democracy by Jason Brennen
>well rounded in philosophy

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But drop everything besides Kant and Land.

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Plato is somebody that needs to be studied in the context of his entire work so I think simply reading one or two dialogues would be a waste of time. What's your problem with the rest of the books?

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just wearing your philosophical biases on your sleeve mate, he said well rounded not conservative and Christian.

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That's a silly question, lol.
>Plato Complete Works
>Aristotle Complete Works
>The Philosophical Writings Of Descartes
>Spinoza Complete Works
>Critique Of Pure Reason
>Phenomenology Of Spirit
>The World as Will and Representation
>Beyond Good And Evil
>The Ego And It's Own

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Well go recommend your on instead of having a fit. I don't mind talking about the books and giving my reason for recommending them but this is useless.

What are you linking this for? I'm obviously not counting any "complete works" as a single book.

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Wtf is the point of kants critiques without any leibniz or hume

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critique of pure reason
phenomenology of spirit
spinoza's ethics
on the genealogy of morals
capital volume 1
the republic
discourse on method
tractacus logico-philosophicus
a thousand plateaus

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start with the greeks, and 12 rules for life

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>the 10 essential philosophy books
There's a lot more than 10 essentials if you want to be well rounded, but since you asked:

The Republic
Nicomachean Ethics
Meditations of First Philosophy
Spinoza's Ethics
Second Treatise of Government
An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
Critique of Judgement
Phenomenology of Spirit
The Gay Science

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Good list.

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why the third critique?

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He wanted it to be well rounded so I figured something on aesthetics should be there

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this is a good choice too

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This -summa +The World as Will and Presentation (not representation)

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