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What did you fags studied?

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degree dick measuring contests belong on >>>/soc/ and >>>/sci/

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basic english, unlike you

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this. fuck off you stupid pleb

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Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology

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Marine transportation

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holy shit this board is horrible

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i joined the army and opened a gym when i got out

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>mfw studied education and English
>tfw none of these can be taught without teachers
>tfw education is beyond galaxy brain

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>low tier

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I take the BAR exam in July.

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what grade lvl u teach? sounds comfy. one of my favorite ever people was my senior year literature teacher

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>computer science
>not god tier

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I started out teaching one class of 10th grade and the rest of my day being general and honors level 11th graders, but was switched to 9th grade after our winter break because my principal had more faith in me to prep kids for state testing and the rest of high school than any other teacher

(given that this is my first year, that was a huge compliment)

It is comfy and great though, especially when the kids love you. I've turned some kids onto crazy shit--one 9th grader is reading In Cold Blood, a junior is reading Beowulf and loving it, and one girl has read like 4 Toni Morrison books, Native Son, and is now on Invisible Man thanks to me

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I want to become an English teacher. You inspire me, anon. Thank you

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when my teacher mom tells me its way more stressful than i think, she's full of shit right? every way i look at it it sounds comfy as shit. i cant imagine it being anything but a fun and fulfilling job

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Just make sure you go through and get the education degree--it is FAR more important to learn HOW to teach and how to build relationships with kids than it is to know more and more content. You can always read more books on your own and study that shit, but those who come to the profession clueless on educational pedagogy normally get their asses kicked and leave in the first 3 years.

Also, make sure to get some experience in so called "urban" schools if you can. They're the ones that are always hiring and, if you know what you're doing, working with those kids rather than in boring suburbs are 1000% more impactful. I have so many of my students call me "dad" and get up in arms if they even THINK someone is being a dick to me, it's endearing and really gives life back to you.

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Astrophysics, now fuck off and leave me to my words.

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Most of the stress in teaching comes from the mandates placed (in the U.S.) by the state you teach in. In my state (Ohio) we are actually starting state testing tomorrow. My 9th graders are taking their first test over 9th grade Language Arts that is just one of 6 tests that determine if they can graduate. As a teacher, 50% of my teacher "grade" (which impacts pay, ability to be rehired, etc.) comes from the scores my kids receive on that test.

Also there's all kinds of mandates depending on your district on how often you have to contact parents, follow up on student absences, etc.

The most burdensome part of the job though, especially when working at a high-need district like mine, is how many students have insane life situations. I have multiple students who come to me to discuss their depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, pregnancy scares, body troubles, abusive relationships, family trauma, grief over dead relatives, and basically every issue under the sun that should never happen to a 15 year old. That takes a toll on you, especially when you're juggling so many other responsibilities, all starting out at an insanely low base pay compared to other professions.

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I graduate soon with a degree in Economics, would it be worthwhile to go back to school for a masters in Education to teach or do like a lot of people do nowadays and go through Teach For America? Just in general, of course. I'm probably just going to join the Army. My entire family are teachers and they all love it. Money never been an issue for me.

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>God Tier
Math, Physics, English, Classics
>Top Tier
>Chemistry, Medicine, Astronomy, Music, Philosophy
>Mid Tier
>History, Political Science, Archeology, Geology
>Low Tier
>Gender studies, Psych, Econ, Engineering
>Shit tier and below
>Comp Sci, Statistics, Business, everything else

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>comp sci in shit tier

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There are definitely pros and cons to both paths. Going for the Master's would get you far more information, theory, and practice than T4A, but then some schools may hesitate to hire you because they're getting someone with less experience who they have to pay more because they have a Master's. More I think about it though, Teach For America places teachers in high need districts anyway though and, given the state of education, most high need districts are in such need for willing teachers that they DO hire people with Master's without much hesitation, so I'd just go Master's route

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>I have so many of my students call me "dad"

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Reminder Philosophy grads are verifiably the most intelligent students and it’s not even close

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I would assume it's because muh "90% of all businesses fail"

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fuck it, gon join the army after i graduate this summer n use the gi bill for a masters in education. my lifes path was set by you anon

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because businessfags are low IQ

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>Shit tier: Classics
>Mid Tier: Computer Science (a heavily inflated major)


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Pretty common occurrence when the kiddos really depend on and trust you

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3rd year into econ right now

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That Tier-List makes no sense; no matter what way you interpret it.

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>god tier
anon, i...

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what do i pick im freaking out

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whatever you are interested in

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Computer Science is the faggiest thing known to man.

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Money is nothing next to happiness, but pick something that has a potential for stable income. If your two loves are a performing art and math, take the math and minor in the art to keep that as your hobby that gets you through the days

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Criminal justice.

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Agree. I'm an MD PhD and nothing I despise more than pseuds bragging about their degrees.

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The most difficult major will be the most rewarding. However being that you're on /lit/ English is actually not a bad degree if you're set on avoiding stem.

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What's wrong with Med Sci?

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Honestly, just pick whatever you have the most passion for. Passionate drive will propel you to achieve greater career success more than anything else.

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think about the people you want to meet and chose the major that will help you meet them

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I suppose the danger with English in the current year is getting professors that are just political agenda pushing freaks. I've had some good lit/english professors while doing gen eds, but the danger is always there

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Nothing, studying is for nerds

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I'm studying CS but find it miserable so am considering changing to Literature but am afraid that I'll end up poor and homeless :(

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Economics is decent in that it gives you lots of options career wise. However it's a bit of a meme subject.
Almost no jobs you do with it will use any economic theory, and as Michael Lewis has frequently pointed out banks only like it because it shows you are willing to slog through a hard subject.
I've always thought psychology is a far more practical field of study, yet due to the calibre of people who take it it gets relegated to a meme subject.

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I work in banking and believe me economics is a meme degree, most people here have a degree in mathematics or statistics applied to finance.

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If you didn't make this thread, we wouldnt care you existed.

If a pseud got a stem degree, and no one knew about it, can he still go to work pretending to know the meaning of life?

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Thank you for your service anon.

You are part of the solution curing our cancer.

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phd in fiscal law, masters degree in economics and I did a year in political science and also had courses in business

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Y'know, actual physicists, math eggs, and post-premed students are among the last ones to have this sneery "my brain has more creases than yours" mentality.

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Grammar, plebe.

I suppose you weren't paying attention past grade 3?

The quality of your toilet graffiti can not be specially memorable.

Please use pencil.

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Aerospace engineering

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Me too

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ancient greek

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>No technical or trade school
>No prenticeship
>No school of life e.g. metal stock traders
>No industry diplomas
>Honest work doesn't even begin to occur to OP
>Qualification-obsession eclipses achievement and contribution

How does it feel to be an aristo-elitist in a post feudal society?

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>Mid tier
it's one of the most ruthless and tiersome career out there.

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I'm pretty happy with my double major in film and philosophy while minoring in english lit desu.
Might come back to uni to do a conjoint degree of asian studies and comp sci while minoring in chinese language studies.

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Politics as an arts degree

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>no theology
I protest that OP is a dimwit.

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