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>book contains French

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I've often considered learning French just so I won't have to deal with this problem.

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>be French
>want to read Lolita in the original English
>half of it is French

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>Book contains Latin

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>book contains entire pages of untranslated Greek

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Or like, you know, about .1% of it is in french.

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>Book is modern adaptation of a classic because it's language "was too hard"

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>livre n'est pas en français

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I feel you. I'm a Canadians so I might as well get around to learning it. "Soon"

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Anyone with a serious interest in literature should know French.

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Because the french anon said so

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english is a degenerate tongue

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basé et rougepilulé

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french is obnoxiously gay

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The Frogs have an unironically based literary tradition.

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The frogs have an unironically quantitative* literary tradition

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I been studying a bit of french and i can proudly say i understood that

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>book contains untranslated non-English sentences
>look up translations online
>write them in book so next person reading it won't be confused

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you really should

it's unironically pretty easy to attain a reading knowledge of french given the amount of vocabulary that is shared with english

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Drives me fucking spare that.

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