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The best part of Tolkien being dead is the fact he’ll never retcon Gandalf to Gandalf the gay

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even if he was, he wouldn't because he was a devout christian.

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>you might live to see public domain faggots of the rings

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So is Rowling :^)

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She is not Christian, she is Churchian

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>new movie about Tolkien himself
>new TV-series about LoTR
and another one of my favourites gets brutally raped...

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some russians already published LOTR fanfiction

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I’m worried though. I see the rumblings of people beginning to come after Tolkien. They’re gonna try and hit his works with the ol ‘he’s a WHITE MALE and is taking space away from QUEER BLACK WOMEN who write QUEER COLORED FANTASY’. Initial forays have begun in some recent articles. Be ready for a storm.

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