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Marmeladov was so fucking annoying in that little arc where he was sharing his story with raslolovikic drunk at the pub

Like holy fucking, he was talking for 5 pages with FIVE ALL OF TEXTS.

I skipped basically the entirety of it when i saw how crudely it was written in one big blocky format. Too much strain on my eyes

what did i miss?

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reabing is hard

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Go back and read that shit.

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>author has 5 brick wall of texts in his book
>not even important, just a backstory of a character

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I think that part of the book is one of the better. Marmeladov was there for atmosphere, to show how utterly sad some people can be. He has a beautiful wife, they have children together, he had a great job, and he wastes it all for drinking. Him explaining this and trying to get empathy from other drunkards while introducing Raskolnikov is testimony of Fyodor Dostoevskys genius

Also why tf are you complaining about 5 pages? Try reading Underground man where half the book is essentially BS

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idk bro it felt forced. Seeing an entire page (let alone FIVE) willed with one character talking gives me anxienty.

You need tiny paragraphs breaks like at least

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Dostoevsky doesn't usually have paragraph breaks in dialog if the speaker doesn't change. The Grand Inquisitor is the same. I guess that's how it was usually done back then. It can be hard on the eyes but usually these bits have some of the best things he has done so they're worth it.

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oh i'm sorry i didn't realize you were a little bitch

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I don’t want to spoil it too much but he returns later in a dramatic fashion

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I'm going to write a novel that's one big blocky paragraph just to spite you. A novel like that probably already exists, actually

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stick with young adult fiction

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Not gonna spoil it but Dostoyevsky didn’t just throw him in the story for no reason, he’s actually pretty important to the story. I was in the same boat as you but seeing how it all tied together towards the end made it all worth it. What translation are you reading? The prose in the Katz one was really easy to follow, for me anyway.

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Drunk talks are one of the better attributes of Dostoevsky imo. Just try to visualize a wasted guy, yelling and shrieking without taking a breath, jumping between sorrow and anger while narrating the story of his wretched life.

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It'll make more sense when he croaks later

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you missed something important. at least skim that shit and than read the rest of the fucking book

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Thematically important dialogue. Go and read it like an adult or go back to Harry Potter

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he mentions a lot of things about his family that will give you a good understanding of the different characters and roles they have. I agree that u should read it

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Ghastly rigmarole

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babby's first book

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>too much strain on my eyes
wtf are you reading for then?

>skipped basically the entirety of it
so you proceed to make a thread to know if it was worth reading. fuck you're lazy and dumb

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I think this might be more your speed

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Ok I'll try notes from the underground then.

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marmeladov was my favorite character

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You better buckle the fuck up and soak it in, because the long conversations are part of what makes c&p great

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I... I don't even know if you'll get anything out of finishing the book, anon. If you don't have the attention span, try shorter books?

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all books are walls of text wtf are you talking about?

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get back in there and read it.

my god.

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oh lord.

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>5 pages with FIVE ALL OF TEXTS
dosto haters everyone

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him getting dragged by the hair is the funniest part of the book

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Holy shit, OP, that is like the best thing about Dostoyevsky. A monologue that often often reveals a truth about human nature and gives incite into the character and is also foreshadowing.

God help you, if you ever get round to the Idiot. Ippolit's letter is around 2 chapters long.

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>reading a book
>complaining about walls of text
/lit/ and the absolute state thereof.
Go back to reading Fortnight menus.

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op is literally right what’s up everyones asses trying to out him down. we dont need 10 pages of un broken walls of texts telling us that marmafelov is a drunkard or that roddys sister is doing fine
i remember those two wall of texts myself. nothing difficult about them just annoying like OP said

OP for what its worth, that happens about 2-3 more times

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You could have read those pages by the time you went and made this thread. Just saying.

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you guys should not be reading dostoevsky.

I know filler when I see it, and there is ZERO filler in Crime and Punishment.

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>five page monologues
I like how Lovecraft also did this in a story with no other dialogue.

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>too many words that don't directly connect with the main plot
I know, it's annoying, right? That's why I only read the Wikipedia summary of books, read 10 books this way this month.

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The only time I laughed was when Razumikhin ashed his cig on the floor. Gave me a nice hearty chuckle.

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Based idiotic capsposter

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What do I do when the book in question doesn't have a Wikipedia summary or even a Wikipedia page?

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