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>18-22 year-old anons come on out
You don't have to be in university necessarily, but what are you anons reading? What are your interests at the moment? If you're in university, what are you studying?

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I'm smarter than all my professors, this is a waste of money. Studying social science

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Are you being sincere?

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How do you manage to sleep at night knowing that you're deliberately trying to pollute /lit/ with such a terrible thread? I encourage all anons to report and hide this thread.

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Re-reading Plato for a few different reasons. I am currently on Book IV of the Republic, but I'm most excited to re-read later dialogues (such as Parmenides and Theaetetus). I am studying Economics, but it's pretty lame.
Look at the ten most popular threads on this board and tell me (with a straight face) that this thread is one of the worst.

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Studying Literature at the University of Edinburgh. Current interest in modernist literature - have been reading a lot of Wyndham Lewis as of late. Have also been attempting to write some stuff myself, which is going pretty well - though I seem to flit between writing in an incredibly anachronistic 18th Century-esque style, or in some weird DFW- realist style, with little in between. It rains here a lot, and its raining now, so I suppose that's pretty /lit/.

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Reading Lolita and im starting to get hooked on it. The writing style and the way Humbert misdirects the reader is brilliant.

Gonna be studying cinema and audiovisual media in September (haha no job i know) cause i wanna do cool films when im older. Currently going through Tarkovskys filmography.

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If you like Lolita, I definitely recommend Pnin. It is not as impressive as Lolita or Pale Fire, but Professor Pnin has become one of my favorite characters in literature. It's a very charming book.

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taking a semester off from studying philosophy. currently reading rousseau's reveries of the solitary walker; apparently it was a big influence on derrida when he was young.

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I'm about to start reading a Chinese adventure novel about demons from the late Qing era. No idea what it's called in English. Of course I should be reading the Death of Ivan Ilich, and I keep postponing it, because I'm sort of sick of Russian literature for now.

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21, EE student. Currently reading HoL and Stoner. I'd like to read more but between the university work load and the part-time job I took this semester, things aren't looking good. In fact I'm a little scared, I don't know if I'll be able to do so many things in so little time.

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Moby dick for the first time and its a fun read with some entertaining thoughts. Studying industrial design, started dancing and trumpet since i stopped smoking weed and gaming all day

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Thanks for the recommendation, definitely checking it out

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last semester
asian studies and Japanese
Reading the Faerie Queen and 魔女の宅急便 but I have to read 中せ神道論 for a research project.

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i’m an 18 year old history student on a full ride to a small american university. i’m reading consider the lobster and other essays right now

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College junior here. English major at Rutgers Uni is a fucking joke. All my classes (higher level included) have been taught my grad students who don't give a shit and just want to look good on paper, so it's been free A's to whoever shows up. I read through all of the books I had to read for the semester within the first two weeks of the semester, and wrote up all of the short 2-3 page bullshit papers I had to do in that same time period. So now I just jerk off and hang out at the library (the only reason I haven't dropped out). I'm currently reading Eric Rohmer's "Six Moral Tales"

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Technically a Junior, but in the middle of an off year. I am reading cover to cover my c++ book and refining my skill and understanding of the language. I am also reading Infinite Jest. I might take a break from the book and start reading something smaller because the length of the book intimidates me.
Lately, I have been interested in math proofs and I have been programming a few math problems on Project Euler.

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I'm a social sciences/humanities student, formerly a languages student. I switched for both cynical and intellectual reasons, namely that I wanted the opportunity to formally study those subjects of significant interest to me and that I had the potential to pursue them in an academic career, as I have a very good academic record in that regard.

While studying philosophy I have been able to make concerted efforts to read deeply into the wider contexts of particular thinkers. I found the time to read everything by Schopenhauer I could find and then branched out into wider content. At the moment it is the Deleuze chain - Hume, Leibniz, Nietzsche and Bergson before the man himself.

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Me too.

It's really bad. What country are you in? I'm from Canada.

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4th year comp Sci, AI specialty

Currently reading Blood Meridian in free time, and a bunch of AI philosophy for class.

Also reading Allen Brandts "Cigarette Century" for a paper I'm writing, and if you're at all interested in the tobacco propaganda machine, I recommend it

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19, in the navy, reading GR

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that happens when you study social "science"

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I just finished a garcia marquez and a carlos fuentes book. Is really fun tbqhwy bros. I can read a book a day and make time for my poetry anthology to be delivered

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The only sociology class I’ve ever taken was by far the worst class I’ve ever taken. You would have to be braindead to swallow the swill they try to teach. I had a professor who just straight up did not understand the idea of fight or flight.

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Is that like an American thing, to not respect social sciences? Or just a MR idiot thing? Because I never meet such opinions IRL.

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psych major, sometimes I regret it

Kafka on the shore

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Awful misreadings of Foucault and Butler filtered through three tumblr posts and one half-understood 200 level sociology class which is already just philosophy for brainlets with a heavy dose of bourgeois moralism.

Sociology is an unfortunate discipline in that it tends toward various fads of hyperpositivism and quantification fetishism. As a discipline it is more like economics, political science, and other "I'm only getting this degree as a prelude to being a shallow public intellectual or government bureaucrat" studies, and far less like history or anthropology.

Its history begins with the ultraconfident Auguste Comte and his Mill-esque positivist 'nomothetic' science of humanity, whose methods are tempered by (the still overconfident) Durkheim, then it slumps from its isolation, then it resurges through a methodological fusion with anthropology (born around the same time) and history (notably Weber). It gets infusions from some interesting Italian guys. In France and Germany, it is then mostly eaten and subsumed by those various other disciplines (history+anthro especially). In the Anglosphere, it becomes an overbearing tyrant of quantification fetishism, becoming difficult to distinguish from economics, and monolithically structural-functionalist under Talcott Parsons.

Nowadays if you "study Sociology" what you mean is "I should have gone into economics so I could at least be rich being a soulless cultureless retard; instead, I am writing a ten-year PhD thesis on the rigorously quantified social stratification of how many people ride certain kinds of buses, so I can maybe try to get a public policy job or something (also historians and anthropologists would laugh at my thesis as naive and atavistic)"

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the retards here want even more quantification fetishism

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Which uni? I'm also studying a social science (PPE) and it's a complete waste of money.

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I am reading about Nikola Tesla, and I am trying to become an electeomechanical genius so that I can make a deadly weapon of mass destruction. The plan is simple from there; I will become a dictator for life and use technology like mr.house from FNV to live a thousand years. My power will be unparalleled, as I will improve my weapons and ensure centuries of progress without ideologies and shitty politics.

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Studying Spanish. Currently reading Museo de la novela de la eterna by Macedonio Fernandez and The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman.

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Studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Warwick. Currently reading Cat's Cradle by Vonnegut.

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yikes, is that some oxford reject platter or what. warwick is hardly known for producing good thinkers

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Studying Economics in São Paulo, Brazil. Kinda anxious to start working "in the field", so I started studying the more functional tools of the trade. Pretty cool. For books, I just finished Gravity's Rainbow, and I'm planning on reading something by Huxley next.

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>fight or flight
wow you're so smart to regurgitate meme phrases taught in high school biology

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>warwick is hardly known for producing good thinkers

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I'm studying Political Science at the University of Toronto. It's great fun. I'm reading Beyond Good and Evil for a political theory course.

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In all seriousness though, I agree. Warwick has earnt all its prestige from its business school resulting it becoming very internationalist and finance-driven. The short spout of producing interesting thinkers died with Land's departure.
The problem with the uni is that it was built as a 'red-brick' uni - its very foundations are modernist and 'forward-thinking, resulting in an overly politically correct Student's Union, the stereotypical lack of non-Marxist lecturers/professors, and a general hostility to any kind of free expression on campus. But I guess that's anywhere in the UK at this point...

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are you memeing? I would give my left nut to go to Warwick

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Pretty sure it’s a thing. I can literally feel it

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I got my BA at UofT

All UofTfags should go to Seekers books

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>18-22 year-old anons

I'm 27 and in my junior year Currently reading Hardy's poetry and a book on Abstract Algebra

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Studying Romanian & English literature. Shit's comfy as fuck. I don't even care that I'm gonna be unemployed after I graduate.

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1st year ag, reading the same book.

Interested in soils research, crops and such, but also a little bit of philosophy

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You must be somewhere pretty bad then Anon.

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Studying philosophy at large but not prestigious Uni in the United States. Might double major in English.

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Nice anon, why Romanian? How are you going about it?

I'm not Romanian but I'm studying it for a research project

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Same boat but getting AA this spring. Any advice?

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Warwick has consistently ranked in the top 10 universities since it was founded, which uni do u go to anon?

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Civil engineering, Stockholm. I honestly quite like my education. The maths is fun, the physics is fun, dont really like a lot of the politics involved but eh what can you do. I heard someone saying "dont study what you love" and I believe this to be true, this is why I didn't go into literature or philosophy

Reading Crime & Punishment at the moment, my third Dosto book. I don't know what it is about Dosto, his prose is just quite different so I keep going back to him.

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Oxford. Being top 10 in a country with, at the biggest stretch, four good universities (but really only two) is not an accomplishment. Dream bigger Anon.

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Enjoy college while it lasts lads. Being broke or on a tight budget sucks but being in college is still much better than having money but wageslaving

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Just started Poetics. Once I finish that, I'm looking to go through either Metaphysics or Nicomachean Ethics.
I'm an English major at a small university in Tennessee. Currently trying to come up with some sort of plan regarding what I'm going to be doing after graduating.

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Physics at pic related, graduating in May. Currently reading Memoirs of Hecate County by Edmund Wilson and Life and Fate by Vassily Grossman.

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Are you a euro or otherwise non-american, anon? It feels like americans and brits are the worst when it comes to university being an extension of high school; you either start the autumn after graduation, or not at all. It's very strange.

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Tesla was a brainlet, anyone that knows shit about electromagnetics knows this.

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studying political philosophy at the university of toronto
currently reading the technological society by ellul as well as minima moralia by adorno
it's so boring here, can't wait to be done and pull out of society completely

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For someone who doesn't know electromagnetics, can you explain why?

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spoken like a true nigger

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don't lie it never rains in Edinburgh

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law at some midtier uni. curretly reading Stirner's The Ego and Its Own, prolly will drop out this semester for some film school though.

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21 year old boomer about to graduate with a political science degree and saddled with immense inertia and completely unable to secure any future opportunities for myself. Currently finishing up Aristotle's Rhetoric because I failed to recognize its importance when I was first going through the guy's oeuvre. After that I'll probably read some more Euripides so I can at least pretend that the universe is responsible for my plight. But my life is over in two months so I guess it doesn't really matter

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18 here, currently started studying history by myself since the teaching programme in my country is complete garbage.

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Convince me to do the uni meme.
I recently got accepted to a few top 10 and top 20 US universities. I don't really know what to think since I just enjoy reading on my own so much more in comparison. I don't want to spend the rest of my life slaving away in front of a computer screen doing programming and I loathe the social culture of American universities. How so many people go along with the college process is absolutely beyond me; I have little interest in it beyond mere necessity.
I want to buy a plot of land in the south and work on Fukuoka style natural farming. I think there are prospects in it. I don't mind being poor and I don't care much about internet access. Alternatively, I may look at becoming a monk. I do not know. Either way, it seems like going to university is setting yourself to be cucked by either debt, an unfulfilling career, or a mix of both.

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Dostoevsky, Fyodor. Dislike him. A cheap sensationalist, clumsy and vulgar. A prophet, a claptrap journalist and a slapdash comedian. Some of his scenes are extraordinarily amusing. Nobody takes his reactionary journalism seriously.
The Double. His best work, though an obvious and shameless imitation of Gogol's "Nose."
The Brothers Karamazov. Dislike it intensely.
Crime and Punishment. Dislike it intensely. Ghastly rigmarole.

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I'm studying economics and reading A Clockwork Orange right now. I have no hobbies, no friends, little motivation, and few concrete plans for the future. I think I'm depressed.
And, yes, social science is a meme. Nobody tells you that. I don't know why econ is so highly respected in American society.

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What are you referring to?

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A grad student made this thread to stop us from shitting up the rest of the board. Are we really going to let him get away with it?

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whats the academic consensus on hans herman hoppe

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I'm a biology student. I'm not reading a whole lot right now because I study at night now before I go to bed but I'm slowly working my way through a volume of Saki's short stories. During the next long vacation I might pick up American Psycho.

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American, so it's a bit embarrassing but people seem to think i'm about 20 i guess.

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What isn't a meme though?
You have to be an insect to not hate STEM and its incessant industrial repetition
You have to sell your soul, thinking only quantitatively, to do well in Business
You run the risk of never being employed in the humanities
You run the risk of never being employed in the arts.
You limit your intellectual growth by going to a trade school

It's a bad situation for everyone. Most of the hirings for legitimately fulfilling jobs are completely random and often influenced by networking that is outside your control. It's sad to say it anon, but gone are the days of forming your own destiny.

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Nobody talks about ancapism let alone Hoppe in academia lmao

>> No.12808328

my professors have never mentioned him. I'm one of the few students in my comp. econ class who has even read Marx. Most of my colleagues are only familiar with Keynes, Douglas, Ricardo, Smith, Solow, and Hayek, maybe. I've never met another person who has even read von Mises or his "economic calculation in the socialist commonwealth" either despite the fact that everyone seems to have a strong opinion against socialism.
I've accepted at this point that a degree is nothing more than a license to work and that the only thing that should be printed on it (for a BA at least) is "I certify that [student] can read -Dean."
I could still do some networking though.

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>I don't know why econ is so highly respected in American society.
Give your genius BTFO you would say to economists please.

>> No.12808489

My university has a Hoppe book in the library, its been checked out 10 times.

>> No.12808661

Same - I checked out 'Democracy: The God that Failed' just last week from my uni library.

>> No.12808672

nice, we only have his "theory of socialism and capitalism".

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It’s rained on and off all day today. Weather has been horrible last two weeks.

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He fucked a pigeon

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19 and first year studying accounting,waiting for crying of lot 49 to arrive in the mail

>> No.12808948

it's generally a high IQ thing

>> No.12808978

>22 is the max
I'm 22 and I feel so old. Thanks for making me feel worse.

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Studying Philosophy, History, and German at Washington University in St. Louis. Just finished Thus Spoke Zarathustra and looking for a new book to read. I'm into music and /fit/ness as well.

I fully accepted recently that I'll never connect with most other people in any meaningful way and at this point I'm just gonna focus on myself, with end goals of becoming a professor, finishing the novel I recently started, and releasing an album or two.

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Why do you feel bad about being 22?

>> No.12809004

Going to be studying English literature at UChicago. Just finished The Sun Also Rises, enjoyed it very much but was too distracted while reading it to fully appreciate it.

Anyone else at Chicago? What’s it like?

>> No.12809012

Had a friend who went there, fell out of touch with him but I remember him telling me one summer that he hated his freshman year and regretted going to the school. That was just him though, I hope things go better for you!

>> No.12809013

Is it a non american thing to just assume everything you dont like is america related?

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18 yo here. Last year of high school. Currently reading Les Chants de Maldoror and the Grapes of Wrath. I’m interested in almost everything but usually superficially.

>> No.12809044

Autism is often a high IQ thing as well.

>> No.12809046

Man it really feels weird knowing that there are people younger than me on this board. I still picture myself as a 16yo discovering this site for the first time.

>> No.12809050

studying chemical engineering at UC Berkeley, reading the Phenomenology of Spirit atm

>> No.12809061

it’s a good school but you have to watch out for dindus

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Take as many continental philosophy classes as you can

>> No.12809369

I'm 22 years old and I'm finishing a engineering degree. These years passed like nothing, I feel that I wasted my time and oportunities in university. I didn't make any friends or connections, I could die and nobody in university would notice. This problem scares me about the future because the supossed key to obtain a job are the networks and connections... and I have nothing. Besides that I'm sick of engineering, to study this field is almost painful to me at this point, I don't enjoy this in the slightest. A long life as a lonely wage cuck........suicide doesn't seem so bad to be honest.

>> No.12809402

Why did you study engineering if you don't like it?

>> No.12809415

>I'm smarter than all my professors, this is a waste of money
>still going along with it
You might be dumber than you think.

>> No.12809423

It didn't look that bad at the beginning, it wasn't my passion (and I don't have any passion) but it was ok though. I have gradually lost the drive to continue studying.

>> No.12809441

Ayy Tennessee fags showing up for the party.

Metaphysics is very good.

Since you're in Tennessee, I always recommend people that can to take the time to read Walden and do some hiking to really get a unique experience, similar to how I received metaphysics.

>> No.12809458

That's unfortunate, if you don't have internships, etc it's going to be difficult to find a job. Depending on what field of engineering too.

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22; philosophy major at a Catholic private college; junior 45 credits till graduation. Parents are mega-loaded with cash.

Stuck between about multiple books I read about halfway through and put down for another, starting in order from what I read most recently.

>Campbell, Portable Jung (I got really far into this, lot of notes and stickys
>Henry Miller, Tropic of Capricorn
>Murakami, Kafka on the Shore
>Edinger, Ego and Archetype
>Thus Spake Zarathustra, (audiobook in the car most the time I'm driving. I've read this before though)

Interests (that I actually partake habitually in) are: Rock climbing, BDSM (switch leaning top), yoga

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>convince me to do the uni meme
>I want to buy a plot of land in the south and work on Fukuoka style natural farming... I don't mind being poor and I don't care much about internet access. Alternatively, I may look at becoming a monk.
This is a cope for
>I don't want to spend the rest of my life slaving away in front of a computer screen doing programming and I loathe the social culture of American universities.
You don't truly want these "careers", you just want to escape from a problem you don't want to fix or be a part of. Duty > right since your rights wouldn't exist without people doing what is/was necessary to create them. Obligate a portion of your life earning the life you think you want and see if you change between now and 15 years from now.
>t. actual boomer

>> No.12809557

>Depending on what field of engineering too.

A meme field, engineering physics

>> No.12809648

I am a U of C fourth year. It is hard, but at some levels the difficulty is a meme. If you do the work and talk to your profs (and they aren't assholes) you won't fail because it's too hard - but do be prepared to struggle some of the time. I love it though, I wouldn't trade my time here for the world.
Also, a word of unsolicited advice: challenge yourself. The Core will touch on a lot of disparate fields if you let it, and the sheer amount of electives is insane - don't pigeonhole yourself.
I'm a math major. Just finished Byock's Feud in the Icelandic Sagas, about to start Dubliners. I haven't done much thinking about books outside of class, so these have been good choices for me.

>> No.12809662

>what are you anons reading?
Rereading Conrad's Heart of Darkness and finishing Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness up

>What are your interests at the moment?
I have a strong conviction of becoming a literature professor as it's something i've known I wanted to ever since I was a child and my college experience thus far only makes me want it even harder.

>what are you studying
Croatian and history, but I'm thinking of switching history up with English.

>> No.12809698

Fabric of cosmos by brian greene. I gave up reading because i wasnt making time for it due to circumstances

Interests are in philosophy of mind, language, religion, analyrical and contientnal. Existentialism. Geopolitics. Neuroscience. Biochemistry. Linguistics. Neural networks. Math. Psychadelics. Meditation. Yoga. Veganism

Debating on whether i should couple a cs degree with philosophy or math.

>> No.12809708

>What are you anons reading?
Was reading elementary Particles, stopped because I didn't see the point in continuing, my next book will probably be about the experiences of an accomplished negotiator.
>What are your interests at the moment?
Boxing, photography, drawing, women. Not saying I'm particularly successful at any of them.
>If you're in university, what are you studying?
Graphic Design.

This past month different people talked to me about the end times being near; This would give life some meaning, but frankly, I can't see myself witnessing such a grandiose event.

>> No.12809713

I wish i could do cs an history/english. Would be so much nicer

>> No.12809885

Math is obviously the easier choice credit count wise. It's what I started, but I quickly realized there's way too much theory involved for me.

Ended up coupling cs / history and I'm satisfied with that choice. Lot of papers, but it's interesting shit and definitely makes me a more well rounded student.

So in my opinion, if you're interested I'm having and understanding higher math, then it's not a bad choice, but if you want to expand and are genuinely interested in philosophy I'd lean towards that.

>> No.12809999

>second semester starts in a week
>sinology(china studies) and prehistoric archeology (but unsure whether I continue with the latter)
>average german uni in not particulary remarkable larger city (WWU Münster)
>I have been reading kinda nothing in my first semester beyond 4chan, a few short stories and some longer articles by different publications despite having not just few books lying around, problem is that I'm quite rarely in the mood to read some longer texts in the last few months

>> No.12810010

double major in history and public policy.
reading Travels With Charley for pleasure, reading a book on drones and a book about the Articles of Confederation for school

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I study sociology when I got nothing better to do

>> No.12810110

18 year-old senior in high-school here. Starting at a small Presbyterian liberal arts college in the fall, with a full tuition scholarship (roughly $35k / year).
Studying philosophy. Not sure what I want to do after school, but I'm not worried about it. I really like the school. The faculty members are very competent, enthusiastic, and caring. The student body is roughly 1000 kids, making for a tight community. Girlfriend is there too, which is awesome. Very happy about how things have played out and excited for the future.

>> No.12810121

>why Romanian?
Because I'm a native and it's the equivalent of getting an English degree as an anglo. I want to teach so I don't mind.
>How are you going about it?
Well, the full name of the programme is "Romanian language & literature", so my curriculum has linguistics, literary theory, compared literature and the like, with culture classes thrown in.
What does your project entail?

>> No.12810412

...all this means is the prof can't even understand memes that have existed >50 years.

Anon's point not only stands, you made it stronger.

>> No.12810542

Oh hey, another Edinburgh University student. Are you a first year?

>> No.12810749

Anyone at UMT? I'm gonna start grad school there next year.

>> No.12810763

College is for STEM, business, and law. Everything else is a waste of time and money. What career are you pursuing?

>> No.12810809

Age: 20
Reading: "A Matter of Justice : Eisenhower and the Beginning of the Civil Rights Revolution" by David A. Nichols
Interests: Politics, Homesteading & Birdwatching.
Uni: Waste of time if you aren't in a STEM field or law. Currently in the Army National Guard, as well as a sub carrier for the United States Postal Service. Intentionally live with parents still and I grow all the vegetables and some of the fruit we eat. As writer and farmer Eliot Coleman once said; "When we feed ourselves, we become unconquerable" .

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23 year old. Can I join? Currently in my last year of a psychology degree, medical school afterwards is the goal. Currently Brecht's Threepenny Opera. Current interests are chess (have been playing for 18 years), botany, and armchair cosmology. Where abouts are all you guys from?

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Just such a beautiful owl

>> No.12810939

I guess that's why the SI unit for magnetic field intensity is named after him.

>> No.12810957

>You have to be an insect to not hate STEM and its incessant industrial repetition

Pure mathematics is beautiful and fun but you'd have to not be an ultrapleb to understand that.

>> No.12810998

Second year my man, what’re you studying?

>> No.12811040

Ah, one year up on me then. I just got here this year, I'm studying History. Well, theoretically anyway. Not been having a great semester, barely been to any lectures since Christmas. Don't seem to be missing too much either, the calibre of staff in my department doesn't seem especially high.

Curious to know, since you've been here a year longer than me, what's your general feeling about the place? The university, the city, all that.

>> No.12811047

>What career are you pursuing?
civil service

>> No.12811174

Ah nice. Sorry to hear, how come you’re missing so many? I try and get to most of mine, but admittedly do just end up lying in bed watching my lectures on my laptop instead, which I sometimes feel is cheating aha. If you’re anything like me, your tutorials are mainly ran by PhD students, and the odd lecturer. Always found that really disagreeable, considering how much we pay for tuition. Apparently the quality of teaching gets better once you reach honours years, so I’m hoping for a more dedicated teaching body in 3rd year. I know the general quality of the staff at Edi is pretty awful though. Their mental health counsellors and advice counsellors are underwhelming and flat-out ridiculously bad sometimes.

I think the failures of the uni are often redeemed by the city itself. I live in New Town myself, so my walk to uni is a bit longer than normal (assuming you’re Pollock?) but it’s a really beautiful walk and it just feeds the soul having the kind of architecture and spaces that Edi has everywhere. Nightlife-wise, I love Edi. Big myself into the dance scene here, so often at Mash House, Sneaky’s or Bongos. Try and avoid standard normie clubs like the plague. Would say that Glasgow is much better for a good night out though. Heard the difference between the two cities as: Glasgow, the fat bird who shows you a good time, Edi, the fit one who’s boring as anything. Suppose it eventually comes down to your personal preference. I like the sleepiness of Edi in comparison to Glasgow.

All in all, think if you’re not having fun this year, you’ll come into to your own in 2nd. Felt a bit alienated in 1st year and had a hard time making friends, but once you get your own place and begin to settle into the city more, things seem to fall into place.

>> No.12811266

t. insect

>> No.12811295

Ah, it's a whole mess of reasons that I won't bore you with too extensively. Basically, longer term depression really getting to run wild in an environment without much support or structure, all compounded by some really shitty accommodation (not Pollock, somewhere far less pleasant), an immense difficulty making friends/friends who share my interests, feeling homesick and missing my friends back home, and a colossally fucked up sleep schedule. I've been meeting my deadlines this semester (though usually my essays have been written the weekend before they were due in) but with all that combined, especially the sleep problem, I just haven't had the will to go in. Absolutely dying for spring break. And yeah I totally agree about tutorials. I've been relatively lucky in some senses, got a nice old venerable lady as one of my tutors, but most are inexperienced PhDs, one of whom last semester really did not seem to like me. A bit worrying to hear the mental health isn't up to snuff either, since I keep being recommended to go there. Whenever I think about dropping out, it's the quality of staff here that really compels me. Thanks for the concern, by the way.

It really is an incredible city, isn't it? If it wasn't for that I think I would have just packed up and gone home months ago. Must be my favourite UK city, aesthetically it's my absolute dream town. Emphasis on town I guess, since like you say Glasgow's a bit more happening, but I'm not really a party-goer so that suits me anyway. Slightly embarrassed to say I've not been to a single club here, normie or otherwise. No real objections, but I don't really have anyone to go with since my already small circle of friends mostly doesn't drink or is otherwise weird about such things.

Glad things are working out for you here though, even though the problems of the place are visible to you. Any tips for working on making friends in 2nd year, if it isn't a pain?

>> No.12811297

second semester of computer science
i like it but i hate how much time it takes up
i spent the entire january and february, the comfiest time of the year, studying for at least 8 hours a day
it gets better on the second year though
if you liked at the mountains of madness definitely check out the fall of the house of usher, even though they're not necessarily similar

>> No.12811301

Evil evil evil. This is the "three-in-one" unity - you can not separate one number from the other - and it has to be contemplated in silence for a long time in a pure environment. Plato was an oil merchant and his goal was not this real mystical training. Sure he relied on it but instead turned it into a materialistic mysticism - based on using the new geometry created by Archytas from the Pythagorean philosophy. So the Pythagorean math is deceptively simple - just like Taoist yin-yang philosophy - but to practice it on a sincere level is exceedingly difficult. Meanwhile there is all this fake "sacred geometry" using irrational numbers which really is not Pythagorean philosophy at all. It's the perfect way to cover up the real philosophy - a "bait and switch" tactic. So that way you say Pythagoras - and people go - Oh I know him he created the square root of two! haha. Quite the contrary. So the myth that someone who discovered his "secret" of the square root of two and then told about it was then killed - this is the typical myth to hide the true Pythagorean teachings. The "Orthodox" Pythagorean philosophers ONLY used the Tetrad - 1:2:3:4 - they did not even use the number 8 - so they could not have even created the 9/8 ratio as the major 2nd music interval. In other words the scale was just the octaves and the perfect fifth and perfect fourth. You find the same music intervals in all human cultures - and it derives from the original human culture - the Bushmen of Africa who were the original Pythagorean-Taoists - using the 1-4-5 music intervals as alchemical training.

>> No.12811304

And this doesn't follow pure mathematics but I must stress. Pythagoreanism is actually a kind of either devaluing or elucidation of Primally old shamanic wisdom expressed fractally in almost cargo cult like fashion (compared to its unbroken form) in ancient Egyptian and ANE cultures and cosmologies etc.

Thus it follows that Platonism is a degenerate and secular form of pythagorianism and neoplatonism is a partial affirmation if not return toward the reconciliation of the profoundly illogical aspects of "philosophy". The commentary tradition of neo pythagorean, middle platonist and of the "commentators" are contrary to popular belief, not banal rote missives rather invocations of punctuated equilibrium born of repitition. This repitition guarantees to prove unequivocally that univocal agreement is practically impossible.

There is an inherent geography and corporeality to language, at it's limits (this limit is paradox/Demi-god) and when these limits are stroked and fluffed into affirmed arousal they become paradoxes which in turn become vaginas which are liminal zones, thresholds and portals in the mind of the human.

Western civilization has lost its roots in true magical training but Platonic philosophy is derived from this original mystical magical training. So Plato used the Archytas version of Pythagorean philosophy and so the "harmonic mean" did not exist in traditional or "orthodox" Pythagorean philosophy.

>> No.12811305

I hate how this motherfucker looks.
Holy shit, is he nasty looking. Won't even smile. Probably has filed down sharpened teeth.
Can't even look the camera in the eye.
This man is evil. The Devil incarnated. He would have rightfully been burned alive in the middle ages.

>> No.12811310

Sociology has become politicized.

>> No.12811316

Be nice, he can't help looking devilish. Maybe combing down the little flicks of horn-like hair.

>> No.12811340
File: 95 KB, 180x243, jesus christ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a choice. He doesn't need those side chops or center part, or to wax them all down with grease. He didn't need to look away from the camera. He could have smiled. This guy looks like a murderer, a rapist. There is something unsettling about his very picture.

>> No.12811352

Really sorry to hear that mate, uni can be really rough at first. Have countless mates that have gone through exactly what you’re going through - some have dropped out and returned to uni a year or so later, and some have managed to stick it out. It can be really testing to move to a new city where you know nobody, and I think it’s completely normal to feel defeatist about the whole thing. Had a similar issue with mates throughout first year, but fortunately never had to deal with real depression, so I suppose I can’t offer you much help in that area.

It is a gorgeous city, the grandeur and beauty is just absolutely inspiring. Makes me feel happy just to be able to see it everyday.

Cheers mate. A tip for making mates is to get involved with a sports club - hands down the best thing you can do to meet people. A lot of sports clubs are really welcoming to complete newbies, so you’re not going to feel out of place. Always heard that boxing is great, especially for the social aspect. Having that, and also joining and going to events ran by socs like the Philosophy Society (would recommend Lit Society, but it’s mostly just slam-poetry events, so a bit tragic).

Tell you what though, if you’re ever feeling really down and want someone to just go for a pint with (seeing as your mates don’t seem to be into that very much), I’d be up for that.

>> No.12811366

That's so he can hide the real horns.

>> No.12811413

>if you liked at the mountains of madness definitely check out the fall of the house of usher, even though they're not necessarily similar
dobar zez

>> No.12811421

That's really sweet of you, thanks for the offer. I don't want to be a bother though, or too much of a downer. Not that I'm perpetually miserable of course, by any means, but you know.
Who knows though, maybe I'll bump into you at a soc next semester. Unless you're doing a year abroad? I've been to a few societies (I joined a really ridiculous number last semester, probably not half of which I've been to), and they are actually where I made most of my friends, but I still didn't have that much luck. Persistence is the trick I guess, and broadening horizons. I feel like I might be a bit fragile for boxing, but I've been meaning to try fencing or, if my dignity can allow it, ice skating. As for the philosophy society, my one experience with them so far was attending one of their guest lectures on Heidegger and nearly falling asleep mid lecture because I'd pulled an all nighter already, ahah. Not sure what their other events are like.

As for sticking it out, we'll see. A friend back home had some sort of nervous breakdown during his first year and is taking the rest of the year off before going back, which I have almost envied at times. I dunno, I guess I'm just at that stage of one's life when one has all sorts of conflicting impulses about what one wants to do. My urge to be more creative has been pretty strong lately, I really ought to start doing some writing, instead of just reading. Hopefully I can balance all this out. Anyway, enough of that, I've already gone on far too long!

>> No.12811452

I read this post yesterday

>> No.12811529
File: 235 KB, 959x418, afsddfasdfas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw 24 year old undergrad because I was a degenerate NEET for 5 years
>tfw read everything we cover in our courses
>tfw too old and autistic to make pals with my fellow students
Currently reading the Golden Bough btw

>> No.12811770

Philosophy at Otago, I'm slacking so much it's fucking ridiculous. Currently reading Plato and Hobbes.

>> No.12811843

Do you think it's worth it? I've been considering taking philosophy but I'm not sure I'll learn anything that I can't learn on my own.

>> No.12812092

If you know how to make use of it for your monetary gain, it sure is.

>> No.12812095

How would you go about that besides writing books or teaching?

>> No.12812100

I don't know as I haven't dabbled in the field that much, but being a public speaker and doing something similar to Jordan Peterson might be profitable depending where you're at and what not.

>> No.12812124

I'm studying Computer Science because that's what you do if you want to be someone in life when you live in a third world country. I'm not a STEMfag and I don't like programming at all, but I'm doing my hardest because I want a good job in the future to take my family out of this shithole. If it weren't for that, I'd be studying literature or languages because that's what I love.

>> No.12812137

t. smoothbrain

>> No.12812142

what a degenerate hobby and booklist, go fuck yourself and your WASP parents

>> No.12812167


>> No.12812202

t. Every autist in college

>> No.12812203

>too old and autistic
Don't be so hard on yourself. I went back to first year of uni at 21, after 2 years of (almost) being a neet, and to be honest it made me feel very much like an adult. Most people won't see you as an old guy, but 18 year olds fresh out of school are really soft still. Not to mention 90% of Zoomers are believing the bullshit about University being this wild experience where you find yourself and become an adult, despite the constant mollycoddling.
If you want any advice mine would be to forge your own way and keep a healthy distance from student life because it'll only make you feel alienated. Like get a part time job or a hobby and join the society for it, but don't lose sleep over the kids 5 years your junior who are more interested in thier ego than anything else.

>> No.12812209

Cs 3rd year

Any of the AI books any good?

>> No.12812211

Cringe and yikespilled

>> No.12812247

I am going to be studying economics and philosophy undergraduate at a top UK university this year. Anything I should know before I start my degree?

>> No.12812305

Treat it like training for your future job, not training for life.

>> No.12812470

Join a handful of societies, preferably along with a team sport. Part time jobs are good, if not for the money, but for the experience. Try and get summer work placements lined up early instead of leaving it until March, like me.

>> No.12812976


>> No.12813074

Definitely. They're not all philosophy specific, and can get a bit technical but I'll drop a couple recs

>Formalizing Common Sense, John McCarthy
>Superintelligence, Nick Bostrom
>Heartificial Intelligence, John havens

>> No.12813094

I know I'm fucked up

>> No.12813097

Any advice for mexicans?

>> No.12813130

What problem do I have? Seems like you are projecting. I just like nature and being solitary. I've been skeptical about my future schooling for years. I've always preferred that sort of lifestyle.

>> No.12813145

Studying English and Creative Writing, lad, because who needs a job amiright

Currently, I'm reading The Last Wish. Beefing up on my Witcher lore, so I can play Wild Hunt when summer rolls around and this coursework is off my back.

What about you?

>> No.12813259

Studying data analytics and CS. Reading Clean Code and textbooks for study, The Waves by Virginia Woolf for fun (which is really incredible, can't believe I put it off for so long). Also I work full-time.

>> No.12813284


Christianity and kink have a lot more in common than I thought

>> No.12813449

Any other french anon in prépa?

>> No.12813509


I'm 23 and in 4th year but might take a 5th year to boost my GPA more. I feel like you are being too hard on yourself. There are many people in my classes older than me, and I've met graduate students a bit older than me through clubs/other activities on campus who are pretty cool. Ultimately an extra year or 2 does not matter dude. You're still young and going to school. At least you're not 30+ that really stands out in undergrad.

>> No.12813539

Absolute cringe

>> No.12813609


>> No.12813759

Currently studying comparative literature in Vienna. Small department but I like most of the teaching staff and the city is obviously fantastic.
I am at the end of my masters and have to start working on my master thesis in the fall. Would love to really delve deep into research right now but there are always some essays or presentations due that seem to get into the way. Anybody else in a similar situation? I really want to find a worthwile topic for my master thesis as I have great grades so far and definitely want to get a PhD. Just always seems that you know whether a topic is worthwhile and will garner at least some attention after you've worked on it...

>> No.12814338

Have you taken any literature courses? What are they like?

Thanks for the advice, friend.

>> No.12815317

please help im graduating in two months and dont know what i want to do in the future AHHHHH all i have is a history degree

>> No.12815451

Nice. I did an MA there in 2013. I’m old as dirt.

>> No.12815516

school isnt for smart people

>> No.12815551

what are you up to now?

>> No.12815575

I just started reading Scientism: Prospects and Problems, I really dont have many interests I kinda just play Overwatch, and I'm studying mathematics for sure and might double with physics.

>> No.12815582

based rickposter

>> No.12815627

Studying Political Science, 3rd year. Reading Carl Schmitt’s “Concept of the Political”, Polybius’ “The Histories”, and Machiavelli’s “Discourses on Livy”. I’m particularly interested in anacyclosis and how constitutional republics can be constructed to create long lasting peace and prosperity that stands the test of time without falling quickly into violent revolution and degeneracy. I want to become a high school government teacher. I’m also into neoplatonism and the link between objective moral theories and their projection into a political system.

>> No.12815664
File: 554 KB, 1920x1080, 6272B505-7D75-490F-9D36-BDF5F43C9F65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw got rejected at all my top applications
>tfw relegated to a 2nd tier university
I’ll admit I had never thought of myself as dumb. I guess I’m just over ambitious
Either way, my self esteem is in the shitter. I always thought I’d be someone great.

>> No.12816448

20, humanities concentration, best book Ive read lately is Lowry's Ultramarine

>> No.12816451

Where are you from, anon?
I remember how ultracompetitive modern uni applications are in the US.

>> No.12816453

you are fucking retardet

>> No.12816454
File: 33 KB, 417x414, 1528100095184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dropped psychology degree three years ago to go for an ancient civs major. Oddly enough I feel much happier, even though my future might not be as secure, I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. All I need at my side is Caesar. And the rest is history.
Can't wait for that Macdonalds manager position.

>> No.12816668

>All I need at my side is Caesar. And the rest is history.

>> No.12816703
File: 52 KB, 634x457, 1FA35376-22A8-47A9-945B-470D551BB467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m Brazilian, but applied to the US, France and the UK. Applications were weird. The lack of objectivity really made me bothered with the whole thing.
I did get into Brazil’s best uni, though in an inferior course. Still, I can’t help but feel that just places me in the shiniest turd in the pile

>> No.12816801

What if another asteroid is coming like 10years ago

>> No.12817531

>Not a waste of time and money
I'm laughing at you.

>> No.12817549 [DELETED] 

Cursando onde, anon?

>> No.12817550

Also studying Econ senpai. I'm doing it out of necessity, not out of any interest in the subject. I feel your pain.

>> No.12817710 [DELETED] 

USP, anão
Desculpe a paranoia, mas responder o curso faria com que eu pudesse ser doxxado

>> No.12817718

Same. I'm Pharma student from third world though

>> No.12817784

>be me
>22 yo
>Last year of undergrad
>future seems bleak
>still no idea what I'm gonna do
>thinking of taking a gap year and working/learning/volunteering/ and other shit
>deep anxiety creeps in, whenever I compare myself to my friends who have more clearity about future
>due to constant anxiety start waking up in the middle of the night, with frightful dreams about how my friends will have happy life, while I'm gonna die alone at 40
blogposting aside, I just started with "The idiot". I'm also currently trying to learn some maths again.

>> No.12817816

At Southampton, doing (sadly) Law. Reading Carlyle at the moment. Mostly interested in finding a job now. University went far too quick. And I feel I’ve done virtually nothing of substance. There is no challenge here, and it is not very intellectually stimulating. Just tedious and boring.

I should’ve apprenticed, or something more worthwhile. But I guess that would mean being back home, which makes me realise why I came to University in the first place.

>> No.12817823

>tfw 23 and still an undergrad

>> No.12817858

Philosophy at a middle of nowhere liberal arts university in Canada. It's my last semester before I graduate and I feel so burned out, literally 0 motivation to write something that I'm proud to hand in.

>> No.12817868

Why are all CS majors so autistic

>> No.12817881

2nd year undergrad here. Currently reading The Eye of The World, first book in the wheel of time series. Honestly angry I didn't find this series sooner because I love it already

>> No.12817890

Oxford is bottom of the barrel. Literally worse than a community college

>> No.12817902

I laugh at you now but this will be me next year. Maybe go for a master's?

>> No.12817921

fuck you

>> No.12817968

He’s talking about THE Oxford, not some US college, burgernon
Unless you actually mean that somewhere equivalent with both MIT and Harvard is worse than community college

>> No.12818024

Original guy you responded to here. I think it's worth studying in classes because the professors often know what they're talking about and can illuminate the texts for you. Additionally, having the rigor of having to write papers and such forces you to interact with the ideas to a greater degree. If you don't plan to teach it one day you probably shouldn't major in it, but take a couple classes if it does hold some interest for you.

>> No.12818056

good luck anon

>> No.12818074
File: 45 KB, 373x332, 1473001749242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be 3rd year BA English Undergrad
>About to be 22 years old
>wanna go for MA in English but also something else
>don't know which college to pick
I'm fucked aren't I? It's almost time for applications too.

>> No.12818107
File: 262 KB, 1024x1024, 1526398557727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You all seem so unfulfilled
how do you approach studying chinese?
I am certain you have classes but it msut be very different to your typical french class.
Do you study a bit beforehand on your own? If you could elaborate and be specifiy perhaps about the works, apps, or studying techniques you use I would greatly appreciate it.
I am studying Philosophy and have a couple Chinese friends adimently trying to persuade me into studying chinese (with them) so we can explore chinese philosophers properly, but I am to worried about the learning possibility.
student town though right? Be happy about that. It is most likely better than being a city where students are insignificant.
I dropped out of my engineering degree in the 4th semester to persue Philosophy. Unless you are in a country where you pay tuition fees, I recommend a switch and to return to the degree with new vigor one day, as I plan to do.

>> No.12818115
File: 41 KB, 367x446, 1513900487217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just working, playing vidya, buying guns, and occasionally reading, I'm currently trying to become a truck driver at the company I work for right now. University is for pigeons.

>> No.12818130

Yes I am aware he means THE Oxford. Yes it is worse than community college

>> No.12818151

If I see a LMU fucker in this thread I swear I'm gonna explode of stress and anger.

>> No.12818170
File: 1.83 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you mean this LMU? :)
Enjoying the last semester days stress?

>> No.12818178
File: 94 KB, 309x323, AkariBliss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Colour of Magic
Painting and Writing
IT, databases specifically

>> No.12818220

Based reject

>> No.12818237
File: 107 KB, 390x390, Seal.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

English and latin at pic related. Super comfy if you're into open spaces. My lit professors have been super and haven't had to talk to a ta thus far, but not even the major students really care about lit. Have to go to grad lectures or office hours for discussion. I dropped a linguistics minor last semester so I could have some freedom senior year, but overall things are going pretty well. Finished Incognegro by Wilderson recently and finishing Penguin's The Portable 60s Reader today.

>> No.12818255

20, studying (mostly) math, physics and earth sciences.
Reading a lot of fiction, stuff I should've read at an earlier age. Also reading some world politics, a lot of poetry and notes on cinema and music.

>> No.12818258

Ironically i'm transfering to Rutgers

>> No.12818271

i think the way it is now im going to take a year off and then apply to a bunch of grad schools in the fall while working some random restaurant jobs or something til the year ends. But I know secretly that it's just another procrastination tactic. I deep down envy people from the Soviet Union that were assigned work, or pre-modern people basically had assigned careers at birth. I think having too many choices makes a person fundamentally unhappy as you're always second-guessing yourself. i'm not cut out for freedom

>> No.12818278

oxford is shit. I have perfect grades and they rejected me, meanwhile some retard from a state school gets an offer with shit grades and low entry test score

>> No.12818511
File: 39 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

going to pic related and can't decide what I want to do

reading Smartest Guys in the Room (Enron book) and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I feel bad because I couldn't handle Catch-22 after reading just over half of the book

>> No.12818630
File: 73 KB, 1220x619, ?image=%2fdmsimgs%2fDurham_Castle_31__1769862187_74296283.jpg&action=ProductDetailFullWidth2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and durham university mans in?
castle college cs student here

>> No.12818638

I applied open application and got into Trevelyan, but turned it down after I realised its history. It also looks disgusting. Is that a mistake?

>> No.12818654

>Is that a mistake?
don't know that depends where you are now or where you're going instead

>> No.12818739

Finance major currently reading Anna Karenina. At a big school in the SE

>> No.12818801

roll tide mang see you at A day

>> No.12818809

>22 almost 23
>finished undergrad almost a year ago
>life has gone nowhere since
>all the problems i was able to ignore during my studies have caught up to me
>no prospects with an english/phil degree and a resume of fast food jobs

enjoy it while it lasts lads

>> No.12818858

Best offer i have is from durham but i might take a gap year and try cambridge since i reckon i could get straight A*s.

>> No.12818876

Getting straight A*s isnt even a guarantee anymore. I got straight A*s and was rejected from Oxford without even an interview. It matters much more what your background is (state school or private school, your postcode, race, gender etc.) or what course you are applying to (applicants per place)

>> No.12818877

>just turned 21
>2 years from finishing undergrad
>life’s been great so far
>very little problems in day to day
>already making more than most people as an intern and plenty of contacts for further growth

don’t worry anon, I will

>> No.12818948

Yeah i know ive done quite a lot of research over the past few months (all after the deadline tho lol)
Im from a state school so i have that slight advantage. Also i dont have my heart set on cambridge i just feel like its worth trying. It will all depend on what a levels i get.
I am planning to do various extra curricular stuff over summer and potentialy try and get a work places over my gap year if i do end up taking one and even if i do take a gap year and end up still going to durham anyway i doubt id regret doing that, provided i dont just do nothing during the gap year
Much to think about...

>> No.12818969

Durham is really great anyway. Good luck with your A levels and if you decide to apply to Cambridge. What course?

>> No.12819051
File: 104 KB, 1385x1204, 1445729478507.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

going to graduate with a physics and math degree in a year and I have no idea what I'm going to do when I graduate. I was into literature in high school then stopped caring and only read genre fiction now. I just want to get a job that isnt a 9-5 cubicle grind but I'm becoming increasingly hopeless.

>> No.12819059
File: 26 KB, 396x235, serin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf I go to Rutgers. The physics and math programs are pretty good. I sometimes go to the english dept to take a shit because they have private bathrooms, thats the only reason I can see ever going there :)

>> No.12819060

For UK anons : is it worth it to go to a top UK uni if higher education is free (but average) in my country? Don't wanna lose money for nothing

>> No.12819066


>> No.12819087

My brother goes there. He's a freshman in STEM and said that the classes are insanely hard and most of his classmates are super dedicated and smart. No idea how the literature department is but it's a great school so I'm sure it's decent.

>> No.12819098
File: 102 KB, 800x485, 1443425477301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based and kinkpilled. I hope youre not into degenerate shit like feet/watersports/scat and more into the power/domination elements. Spanking is the true intellectual fetish.

>> No.12819107

thanks man. durham is really great and i like it a lot, so as i said i won't be heart broken if i didn't get into cambridge i just feel like i'd regret not at least giving it a go. i hadn't even thought about oxbridge until i got an A* in maths (i took it a year early) but i just didn't feel prepared to apply at the time
the course is computer science

>> No.12819410

I've finally arrived to the point where I choose what to do after secondary education.
What can I say, the situation is dire. Comparing myself to my peers and then everyone else my age in the world puts me in a spiral. This last year was absolutely abnormal - we've had 2 suicides, my father lost his job, and I almost got ran over, robbed and beaten when I think about it.
My parents have always wanted me to leave this country, and my will reflects theirs 100%. We never recovered from the crisis, there are no long-lasting contracts or living wages awaiting me. I've chosen to pursue higher education abroad, the universities here are respected but not good at all, let's be honest. I prefer to work and study in some foreign country that can give me opportunities then work the debt off rather than just delay the inevitable; never would I put financial burdens on my parents.
At least I have my self-confidence, their full support and a good track record at managing pressure and weird situations. It's gonna be bigger than me, but I won't give up. Feels weird being surrounded by all of these people here attending renowned institutions.
I'm reading The Tartar Steppe, by the way. I love it so far.

>> No.12819433

What country

>> No.12819468

>monotonous repetition
looks like somebody didn't make it past high school math

>> No.12819490

in that case take a gap year, work for the first half and travel for part of the second until your cash runs out. I fucked around in south america for a couple months and became interested in a few things more deeply, as well as getting advice from tons of 20-30 year olds about life.

>> No.12819506

UK anon 'reading' Politics at a uni ranked 70-80 or something. Haven't read a single book and neither has the majority of my class (thanks wikipedia). Do all my essays under under 12 hours the day they are due and still get solid 2:1s (overmarking). Exams pretty much the same. Lost all motivation after 1st year but kept going just to get it over with.

Uni in the UK truly is a daycare and getting a 2:1 is basically certain.
Reading: Nothing. I have Passing by Nella Larsen sitting on my table, maybe give it a go when I feel like it.

>> No.12819512

1) get a part time job right out of college in a city with lots of engineering, while doing internships.
2) try and find a field of engineering with lots of innovation and new stuff going on, they usually don't care as much about the specific type of engineering degree you have.
3) try and get a more managerial position, that way your knowledge will still be of use but you won't have to do as much engineering.

>> No.12819514

Age Of Spiritual Machines and Age of Intelligent Machines by Kruzweil is good. I really enjoyed them. Spiritual machines has a passage on recursive programming that's interesting/useful.

>> No.12819540

I was thinking of going either to the UK or US for education.
If you meant where I'm from, Southern Europe is my city.
You may have found your answer, interpret it how you want to

>> No.12819584

18 yo spaniard. Dropped out of Bio cos I fell for the STEM meme, realised my heart was at humanities.
Gonna apply for a degree in translation.
I'm currently reading The Savage Detectives, an antology of the poets of the 27 and The Book Of Disquiet, which is being a slog.

>> No.12819633

70-80 globally or in the uk?

>> No.12819658

>Smarter than all my professors
>Chooses same degree as supposed stupid compare to himself
You sound pretty fucking retarded desu. At least retarded at making sound choices.

>> No.12819677

Literally any major or any topic you can necessarily learn on your own. That is in fact where most learning takes place (at least in my experience).
You get your degree in what you want to do as a profession, (if you must do a hobby degree, either double or minor). Only study philosophy if you plan on doing grad school in something else, or becoming a philosopher.

>> No.12819816

Name something worthwhile that's come from Oxford recently

>> No.12819862

>USP is second tier
Go fuck yourself

>> No.12819873

for like second hundredth tier lol. South american ""education"" is a joke

>> No.12819883

UK lol like 600 world

>> No.12819975

Who cares about international rankings when you live in a sovereign state?
>equation general education with research
Dumbo or dummy?

>> No.12819987

You sound like a knob man. What are you studying and at what college?

>> No.12820018

You’ve already spent the start of your adult life avoiding responsibility. University is a joke now and most people take it just to delay the inevitable, a gap year would just be a continuation of that. The job you pick isn’t what you are going to do till you die, the whole point of your 20s is to try different things. If you don’t like something then just change job it’s not that deep but the longer you do nothing the worse you make it for yourself.

>> No.12820199

t. Harold Bloom

>> No.12820573

What have you spent the last 4 years of your life doing? It certainly wasn't uni work, travelling or having a job? Why are you not already doing those 3 things(working learning volunteering)? Why are you comparing yourself to people who obviously have something planned, even if nothing comes of it? No one knows what they are going to do until they are already there and decide to stay there, so go pick something and do it, your 22 you can just drop it and try something else.
Why did it go quick? Why didn't you do anything? Why don't you find it stimulating?
Do a Tefl or something and teach abroad for a year or whatever, it not like an English degree is going to get you much outside of teaching. I know a girl that did her English degree then did a mental health nursing one, much happier. Are you sure you even want to do English, never mind not knowing what college to pick?
Good idea, guy I work with dropped out of his construction course to get his truck driving license, much better fit for him rather than further education.
I agree, all of this opportunity has people wondering if they are really getting the best deal from their life and constantly compare themselves to others to base their own success on. At the same time though, opportunity is just that and allows people to find what they really want to do. Getting them to understand that everyone's place is just as important is the hard part.
mad and bad, we all know its more than that.
Why no prospects? Did you ever go to your schools career advisor? Your still young, plenty of time to apply for programs, travel, interns, even go for some jobs within reach of your degree even for experience
Why Cam? You can always go for a masters after durham if you really want the institution under your belt. Everything you said is uncertain, take Durham and maximise your time there. With, cs, whats the difference in the end?
>last meme arrow
literally doing better than 90% of uni students
No, unless your going for more reasons than just 'education' e.g life style, travel opportunities, interships ect. What is it about the UK you cant do at home?
>comparing yourself to peers to your detriment
pointless there will always be someone better, just do it at your pace, at the end of the day your the one that sets it. You want to leave, so leave. Plenty of poor euros are in UK unis and due to their drive to live and study abroad it puts them above many others for work ethic leading them to good lives after uni.
better to leave than stay, plenty of people drop out and change so dont feel bad about it if you do. Why are you sure translation is the right place though? Not the first thing I think of when hear humanities.

>> No.12820712
File: 73 KB, 675x592, 30yearOldBoomer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone here have an infographic or other suggestions for developing a foundation in ethics?

I've studied philosophy before, but I'm looking for a decent reading list to ease into moral philosophy.

i.e. what should i read to understand consequentialism, virtue ethics, realism, deontology, Kant, etc.

>> No.12821034

>I agree, all of this opportunity has people wondering if they are really getting the best deal from their life and constantly compare themselves to others to base their own success on. At the same time though, opportunity is just that and allows people to find what they really want to do. Getting them to understand that everyone's place is just as important is the hard part.
I think that this opportunity should only be offered to the upper classes. Honestly, as I said, I'm not cut out for freedom. I don't think most people are either. If you let the upper classes choose their lives and make genius edge-cases possible, you still have a free state. But most people should be given or at least heavily guided into a career/way of life.

>> No.12821106

do you mean upper classes intellectually or economically? They're not the same thing

>> No.12821114

>t. plato

>> No.12821256

Sounds like me and friends in my major. I went to the University of Florida, which is a top 10 public uni here, and of the readings that were assigned I typically only did half. Its easy to pull a B out, which is what I got in most of my courses, but if you want an A it does require some effort. Ended up graduating with a 3.12 and I'm now joining the Navy so its whatever. Most of the other students did the same, and if you told the professors what they wanted to hear you would be guaranteed an A even though they would deny that outright.

>> No.12821383

>Do a Tefl or something and teach abroad for a year or whatever, it not like an English degree is going to get you much outside of teaching. I know a girl that did her English degree then did a mental health nursing one, much happier. Are you sure you even want to do English, never mind not knowing what college to pick?
At this point, I'm not even sure. I do know I'm not keen on teaching.

>> No.12821387

Finish up and join the military. So many people who don't know what to do with themselves would benefit from it, and you'll get the GI Bill to use afterwards.

>> No.12821461

I've taken a handful of dedicated literature courses (not counting Core). I enjoyed them, but I didn't talk much - mostly did the readings and listened. I find that usually the people taking courses on a dedicated book or subject tend to either be people who like it or are curious and want to think about it (either for the first time or more deeply). One doesn't have to be brilliant, just willing to put forth an idea and discuss it - though being brilliant helps.
For the most part people are really polite about the discussions, too, though occasionally you get a domineering That Kid. Also, a note on That Kids and not being one: pulling in outside information is fine and useful, AS LONG AS it is germane to the discussion. But bringing up something that doesn't have bearing on the topic at hand is the quickest way to piss everyone off.
Again, because you seem a little bit insistent on lit classes, I want to stress not putting yourself in a box too quickly. Just because you are going in for lit doesn't mean that's what you need to end as. Explore; take an anthro class, take an econ class; just don't stick yourself in one field to the detriment of all others. Especially since the English major is only 13 classes, so you have 11 free credits to do with what you will (assuming no double major, AP credit, etc).

>> No.12821679

Currently reading for pleasure Sun and Steel by Mishima and the abridged edition of Seidensticker's translation of Tale of Genji. Reading Moliere and Virgil and Sun-Tzu for classes. Majoring in Classics. I'm in my second year of Latin now, and I'll be starting Greek next year. I honestly can't wait. I love learning about Classics and classical languages and philosophy and whatnot.

In addition, I've also always loved the Victorian Era (nice photo of Matthew Arnold btw). I'm also watching the Granada adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. Jeremy Brett is the best portrayal of the detective I've ever seen. I am thinking of ordering a complete edition of the entire Holmes canon. If anyone can point me to a good edition with or without annotations, or any other good books about the Victorians or their literature, it would be greatly appreciated! There's nothing truly comfier than sitting down on a rainy spring afternoon with a pot of black tea and a long English novel. :-)

>> No.12821697

My cousin is about to go into that shit. He hasn't really told me anything beside acclaimed rigor or whatever. Bonne chance anon

>> No.12821779

Recently graduated an EMT program, just spent the weekend doing training for a wildland firefighting cert. Beats being at a “real college” having mouthhbreathers trying to shoehorn ‘ontological’ and ‘gravitas’ into every fucking conversation. I do miss spending days on end just hammering through books though. My plan is to bust ass over the summer and use the money to travel around North Africa living like a flâneur, fabricating my level of education, and working the occasional translating/NGO job.
It’s weird reaching the age where other people my age all graduated, and I’ve still got so many years to go. The snobbery is annoying, but moreso the ubiquitous lack of interesting conversations among most educated people.
I just keep telling myself that Kissinger didn’t finish school till he was 27, and regardless of his political actions, was a darn good writer.

>> No.12821852

i mean spiritually. Obviously, i think society in its ideal format would be structured so that the spiritually higher classes received intellectual formation and economic power in order to be complete upper classes

unironically the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me

>> No.12821897

20 years old, doing a bachelors of Victorian Bitter and romantic failure

>> No.12821900

also, I'm reading Keats

>> No.12821902

kek you will end up in mcdonalds

>> No.12821915

24 EE 5th year; currently got meme'd into reading Moby Dick through audible on my long commutes. Current interests include: sorority girls, lifting, orienteering, guns, and doing steroids

>> No.12821977

>Why Cam? You can always go for a masters after durham if you really want the institution under your belt. Everything you said is uncertain, take Durham and maximise your time there. With, cs, whats the difference in the end?
Like i saod before im more than happy to go to durham, i just feel like theres not really any harm in at least trying to get into what many people consider the best university in the world.
And yeah the possibility of doing a masters at oxbridge is definitely something id think about if i did go to durham

>> No.12822232

Lmao anon calm down
Sure, it’s great for Brazil, but I don’t want to stay here forever. And I wanted to be a pioneer in my field. USP certainly doesn’t give many opportunities for either, and most foreigners see it just like >>12819873

>> No.12822315

t. brainlet

>> No.12822339

I'm a postgrad not an undergrad. Am I allowed to post here

>> No.12822405

no, get lost brainlet

>> No.12822408

>better to leave than stay, plenty of people drop out and change so dont feel bad about it if you do. Why are you sure translation is the right place though? Not the first thing I think of when hear humanities.
I'm not 100% sure that it's the right place but I have to choose a degree, I've also thought about a degree in history or law, but the former doesnt offer a good future and the latter offers a soulless life, so Ill take Translation and try to get a work as an interpreter.

>> No.12822483

FUCK off, granpa
Daily reminder to not trust anyone over 23

>> No.12822500

studying some shit about media. i feel like when im finished, i wont have required any substantial skill or intellectual insight. at this point in my life, I have never felt this dumb, unimportant and unintelligent.

>> No.12823045

durham is worth it and it's good enough for compsci imo if you wanna be earning loads after your graduate, plus the uni has just invested like 50 mil into a new building for computer science so that's something to look forward to

>> No.12823142

22 just graduated from a SUNY school with a degree in IT and can't even get a job at Aldi for $13/hour. Just finished the Quiet American by Graham Greene and started the Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle. The Quiet American is absolutely incredible but The Tortilla Curtain is quickly forming a to be a moralist look at the border issue. This will be the first Boyle book that I didn't enjoy.

>> No.12823398

>doesn’t give many opportunities
Man, it's you who got in a bad course

>> No.12823521

Any anons here get an undergrad in the social sciences and go on to do a graduate in STEM?

>> No.12823756

>spiritually higher classes

>> No.12823780

Yeah for sure — I don’t wanna end up unidimensional.

You have any good That Kid stories? Seems like that personality type isn’t uncommon at these kinds of schools.

>> No.12824486

I got an offer for castle college. I'm going down for the open day tomorrow.

>> No.12824877
File: 13 KB, 300x300, endme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

CSfag at pic related. A student here just got v& by the FBI for planning a school shooting, supposedly he had guns, ammo and bulletproof vests stashed in his dorm (though according to the school he got got cuz he tried to buy an AR and the feds got tipped off). Not so much freaked as surprised it took so long for something like this to happen with the kind of student body we have here.
reading Cyclonopedia btw

>> No.12825255

I am 20.
I am also studying CS and working 24 hours weekly as a programmer. I've read "Down and Out in Paris and London" over the weekend, currently I am reading some articles about DSP.

How on Earth have you got time to read, study 2 degrees and work full time?
Where are you from, which uni? Poland here.

Also, I am thinking about studying literature or philosophy when I will get my bachelor and engineer title, I will be 23 or 24 by the time. Isn't it too late? have you knew anyone who did similar?

Otherwise I would like to find remote job for 16-24 hours weekly and spend rest of my time developing myself (after graduation from CS).

>> No.12825396

Undecided freshman at Notre Dame here. 19.
Currently reading some Havel essays. I'm a big fan of my assigned works but I'm not sure I'll ever get used to hammering out quality papers.
I've still got the chance to study business, or I can go down some social science/libartsy road. Are the libarts really a joke? Is selling out the move?
Everything seems bad desu.

>> No.12825442

20, dropout.
Currently starting Gravity's Rainbow after dropping All the Pretty Horses; I'm burnt on Cormac. Besides, it seems like the trilogy shall be more of a No Country for Old Men affair, which was one of my least favourite from him. The film adaption was kino though. GR is good so far, I read quite a bit of Faulkner so I'm used to the sort of writing Pynchon does, though the two styles are completely different.

>> No.12825455

25 yo super senior in comp lit

>> No.12825461

fucking cringe des
grow up

>> No.12825476

what are your languages
who do you like to read?

>> No.12825485

english is a useless major
the epitome of pseud
>reads works in translation

>> No.12826087

Bump for interest

>> No.12826384
File: 28 KB, 409x389, 1549919974976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

YSR or nay?

>> No.12827080

>You have any good That Kid stories?
Not really, a lot of them follow pretty much the same plot: That Kid says something stupid or inane, and then doesn't shut up.
>Seems like that personality type isn’t uncommon at these kinds of schools.
It's actually less common than you'd think, even if it is present. Less than a quarter of the non-STEM courses I took had That Kids, and there were barely any in STEM either.

>> No.12827110
File: 57 KB, 900x900, W&M.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone else?

>> No.12827838
File: 81 KB, 849x644, 6666666666666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

21 year old, second year CS student.
I have a psued interest in music and art. I also like lifting and getting wasted with some people I'm not sure if I can call my friends.
I feel absolutely miserable. I'm in a foreign country, can't understand the lectures in any of my classes and have failed practically all the core courses so far. The only reason I'm here is because I'm a poorfag from a 3rd world shithole and got a full ride scholarship. Humanities are absolute shite in Asia and the degree probably wouldn't be accredited anyway. Due to xenophobia, I'm alienated a lot and feel very lonely. All I wanted was to get out of the shithole I was born in. Society has moved towards only wanting mindless robots in stem. That's especially true here in Asia.
There's nothing for me to do. The only reason I get up in the morning is to stave off the guilt of disappointing my parents and letting all the time and effort they put into raising me go to waste.

Call me an whiny edgy brainlet if you want

>> No.12828474

German, English, French and Spanish, although I am not that great in French and Spanish. Writers I am concidering right now are Henry James, William Faulkner, Wilhelm Raabe, Stefan George, Paul Celan, Georges Perec, Borges. But as I said I want to delve deeper into research before deciding what or whom to write about. I also have a BA in philosophy and love reading literary theory so I can also see myself going that route. Always grateful for any suggestions about authors or topics you (or anybody else here) think could be fruitful.

>> No.12828647
File: 65 KB, 350x483, 350px-Uni-manchester.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thoughts on the university of manchester?

>> No.12828741

We should really have an academia general thread. I think we could get some good and helpful debates going there

>> No.12829728

>social science is a garbage pseudo science meme
>anons life hangs on IQ

This always makes me laugh especially on /sci/ where IQ neuroticism is stronger. How do anons reconcile this?

>> No.12830967

Materialism and empirocriticism

>> No.12830999

19 years old, currently still in secondary school. Looking to study Law & Politics at Trinity College Dublin. Currently reading Fathers and Sons by Turgenev.

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