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Who are the 5 greatest English language prose stylists of the 20th century?

I need to answer this for my homework and if I get it wrong I'll fail my class.

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Mark Twain, Thomas Pynchon, and Ernest Hemingway. I don’t know that seems subjective. Just write anything but Dr Seuss or GRR Martin and you’ll be fine.

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Objectively correct answer, in order:

1. Virginia Woolf
2. Ford Maddox Ford
3. James Joyce
4. Brian O'Nolan
5. Henry James (his late, and best, work is 20th century)

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Evelyn Waugh is one of them

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This is not the homework board
Here is where you ask >>>/hm/

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What if his teacher only accepts Flann O'Brien?

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I'm glad someone around here knows who I'm referencing.

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