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Is it worth reading?

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I find it hard to believe that Peake started writing it before his dementia settled in. How did he think he could keep the series going without the characters of the first two books?

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is there any point to gormenghast other than the excellent prose?
nothing really happens at all. just little vignettes of this weird place.

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maybe try again when you're older
i don't mean that as an insult. some things just require certain life experiences, or just the passage of time, to appreciate.

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when i get older will i read more things just for the prose?

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If you're lucky, yes.

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no, you will notice things you couldn't before and understand, maybe, that a great deal is going on in those passages where 'nothing is happening.'

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maybe i'll try it again some time. i'm re-reading Spot the Dog atm. riveting

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this glibness is just further evidence that you lack the necessary maturity for the subtler facets of art.

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tosh. it's the perfect pairing with Rachmaninov's 3rd Piano Concerto
good day sir

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or you could exile yourself before you even attain citizenship
up to you man

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at least the title makes a beautiful anagram
>o little anus

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Or the setting. The descriptions of that gargantuan castle that no one living there really seems to have a good grasp of are half the pleasure of reading (the first two books of) Gormenghast.

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There is only one L.

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So is it worth reading or not?

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i think that it is required reading for the series. each of the books represents a different aspect of of an allegory. i haven't read it, but i think that Boy In Darkness would also be a good thing to read.

that's part of the point of this book, in my opinion, it's even in the title.

the entire thing is an allegory, in my opinion

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>>>12768342 (OP)
>i think that it is required reading for the series. each of the books represents a different aspect of of an allegory. i haven't read all of it, but i think that Boy In Darkness is really good conceptually.

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yes, i really think that you should read it. i think it will shed new light upon the first two books.

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i think so

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get older

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I liked it, but then I was in my young teens when I read it. Ending hit me like a ton of especially emotional bricks and I read it so many times I can still remember some of the wording exactly (afaik)

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Nothing happens? Are you mad?
>swelter and flay
There's a sizeable helping of plot in those books

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Gormenghast and Titus Groans are good, skip Titus Alone. His editor butchered it. I doubt the fourth book in the series his wife edited is really worth it either.

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you'll likely miss the point of the entire series if you skip Titus Alone

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read Titus Alone and Boy In Darkness

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