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is one in which self-awareness is the core component, and every work or art should invoke Poe's law.
It should be impossible for the majority of people reading your shitpost to be able to tell whether it's real or parody. Are they trolling? Are they being serious? Nobody should be able to guess with any accuracy.

This is the true pinnacle of trolling. There is no higher art.
Everybody says they're operating on 12 layers of irony but I'm only counting 3 at most from you slackjawed fags. It's disheartening.

tell me what's wrong with what I've posted here. and if you can't do that,
recommend me some good anime

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"tell me what's wrong with what I've posted here"
i shouldn't have said this.
just post anything im lonely
or recommend me some top tier poes law stuff my dudes i need inspo

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or convey to me a more intellectual vocabulary to express what I've said here in non-plebian terms, so that I too, may have a seat at the table de pseuds.

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