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Emphasis on short form, with rhyme and metre. Limericks. Even doggerel, if you like.

I've been writing haikus recently:
>Dr. Johnson glares
>up from where I tossed his book
>"Diligence, my boy!"

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A friend's sister wore her ball gown:
>"Ah, the red rose dress
>has been to the ball before
>and welcome, madam."

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op big gay
he likes to do
gay shit all time

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>based /lit/ shitposter
>gets his syllable count wrong
>but make no mistake

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Accompany with the notes on the ukelele tuned gCAE.

(C)To those (E)shores, of un(A)dying (G)lands
(C)Wise by (A)trouble, and (E)soiled (G)hands
(E)Not less I (C)carried / (E)Not less than (G)now
(C)To those (E)shores, of un(A)dying (G)lands
(C)Wise by (A)trouble, I (E)rest my (C)hands

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I imediately unsubscribe to reading posts that misspell ukulele and instead spell it ukelele like those femmy yaoi bois.

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That chord progression makes no sense wtf

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Not chords, notes. Learn to read.

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>accompanied by nothing but open strings on the easiest instrument of all time
Why have you done this

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'Til all creation in our hands we hold,
my whole life will never be fulfilled--
'Til I have a year or more to spend,
in every single country in the world.

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I was deliberately emulating the way the ancient Homeric epics were supposed to be accompanied

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