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Anyone else reading the document right now?

What a turbo-autist.

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>turning point usa anything

no thanks

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I wish I could get BLACKED by her

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he's pretty based desu

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What doc?

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Already read it. The Candace reference was definitely a joke, given that he jokes about Spyro and Fortnite in the next line.

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what's up doc?

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Cringe and /pol/tiered

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Exactly. It's nothing but memes and shitposting.

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Wish I knew wtf this document was

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zoomer gang lock in

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Seems like the manifesto of the latest spree shooter. Some guy out in Christchurch killed some muslims.

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i coulda get all th e sponsorship off my novel if i jus tkilled a coupa crackas

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>the fucking navy seal pasta

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Best NZ bantz I've ever seen.

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Genuinely kind of shaken up by this shooting to tell you the truth. None of the other ones really registered for me at all. Lots of reasons. The way you can actually watch it happen recorded with a go pro, the way I don't even really disagree with anything in the manifesto, the way I think as far as manifestos of shooters go, I think its put together fairly well, the fact that I just started a novella called The Myth of the 21st century a few days ago. The fact that back in 2016 I was psychiatrically hospitalized for two months when there was a hint of racial tension brewing in my city and I started believing I was on a divine mission to prevent the coming race war. I feel connected in some way to this one.

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>the fact that back in 2016 I was psychiatrically hospitalized for two months when there was a hint of racial tension brewing in my city and I started believing I was on a divine mission to prevent the coming race war
hahaha this is not normal or healthy. What was the gameplan though? How were you going to prevent the race war?

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The great replacement shit is such a fucking meme, he couldn't even make it palatable like fucking Raspail. This shit is so sad

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>The fact that back in 2016 I was psychiatrically hospitalized for two months when there was a hint of racial tension brewing in my city and I started believing I was on a divine mission to prevent the coming race war
based. this should be a novel

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By imitating St. Francis of Asisi.

oh yeah bud. this film brings me back to 2016

The other interesting thing is I had published my first novella Serotonin Deficiency a week before. Theres a line towards the end "I'm terrified of spending my life in a psychiatric hospital." A week later I was in one. thought I caused it to happen by writing the book actually in kind of a Philip K Dick way. Started reading the Exegesis when I got out.

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(Guess what my second Novella The Schizoanalyst is about)

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Why jehovah my god give me schizophrenical tendencies, i really do not want to pick at your writing and let it get to me

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thanks anon

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Dumping some of my work from that period. (1/3) Combined Deleuze/Nietzsche/Carl Schmitt/Girard Started believing my community triggered scapegoat mechanism on me, giving me the executive power to declare a state of emergency making me the Fohrer of a thousand year Christian Danish Reich. Also very big into Kierkegaard.

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basic bitch right accelerationism, some interesting hegelian influence but nothing explicit
fuckin aussie cunt

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(3/3) combining set theory, linguistics, and the trinity to scholastically prove Jesus’s words.

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Oh, WOW, it's like a /pol/ meme come to life.

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Based psychopathic /poltard

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Unfortunately as I became more and more manic, my work deteriorated to the point of Nietzsches “Dionysius letters”

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Started issuing Currency too after declaring myself King Ludwig the Mad. (Because I realized executive power to declare state of emergency is just absolute monarchy reformulated and I thought I could boost property values by bestowing noble titles to everyone in my town)

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last post
was supposed to go to>>12765213

sorry for uploading every photo rotated at an inconvenient angle.

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>wants to kill invaders and people to go back to their homeland
>white Australian in NZ
I feel like as an Irish person I should apologise to the Aborigines for the British sending them all our retards with criminal tendencies to breed with other criminal retards. Thank god they can only deport the criminal retards with Irish passports back here or we'd be fucked worse than nuclear winter.

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>I was on a divine mission to prevent the coming race war

that wasn't god talking to you, that was the devil

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wasn't really like anyone was talking to me or I was commanded to do anything. I'll give you a short explanation.

>Publish edgy semi-autobiographical novella.
>Feels like everyone is mad at me because readers I know in person see characters as reflections of themselves.
>Tension in city is high because of proposed meat packing plant that will bring lots of minorities.
>Councilman kills himself because of the stress.
>Immediately feel like I have somehow inherited his leadership position
>Extreme paranoia for first time in life
>Flee town because family "is trying to murder me" because of what I wrote
>Have vision of beloved hometown on fire
>Come back home after 16 hours no sleep driving wildly around state
>Mom on 911 phone call "How do I get someone help who needs it?"
>Ride bike off into woods for a few hours
>Hear "gunshots"
>Emerge wet, dirty, from drinking straight from river
>See people with dead lifeless eyes. about to get violent
>Girl runs past me on trail straight into them
>Think they murdered her
>Cross another guy warn him of the murder that "happened" tell him to go away
>Gunshots were race war. I have to stop it to keep the vision from coming true.
>Start walking home
>Policeman stops me and tackles me and puts me in handcuffs and takes me to psychiatric hospital immediately
>They keep me there for two months and daily haldol injections
>The next two years are terrible

Yeah yeah yeah. Im fucking nuts. And a menance. people on this board have said it to me many times.

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Elliot was a much better writer. Proof again Australia is the least /lit/ country.

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Australians are the worst immigrants.

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How the fuck does this happen to a person

This is like the epitome of zoomer bitter/sadistic/depression humour

Genuinely amazed at the existence of this person

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Is this the start of radical zoomerism?

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The internet has driven us all mad, hasn't it? This fucker isn't so different from those of us on 4chan, or even the average person on Twitter. We live a world that's gone insane.

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>when you overdose on memes

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Bogans, anon. It's what happens when you think naming your kid Brenton is a good idea because you're beer drunk at the registry in 40C weather

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>Proof again Australia is the least /lit/ country
low iq.. detected

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>reddit spacing

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this isn't your blog, retard

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Why didn't he an hero?

He said he was going to Valhalla after all

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yeah its just a place where I can post anonymously about whatever I feel like and even share my genuine emotions from time to time so people like you can read them or skip over them if you like

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Or you can shut the fuck up.

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Or I can bump the thread :^)

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Could I get a tl;dr?

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This. I mean just look at this shit, it's 74 pages of stale memes and larping. Uncle Ted actually knew what he was talking about and Elliot was interesting to read from a psychological perspective. This is barely worth a skim.

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>he was an eco-fascist
So when are you queers gonna take my advice and take the Linkola pill?

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It's 74 pages of PLS @ ME. Actually even that would be better writing.

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damn... you are one gay fruit, pal

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>Is this attack Islamophobic?
>N-no i-it's only because they have high birfrates!

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People don't aspire to become mass shooters

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>Linkola is now on par with Foster's beer and spray tanning the child you called Pryncess
huh turns out you can go lower than being recommended by 4chan

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Anders Breivik
>cold, emotionless, disciplined

Brenton Tarrant
>memes, bants, shitposting

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/pol/ memes

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Is this definitive proof that /pol/ rots your brain?

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You are the epitome of masculinity and heterosexuality. I coquettishly submit to your radiating power as I come to terms with being an utterly failed and weak man for feeling compassion.

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You can actually post the whole thing as green text, is just a massive shitpost. I still can't believe it someone could be so retarded.

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Based on his writings, he's not retarded, but that's not enough to protect someone from bad memes.

This statement is wrong on some levels. But it's also correct on other levels, which are also the levels of current mainstream political discourse.
So in a way he was operating within the established narratives.

I feel if we want to go on without these events, we need to elevate the debate. But that would entail admitting some harsh truths as well, so I'm not sure it will happen.

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>Brenton Tarrant
Jesus fuck, he's a literal 30 y.o. boomer. This shit is just shameful.

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>if we want to go on without these events
Mass shootings are extremely rare.

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Chad Tarrant vs Beta Brev memes when lads?

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I know you may have heard this many times with a lot of malice strung behind it, but you would really benefit from talking to a therapist about this. If you're worried about them snitching on you and sending you to a nuthouse, that really only happens if you're an immediate danger to someone, including yourself.
Something else I want to point out is that despite receiving visions of a race war, you choose to try and warn people rather than escalate to violence in response to it. That by itself should already clearly draw a line between you and the shooter. You choose the path of the savior, where he chose the path of the uprooter. So know you still have your humanity, even if you are a little crazy.

>Councilman kills himself because of the stress.
>Extreme paranoia for first time in life
>Come back home after 16 hours no sleep driving wildly around state

That was just a recipe for disaster either way.

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I think he failed to take into account any Bogan Uprising is doomed to failure because they'd just wind up drunkenly fighting each other and telling their kids to go glass that cunt fuckers slut whore wife youfuckingheardmecunt

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Holy shit you were handing those out haha

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It's not "bitter/sadistic/depression humour", it's humour. You might just be sheltered.

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This is a consequence of American cultural hegemony.

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I appreciate your response. I have journals full of stuff like "WORLD PEACE IS THE KKK AND BLACK PANTHERS MILITARIZED AND NEGOTIATING TRADE DEALS" from back then. and facebook posts too unfortunately

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Yo does anyone have the Livestream

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I'm for the cause but disagree with his methods

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This is your brain on meme ideology

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there's also link to the original thread and manifesto

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holy shit dude

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>I want to ship the Australians back
Please don't we got rid of them for a reason

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>The tippex on the guns like 90s kids used do to their schoolbags
I lost before he even got to pewdiepie

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It's called wite-out you fucking E*ropean

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Valhalla is for when you die a warrior's death in battle, not topping yourself.

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Jesus Christ that was intense

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Valhalla's only one of the places you can go. The other is Hell, which isn't a feasting hall, but a meadow filled with maidens. It's a toss up where noble warriors who die in battle wind up going, but both are pretty great. Course, since this guy is Australian and not any of the bloodlines for warriors that qualify, he probably goes to some second rate protestant afterlife when he does die.

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Can you imagine being a normie and reading the manifesto? Most of it would be literally incomprehensible to you.


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I was in the library of a major Australian city today, sitting at a desk by a large window facing out onto a square. I wrote a short story about if three men walked into the square and started shooting it up, and how it would be the first massacre since Port Arthur in 96. It was very meta, because in the story I’m mention how I’m sitting there writing a story about a massacre in the square in front of me when the shooters arrived, and I watched it all play out. Anyway, I thought it was some good writing, and then when I finished I looked at my phone and had a message from Mum asking if I’d had my hair cut and had I heard about the shooting in NZ.

I’m not entirely sure how to feel. It was so strange.

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While I definitely agree that it's important to have these debates, what exactly you could talk about proves to be the most difficult part. You can surely approach it from an economic perspective and talk about employment or job security, but that would only be applicable with a rational group in the first place. There are tragic scenarios where people who lose their livelihoods and feel like they've lost everything that can be avoided with such a talk, but I don't believe it would have stopped this man no matter how well the economy turned out.
A very annoying problem is the fact that people like the shooter just do not have enough meaningful relationships with other people from their perceived outside groups to develop properly. When you see an incel that hates women on the internet, how many meaningful relationships do you think they have with any women? Compare that to a well-adjusted person and think of how many meaningful relationships he has with the opposite sex. You can do the same for other scenarios, especially this one, where it's obvious this person had zero meaningful relationships with people from the group he hurt. There's a very clear correlation you can see with the amount of meaningful relationships people have from other groups and how they act around them.
But even if you hear well-meaning people say you have to counter racism with love, or something corny along those lines, it's not that easy. The ones who are shut off from the outside world can't just suddenly establish these relationships in thin air. Just read the shooter describe himself in his manifesto: barely achieved a passing grade in school, did not attend university, only worked for a short time, and literally called himself a part time kebab removalist. How is he supposed to build meaningful relationships with other people living like this. That's what I believe to be the biggest problem. Any solution I can think of seems to be incredibly unrealistic, from rounding up socially inept people to work to the government creating a mandatory girlfriend program. Is there really any realistic way to deal with this problem?

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I heard he's had his penis in over 9000 children

>> No.12765694

A very important part of maturing as a person is recognizing what parts of your past was shameful, and being determined to change that. You're no longer writing schizophrenic scribbles in a wide-ruled journal meant for children but instead are working on your novella that hopefully isn't 100% stream of consciousness regurgitation. As long as the idea of going on a rampage just because your novella doesn't get published or a cute gas attendant rejecting you sound ridiculous to you, I'm sure you'll be able to live a respectable life not posting memes and murdering unarmed children.

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What the fuck are you talking about?
He snapped because of mass immigration and the loss of identity.

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I’d be very interested in reading yours. For me thinking about synchronicity is kind of dangerous, but I do believe there is more to it than just coincidence.

>no longer scribbling in journals for children

It’s supposed to be an exploration of whether or not Nazi ideology is appealing if it’s not explicitly “Nazi”. Title is clear reference to myth of 20th century. It’s the part about all of the vermin being gone that leaves a bad taste in my mouth right now. (But the vermin are just an economic class though that’s not apparent on the first page)

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>The ones who are shut off from the outside world can't just suddenly establish these relationships in thin air. Just read the shooter describe himself in his manifesto: barely achieved a passing grade in school, did not attend university, only worked for a short time, and literally called himself a part time kebab removalist. How is he supposed to build meaningful relationships with other people living like this.
If you take out the kebab part you're right. The thing is, the kebab part is how he planned to form relationships. He's hoping to join a fandom which will accept him. His manifesto is PLEASe FrIEND ME /Pol/ PULEEZE I HABE ALL YOUR ALBUMS RECOGNIZE I AM ONE OF YOU AMD I HAVE A GROUP

It's a loser fat girl who makes sure to wear pink every Friday fifteen tables away from where the Pretty Mean Girls eat lunch in pink on a Friday, in the hopes people make the assumption she's in with a chance while eating her bag lunch alone. It's already too late for her to break the sixteen years of her parents not noticing she really wasn't "good enough" but constantly falling behind and getting less ok by the second.

Look at every group he tried to fit into politically before. He was waiting for the popular faction of any of them to notice he'd bought the t-shirt too because that's as much as he can work out of social groupings because he's only ever seen them from the surface. This one just said nice shirt and he went with it like that kid in South Park who finally had one (1) Facebook friend.

Not that anon btw

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It was too strange of timing. That I was sitting there looking out a window at a square and writing about such an idea whilst at the very same time our neighbor country was having one of the worst massacres we’ve ever had between the two of us. It’s just so strange.

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i dont wanna read this shit just give me the skinny

>> No.12765748

>choose 400 pasta posts off /pol/ or /b/
>TAHDAH manifesto

>> No.12765751

Go check out pol, this guy isn't special

>> No.12765763

You're correct, but the fact that he would snap and come to such a destructive conclusion is clear that he wasn't a person with enough proper support groups in his life to help him avoid this outcome. Just read what he's writing in that screenshot, that is not how normal people think. Even if you were to suddenly ban immigration in all countries, someone as unhinged as him would still be a problem eventually for a competently different reason. The solution I was trying to figure out is how do you stop people like the shooter and others like him from being like this in the first place realistically.
Even if he's still forming relationships with other people, it's not with anyone who can have a positive impact on his life. Though your loser fat girl analogy is interesting because I imagine teachers are dealing with the same problem in schools. How do you turn this loser fat girl into a more socially adjusted person from the position of a teacher? Encourage other kids to be friends with her? What if she skips out on school and stays home all day? It just seems too difficult to realistically help these people. Even if we destigmatize mental health it's not like all of them will suddenly go seek help. The shooter's manifesto doesn't feature any mention of his mental health of the word crazy. He truly believed this was an acceptable outcome.

>> No.12765766

Take care. I gotta sleep now. 4:00 AM US Central and I've been monitoring this thread since the beginning. Going to be a very interesting couple of days Im sure.

>> No.12765773

>Even if you were to suddenly ban immigration in all countries, someone as unhinged as him would still be a problem eventually for a competently different reason.
Sure, crazy people will always exist, but we're talking about this guy and his ideas.
Also, ethnically homogeneous societies with strong identities don't have nearly as many shootings or other problems with racism.

>> No.12765781


It's seriously what happens when you get too inducted into the cult of /pol/. It's wht people become angry assholes when they watch Fox News (not saying any other MSM is better, mind you, they're all capitalist propaganda). It's isolation plus emotional baiting.

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lol looks like he was a Christian still butthurt about Constantinople. yikes

I hate the Islamic invasion as much as any pagan but damn, is shooting up a couple dozen npcs in a mosque and then getting caught right after going to accomplish anything for the defense of your homeland? Nah.. just looks goofy when you get put on trial for slaughtering unarmed people caught unaware. If you could do it and get away with it, remaining anon- well, that might maybe be effective in frightening some small pocket of invaders away from occupying one small area at least as predominately, perhaps. At least one wouldn't present as an obvious loony walking around shooting up randoms. That shit is cringy af

>> No.12765787

>Even if he's still forming relationships with other people, it's not with anyone who can have a positive impact on his life
He's not forming relationships any more than Kip Drordy is
He just thinks because /pol/ responds to pasta, they were responding to him when he posted pasta.>>12765763
>How do you turn this loser fat girl into a more socially adjusted person from the position of a teacher?
You pull her parents in when she's five and not got friends either. That's only a few years too late for them to notice the problem. At his age, it's too fucking late for basic social meaning.

It's a bit like that girl who was kept in a room strapped to a potty chair without humans talking to her in darkness for six years. When social services got to her, it was too late to teach her to understand grammar ever. Social grammar is the same. By your teenage years you should be able to tell that "nice shirt" is probably not someone liking your shirt.

He only understood that people dying from violence was sad when it was a deaf little girl AS AN ADULT. That's as far as he got in social grammar. You can ask most five year olds if people dying is sad and they know it's sad, and most of them know dying from violence is very sad and ask why nobody stopped them and told them hitting people is wrong. The guy is only just getting that once he's on a gap year in Europe as a full grown adult.

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>writing a manifesto with an FAQ
he should hang

>> No.12765813

>At his age, it's too fucking late for basic social meaning.
So should we just bite the bullet and let our current group of social rejects shoot up public places while we try our best to train future generations to not be like them? I don't want this to come across as some sort of attack on your idea, because I also think that might be our only realistic solution. I don't think it's too late for them to specifically be able to form new relationships, the problem is that many of them will never let themselves be found for one reason or another. There's plenty of people who say they would be a shooter if it weren't for some lucky encounters with other people that cared about them. We can only hope that just becomes a lot more common in the future for these people.

>> No.12765822

He’s right you know.

>> No.12765824

>"it's the birthrates"
>dies childless

>> No.12765827

All Anglo lands should be one, you dirty mick. The only real borders are ethnic ones.

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No, you just lack empathy so you can't understand him or them. It just gets filtered into 'insane' for you.

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It is insane. You legitimately sound like the next retarded shooter.

>> No.12765856

Obviously I don't agree with his actions nor views. I'm just saying, if you can't understand the views and perspective of someone that clearly isn't mentally incoherent, i.e. insane, then you lack empathy or are refusing to engage altogether, and therefore just an thoughtless product of controlled input with nothing to say. He didn't come to such a disgusting decision due to memes or an echochamber, no, by following news and looking at the world, and pondering it.

>> No.12765858

Yep, this guy is legit funny and even kinda smart (or at least not dumb).

I agree that it is insane, I don't condone this shooting at all. But that poster is also correct when he says that you lack empathy and can't understand the shooter. You're looking at him from a mainstream narrative.
I don't blame you for it, though. Not much will change in the short term, so you can go on feeling morally superior to racists.

>> No.12765859

Imagine the influx of normies we will get now, fuck

>> No.12765862

Keep in mind the girl without language had to be locked in a room. These shooters are the tip of an iceberg of many people who can't work out how or even why to form social bonds with those in proximity to you.

For you to miss out on social grammar, short of being locked in a room, society has to not integrate you for years and prefer to look elsewhere than deal with why you are alone. It's not just the mass shooters who are suffering from that problem. For him to not be noticed as bad at social grammar, people who come in contact with him have to be bad at social grammar to the point they don't notice he has a hard time with
>is a kid dying sad?
Most people who might notice and then proceed to not care are also bad at understanding society. They probably know
>Don't hit people, hitting people makes them sad
But that means they've achieved a milestone of five to six years old not adulthood.

>Why don't I have more friends?
>Is this guy trying to rape me by walking on the same path as me?
>Will people like me if I lift more to look like X person who is liked?
>Why do people like what I don't like?
are all questions of social grammar that perplex people in adulthood to the point of obsession but don't necessarily result in shootings, meaning a lot of them are not that much more mature than he is, though now they express it is different.

The people who immediately want it to be some big
>Gun safety
>Mental health
>Political reason #2324
>Magic make it feel better kisses
solutions to the problem are probably also socially immature, not connected, with a weak sense of their own personal identity and get some sense of identity by picking one of those "solutions" the same way shooters come to their "solution". It's because it's the same way that they also pick solutions to the other questions that emotionally and socially perplex them. (metoo, depression, steroids, banning things I don't like, all don't actually solve those social complexities for anyone personally but apply cosmetic solutions to emotional social problems they can't analyse or comprehend at an adult level)

>> No.12765864

>Not much will change in the short term, so you can go on feeling morally superior to racists.
What kind of effects do you think this will have in the long term?

>> No.12765867

>all the ironic humor too
He's not childless. He might get conjugal visits in jail.

>> No.12765880

If by "this" you mean the shooting, well, there's always a chance that some people (normies) will be actually curious, read his manifesto and start contemplating on what he wrote, which could trigger who knows what.
(He didn't write anything new, really, but he did make the news.)

If by "this" you mean continued immigration and anti-nationalistic ideologies, then I believe we'll see more conflicts.

>> No.12765889
File: 387 KB, 718x547, yikess.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Greeks literally were given Istanbul and western Anatolia after ww1 but lost a war against the turks even though they were supported by the entente

>> No.12765893

Why do people get hysterical when 49 people die in a shooting? I bet more people die in that city of cancer in a month, every month!

>> No.12765894


>> No.12765898

Does he explicitly mention 4chan in it? We arr so fucked

>> No.12765899

Why do you get upset when someone smashes all your possessions and games when there is millions of times more stuff smashed up in garbage trucks near you every week? Gawd.

>> No.12765900
File: 338 KB, 1805x523, ultimate shitpost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where do you think he posted it.

>> No.12765901

You're probably jesting, but this is literally the neo-liberal worldview. As long as it doesn't affect the current economic system (it doesn't, at least not yet) it's not relevant.
Sure, there will be news talking about this for weeks maybe, politicians talking and virtue signaling, but the system will keep on going the same way it did.

>> No.12765903

1.In general
Who are you?
Just a ordinary White man,28 years old. Born in Australia to a working
class,low income family. My parents are of Scottish,Irish and English stock. I had a regular childhood, without any great issues. I had little interest in education during my schooling, barely achieving a
passing grade. I did not attend University as I had no great interest in anything offered in
the Universities to study. I worked for a short time before making some money investing in
Bitconnect, then used the money from the investment to travel. More recently I have been working part time as a kebab removalist. I am just a regular White man, from a regular family. Who decided to take a stand to ensure a future for

>> No.12765910

what board is that?

>> No.12765911


>> No.12765915


>> No.12765919

Im not jesting, in my country 3000 people die every year from car accidents, yet a single plane crashes in fucking ethiopia and everyone goes crazy. I just hate how irrationally we work

>> No.12765921

He posted that on 8 ch /pol/ not here. msm won't be able to tell the difference though.
Link: https://archive.is/EaMmf

>> No.12765965
File: 158 KB, 1106x1536, P79372_10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mass media has done more to further the loss of identity than mass migration. It is instructive to observe how shooter manifestos, probably the defining literary genre of the age of 24/7 news, have evolved over time. 2007 virginia tech, the incoherent rants of a loner, 2011 Breivik's huge and completely self serious dumpfile of anti eurabia blog clippings, Elliot Rodger's My Twisted World. Shooters have become increasingly literate in the discourse of internet subcultures, conscious of working within a tradition composed of previous shooters. People claiming Sam Hyde is the shooter. Now we got a manifesto completely made up of ironic /pol/ memes. People saturated by high speed infosignals, detached from any community, isolated in insufferable proximity to everyone else, decide to go out on a TV clout death-orgasm and take out a few ''NPC'' while they are at it.


Remember Randy Stair? the transgender cartoon aficionado whose manifesto doubles as a fully animated danny phantom OC?


>> No.12765967

There is something frightening about the combination of self-aware irony and literally murdering a whole bunch of people. Most terrorists at least have the decency to take their murdering seriously.

>> No.12765968

because people get numb to things that happen constantly, e.g. mass shootings, car accidents
sensory fatigue

>> No.12765975
File: 215 KB, 629x352, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 12.00.24 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12765978

Welcome to new sincerity

>> No.12765985

>Mass media has done more to further the loss of identity than mass migration.
It's a complex phenomenon...
But it seems when talking about shooters you're ignoring the Muslims. The Muslim shootings/killings, at least in the West, are mostly due to a loss of identity as a result of mass migration.

>> No.12765986

Because there have been 2 crashes, and it only takes fifteen more of those to exceed your country's yearly road death toll, and if the flaw is across every model then the death toll would be about 23,000 or more than seven times your country's annual road deaths, potentially within months. And that's low balling it because I didn't count the newer max9s in that. If your country had eight bus loads of people die within two months, and then less frequent car accidents for the rest of the year to make up the total, people would probably be suspicious of buses. Or at least the insurance money for running a bus would be hiked for years to come even if people didn't care.

>> No.12765987

I feel genuinely sorry for kiwis, they will get their gun ownership rights trampled now, they are the true victims of this fucking australian shitposter

>> No.12765995

Its just old fascist tendencies hiding behind 10 layers of irony as a form of self preservation. Just look at people like Milo etc.

>> No.12765999

>It's because they didn't have enough apple pie to know they were individuals
It's not because of mass migration. Identity is often stronger in all ethnic groups during mass migration. If anything, there isn't enough migration for these shooters to form such an identity which is why they need to pretend they are beset by it to form any identity. If their community and identity were being put in peril by migration they would have lots of tight knit friends and family groups and no time to be on the internet. They don't, because their community identity is not under threat so nobody feels the need to band around them.

>> No.12766000

He is fucking retarded, NZ is one of the hardest countries to emigrate to, and he was a fucking inmigrant himself.

>> No.12766009


He came to the decision by being a retard in an echochamber that manufactures outrage and other emotional responces. He did it because he's a reactionary moron. I could empathise with his situation if he shot up people that actually did anything wrong. Capitalists, celebrities, etc. People that actually affect or broadcast propaganda to others that are detrimental to them. Something like that, yeah. Shooting immigrants as an immigrant? Fucking retarded even as meta irony.

>> No.12766016


Two crashes due to Boeing withholding features as video game DLC basically. Ridiculous.

>> No.12766018

...actually, though, maybe I'm drawing too sharp a distinction here. From what I've seen at least some of the Muslim terrorists in the west tend to be people who don't have much going on in their lives, so maybe they're not actually super serious about it either. Though I do have a hard time picturing them spouting quite as many memes.

>> No.12766020

What he did was make a statement basically, a literal shitpost, dont know what effect it will have besides getting guns banned in nz

>> No.12766022

>Identity is often stronger in all ethnic groups during mass migration.
Identity seeking is stronger. The actual collective identity of a country is weaker.

>If anything, there isn't enough migration for these shooters to form such an identity which is why they need to pretend they are beset by it
People's feelings are real.
And if they feel their identity is threatened and they are being replaced (which is true in a way) they rebel against it.

Sounds like you didn't read his manifesto. He had his reasons, even if I don't like them.

>> No.12766034

This often bugs me about terrorism- the mismatch between aims and actions.

ISIS had an absolutely dumb and unobtainable goal, which isn't a great start. But even then if you're generous on that front...
1. blow some civilians up
2. ????
3. World Caliphate!

With these guys, it's the opposite in some ways. Restricting non-white immigration to western countries hardly seems unachievable- it's happened in the past, and immigration restrictions are clearly coming back on the political agenda in a major way even if they're not as openly racist as these guys would like. But you hit the same craziness.

1. shoot some Muslims
2. ???
3. A pure white ethnostate!

>> No.12766055
File: 116 KB, 284x355, Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 11.27.02 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most jihadists in the west are deracinated second or third generation immigrants, some of them not even of a muslim ethnic background. ie. People looking for identity. You can't escape the dynamics of mutual escalation. Terrorism has always been liked this, a militant minority using violence to polarise and manipulate an indifferent majority, see the algerian war with the FLN and the OAS. The difference is people are getting increasingly numb to this, they can't express genuine grief, only spew more prefabricated schismogenetic memes. After 9/11 the dialectic of security has achieved full dominance over everything replacing any notion of political virtue. ''Radical islam'', an assertion of theological truth, threatens a liberal West founded on a disavowal of even the possibility of truth. The liberal left operates within the framework of post 9/11 security discourse as much as the right does, extending this framework to all levels of personal interaction. Identity is created through violence and escalating tribal grudges.

>> No.12766057

I think their goal is to heighten the unreconciled dialectical tensions between the two civilizations to force a real confrontation. White nationalists are afraid that Muslims simply living among whites at be like boiling the frog, a "low simmer" that gradually replaces (or has already mostly replaced) native white populations, let alone native whites with strong self-consciousness. Likewise the radical Muslim types are afraid that continued Americanization and American military dominance over their homelands will further erode their will to fight or even their ability to recognize the problem as a problem.

By pissing off the enemy and forcing him to retaliate, you bring the conflict that you see but think others don't see out into the open, so that everyone can see it. That prevents your fight from being lost due to general apathy.

>> No.12766063

The "2" in both of those scenarios would be "create a climate in which the 3rd goal is achievable." The shooter clearly outlines that he wants to increase racial tensions through his actions, and its well known that ISIS wants to make it so its impossible for moderate muslims to exist and heighten the us vs them dynamic.

>> No.12766066

The collective identity of a country is meaningless to anyone with any community and familial identity. When countries are beset by such problems, community and familial identity becomes very close knit, both in the native and immigrant communities. I am not talking about feeling United with people living 300 miles down the road who happen to share a passport and skin colour with you, but your neighbours and friends and close relations. Those are the ones who show up to weekly meetings, who start picking your kids up after school, who keep an eye on your house, when mass migration happens, in either native or migrant communities. What the natives of migrants doing two counties over does not matter shit if your actual community is at threat. He would have lots of friends if there were an actual threat, people would have shown up to his house with meals and to talk about the problem they both saw on their doorstep and he'd definitely have a gf.
But since nobody would give him that he has to pretend he's under threat from migration to make friends on the internet. That doesn't happen when your community is under threat. Your community tells you to stop talking to outsiders and come patrol the streets or run the soup kitchen for that night and being focused on anything big and world wide is missing the immediate threat outside your door.
He wished he was beset by such problems because then he would have a community which wasn't just electronic. But his community was not being beset by anything so he tried to make it feel beset because he thought he deserved the closeness a siege brings from them.

>feels are real
Yeah and BPD chicks feel that you are trying to destroy their vegan identity and possibly rape them by pointing out the chicken sandwich they're eating has chicken in it. It doesn't mean their feelings are valid or to be encouraged, it means they're going to wind up alone and with a lot of cats or children by different men, neither of which they will be able to care for. Just because the word vegan comes out their mouth doesn't mean they have good health advice or can run a restaurant. Just like this guy thinking /pol/ memes are reality doesn't mean he wouldn't make everyone in a pub move away and side eye him as a sad lonely masturbator who mentions 4chan in public.

>> No.12766070

>natives of migrants
Natives OR migrants

>> No.12766073

but there is no conflict, nz is literally paradise on earth, and as an immigrant he should have seen that. What he did was just dumb and unjustified

>> No.12766077

But these actions just encourage sympathy for and solidarity with the group that was attacked- the reverse of escalating conflict.

I could see some kind of logic in it if Muslim terrorists justified themselves by talking about anti-Muslim terrorists. But I've never seen that- they always cite foreign policy. Nobody seems to say 'I bombed this train station because those guys shot up a mosque' (obviously, because that would sound stupid as hell).

Plus you can pursue an anti-Muslim political agenda pretty easily without murdering anyone, and it'll probably be a whole lot less counter-productive...

>> No.12766084

look at his manifesto, he was obviously a disenfranchised and alienated guy that read too much /pol/ and found in it a community to belong to.

>> No.12766121

>only the close local community is real, nothing else matters
Cringe and bluepilled.

>> No.12766138
File: 67 KB, 640x632, soyboy27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but there is no conflict, nz is literally paradise on earth

>you can, like, buy a nintendo switch every week, what more do you want

>> No.12766149

>I've never been near a riot
>I've never seen what happens in Millwall if they think you might fuck with anything in Millwall
>I've no community that would come out with bats and bull mastiffs for me
How's not knowing your neighbours and being a soft cunt?

>> No.12766161

I suppose I'm a hopeless old-school romantic for wanting terrorists to have plans that make a lick of sense...

>> No.12766167

You can keep repeating your stupid point, but it won't make it true.
Large collective identities matter. They literally made countries out of them and went to war and all that stuff.

>> No.12766188

Sure being British matters. That does not mean you count as British for having being born in Lewisham or as part of the community. You come over from Fulham and start shit, it won't matter if you're fucking royalty. We might fight the EU with you despite you supporting Arsenal, does not mean you should come to the pub in your jersey.

>> No.12766216

I think the form of stagnation that alt-right radicals fear the most is the everyday complacency that the average person seems to have in the face of degeneracy.

Again, the alt-right type sees a very real, world-historical battle against the ongoing "Chinesification" of the human being:
>For the position is this: in the dwarfing and levelling of the European man lurks our greatest peril, for it is this outlook which fatigues—we see to-day nothing which wishes to be greater, we surmise that the process is always still backwards, still backwards towards something more attenuated, more inoffensive, more cunning, more comfortable, more mediocre, more indifferent, more Chinese, more Christian...
> The earth has become small, and on it hops the last man, who makes everything small. His race is as ineradicable as the flea; the last man lives longest. 'We have invented happiness,'say the last men, and they blink. They have left the regions where it was hard to live, for one needs warmth. One still loves one's neighbor and rubs against him, for one needs warmth... 'We have invented happiness,' say the last men, and they blink."

The weird nature of this battle is that the chief weapon of degeneracy is the undermining of the human being's identification of degeneracy as the enemy. It wins by sapping the will to fight it from underneath. According to this logic, it's people in fattened, safe, materially contented nations who are actually the most in danger of losing the war and sliding into permanent spiritual degeneration.

Strauss talks about this as "German nihilism":
>That moral meaning of modem civilisation to which the German nihilists object, is expressed in formulations such as these: to relieve man's estate; or: to safeguard the rights of man; or: the greatest possible happiness of the greatest possible number. What is the motive underlying the protest against modem civilisation, against the spirit of the West, and in particular of the Anglo-Saxon West?

>> No.12766223

>The answer must be: it is a moral protest. That protest proceeds from the conviction that the internationalism inherent in modem civilisation, or, more precisely, that the establishment of a perfectly open society which is as it were the goal of modem civilisation, and therefore all aspirations directed toward that goal, are irreconcilable with the basic demands of moral life. That protest proceeds from the conviction that the root of all moral life is essentially and therefore eternally the closed society; from the conviction that the open society is bound to be, if not immoral, at least amoral: the meeting ground of seekers of pleasure, of gain, of irresponsible power, indeed of any kind of irresponsibility and lack of seriousness. Moral life, it is asserted, means serious life. Seriousness, and the ceremonial of seriousness the flag and the oath to the flag, are the distinctive features of the closed society, of the society which by its very nature, is constantly confronted with, and basically oriented toward, the Ernstfall, the serious moment, M-day, war. Only life in such a tense atmosphere, only a life which is based on constant awareness of the sacrifices* to which it owes its existence, and of the necessity, the duty of sacrifice of life and all worldly goods, is truly human: the sublime is unknown to the open society.

>> No.12766225

The fuck were muslims living in a place called

Have they no sense of irony?

Are there some good books about muslims getting their shit kicked in, unapologetically.

>> No.12766230

>Large collective identities matter. They literally made countries out of them and went to war and all that stuff.

Just because you can do it doesn't mean it is natural, inevitable or a good thing. Nationalism is already a product of mass industrial society and the loss of solidarity

>> No.12766232

this guy is eliot rodger 2 huh

>> No.12766235

The only thing he thought about while writing it was how epic his only friends on 8ch would think it was. Nice REFERENCE bro

>> No.12766236

This >>12766149 >>12766188 isn't me >>12766066 but I think you should know you're not going to convince a Millwall FC supporter that they are not the centre of white Britishness. That's like trying to convince the Nazi party that the Spanish are more Aryan. Please don't kill me, Millwall

>> No.12766241

Hadji Murat

>> No.12766243

the problem is unhinged capitalism, muslim immigration is just a symptom and so is white supremacy

>> No.12766249

>74 pages
wtf is this shit

>> No.12766252

Will this be the last straw? Will this shut down the hacker known as 4chan?

>> No.12766256

>Please don't kill me, Millwall
You're alright.

>> No.12766262
File: 1.99 MB, 272x281, 1535322689432.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's an ethnonationalist hoping for change in multiple countries. There's a reason that his 'justifications' are (among many things) the names of victims that died in different countries, they're part of the same race and face (as he sees it) a common enemy.

You ought to care about national identity (and arguably racial identity) to some extent or your family and your precious community will end up in the same situation as many others.It doesn't happen to you or in your community at present but demographics are shifting every year.

>> No.12766279

the internet caused this

>> No.12766292

can't you think for 5 minutes before using the death of people to spew empty commie propaganda?

>> No.12766299

On the contrary it's esthetic.
He largely did it for the lulz.

>> No.12766305

Good man

>> No.12766306

He said unhinged capitalism, not capitalism in general.
And he's right. Mass immigration is mostly driven by the ideology of economic growth.

>> No.12766312

>tfw didn't even know or care about immigration etc in 2016
>tfw have spent years posting on /pol/
>tfw all innocence lost

This news really frightened me.

>> No.12766315

I found this doc on Google one day, randomly, and the manifesto made me remember it

>> No.12766318

Why the hell did they name their mosque "Christchurch?" That has to be intended as an insult, right? If so fuck them.

>> No.12766321


>> No.12766325

i hope you are being ironic because thats the name of the city

>> No.12766335

It's definitely interesting. My assumption is that he knew he would struggle to carry his emotions and conviction from the internet into real life, and therefore blurred the boundaries between the two (or just turned IRL into a virtual space) by behaving and talking as though he were online. The memes all over his clothing and gear, the meme music blasting in his car, the dialogue consisting only of memes; he is essentially the embodiment, the manifestation, of far-right meme culture. He dehumanised himself by turning himself into a meme. People will accuse him of demanding admiration / attention, but unlike Elliott Rodger et al he makes little mention (afaik) to his personal life or image in his manifesto. It obviously takes a lot for a non-delusional (i.e. controlled by mental forces beyond one's ken) person to do something like this while remaining loyal to their conscience, so he over-rided his conscience by becoming a kind of avatar for the amorphous far-right Anonymous group-think.

>> No.12766347

/pol/ is a board of peace.

>> No.12766349

>The Irish and Scots and British need him to protect their identity from outside forces
>Because they really want Australia to be part of their family or community or think it would protect those things or their national identity
Do you have any sense of community or are you trying to sell a pipe dream you have to someone who has a real pipe?
You ought to care about your close community because nobody is coming from your capital city to tell them to stop hating you if they do. And nobody would listen to the guy from the capital if he did come out to say
>Stop bullying anon
Humans don't care about their whole race. They care about the bits they are actually close to who bring them food and company regularly, and a very small number of relatives. Or the people who fuck up their property values or local services. Beyond that, no, no fuck are given.

>> No.12766350

Woah. I'm genuinely moved by your post. That McLuhan video is eerily prescient.

>> No.12766357

i can quote several verses from /pol/ that expose it for the hateful board it is anon

>> No.12766360

officers, please arrest this man. he's spouting spergophobia

>> No.12766365

Non /pol/acks commit violence all the time and you're not worried about them so you're clearly only going after them because you're /pol/phobic.

>> No.12766371

Please do

>> No.12766427

lol stfu

>> No.12766431

>taking extra shots at already injured women, elderly
>listening to meme music while you carry out evil actions
>thinking murdering random innocents is going to help your cause in any way
>being narcissistic enough to actually carry out one of these things
Shiggy diggy. This boy is going to be raped in prison, none of his predictions of the consequences of his actions will come through, and the moral consequences of a travesty like this are incredible. If he ever gained any self awareness he would be signing on for living hell until his execution.

>> No.12766432

>Humans don't care about their whole race.
But they do, ingroup loyalties are inherent. Only in our western countries do we deny them. We might have different views on race, and thus ingroup but if I see a man like myself from another country brutally murdered by a group of men of another distinct kind the people of that similar kind in proximity to me might not be responsible but I can't deny that natural 'us and them' mentality.

It doesn't really matter to me that this man, being very much like me and people around me, holds another "passport".

>> No.12766445

manifesto is pretty kino tbqh

>> No.12766448

The guy was a classic cripplechan poster. I stopped posting over there years ago due to the high level of dumbassery and extremism. It was even worse than 4/pol/. You couldn't disagree with anyone without being piled on by fucking retards that believed you were a shill, and if you argued with several people you'd get banned by the hotpockets (usually imkampfy or therealmoonman). The /pol/ mods there had a big role to play in creating the culture that gave rise to this dipshit that shot these people.

>> No.12766452

>Humans don't care about their whole race. They care about the bits they are actually close to who bring them food and company regularly, and a very small number of relatives. Or the people who fuck up their property values or local services. Beyond that, no, no fuck are given.
If none cared then shootings like this wouldn't be such a big spectacle.

>> No.12766457

Your average 4channer

>> No.12766472

The reason I have no sympathy is demonstrated by the media reaction to the shooting. They're looking for any reason to blame Trump and they're going to try and use it to censor everything right wing. It is us vs them.

>> No.12766482

Identity politics is unavoidable when you look at the bigger picture.

>> No.12766484

>They see the decay all around them, plummeting,free-falling birth rates
all across the Western world. Millions of invaders landing on our shores,
conquering our towns and without a single shot fired in response. Broken
families with soaring divorce rates, that’s if they even bother to get
married at all.Suicide rates climbing year by year, not just for adults, by
even teens and children as well and the only time people seem to even
notice is when one of their own idols commits the act(singers, sports stars,
actors). Drug use at all levels of society, in all age groups, any source of
distraction or relief to escape a culture of nihilism. Rampant urbanization
and industrialization, ever expanding cities and shrinking forests, a
complete removal of man from nature, with the obvious results.
Pedophile politicians, pedophile priests and pedophile pop stars,
demonstrating to all the true depravity of our age. Art and beauty
subverted beyond all recognition, bauhaus travesties replacing nouveau
wonders,soulless metropolitan architecture of glass and steel reflecting no
society, no culture, no people and therefore belonging everywhere, and
no where. Suicidal, nihilistic and degenerate pop icons produced from a
dead culture: Michael Jackson(pedophile, self hating, self mutilating,
opiod addict);Madonna(degenerate,drug addict, childless, whore,
anti-christian, pro miscegenation) Kurt Cobain(suicidal, drug addict, self
hater, anti-social), Freddy Mercury(lifelong identity crisis, lifelong battle
with hedonism and drug use, eventual death due to sexual hedonism)just
to name a few.Empty nurseries, full casinos, empty churches and full
mosques, entropy in blitzspeed.Politicians writ in the same ink as
Eligabolus, worshiping all that is foreign, poisonous and subversive.

>> No.12766489

>If none cared then shootings like this wouldn't be such a big spectacle
Humans liking bloodsport does not mean they care about bloodsport above their community. Think for a second. Did the Romans care about criminals they fed to lions in front of thousands? No, they cared about their family and the people who fed them. They'd pay to see either the lions or humans get killed but that is not because they want to adopt the criminal or the lion. It's not even because they care about the thousands of others in the crowd. The other people in the crowd could be thrown to the lions the next week and they'd pay the same money to see it once it didn't interfere with their own dinner money.

>> No.12766502

Do you think the muslims that read these news think of it as nothing but bloodsport?

>> No.12766503

But they literally don't and can't. Humans can care about 150 people tops as personal individual human beings. Beyond that, people become interchangeable. If you care for this guy, it means you haven't reached your 150 people, and either live in a very small village, or are socially disconnected from the people physically closest to you to the point of autism.

>> No.12766507

Mental illness doesn't have any intrinsic intellectual or artistic value

>> No.12766521

I doubt they personalise each of the deaths. It could have been anyone of us is an attempt to make it personal, but it stays in the realm of spectacle unlike when someone actually close to you dies. People have those reactions to fiction as well as historical accounts, but is not the emotional depth they conjure up when it's their family. They can be more removed and restrained about it than if you shot their cat.

>> No.12766523
File: 118 KB, 630x507, 2616549875213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I guess these brown people here being all mad about it are /pol/ incels with no friends, that's why they care about some other brown people.

>> No.12766534

You get similar crowds for running out of sweet and sour sauce in America. Not the same thing as what happens when you kill someone they know directly.

>> No.12766552

This guy is a complete idiot, and evil as well. How is it Muslims' fault that the State has extended an invitation to them to settle in New Zealand and likely offered them benefits several times larger than their annual salary back home, a home which is likely also being bombed by the US at the behest of Israeli patrons? The Right must focus on the system and how it enables liberal billionaires and their clients (Communists, journalists, intellectuals, etc.) rather than demonizing Muslims or Africans or whatever. If not for said activists there would not be third-world immigration.

>> No.12766563
File: 488 KB, 1024x610, 1552626721728.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based redpilled and anti-cringe

>> No.12766570

this is some premium cut neoliberal bugmannery

>> No.12766578

It's not my fault a TV show sweet and sour sauce causes the same crowd participation, it's just how human spectacle works.

>> No.12766584

This will never happen though. The mainstream right is made up of boomer christian idiots that worship israel, and the online right's communities get taken over by neet shut-in fascist morons who try to shut down any sane political programs with "READ SIEGE" or "MUH PR".

>> No.12766613

>This guy is a complete idiot, and evil as well. How is it Muslims' fault that the State has extended an invitation to them to settle in New Zealand
Read the manifesto, he's aware of this. He blames white people the most.

>Who is truly to blame?
>The people who are to blame most are ourselves, european men. Strong men do not get ethnically replaced, strong men do not allow their culture to degrade, strong men do not allow their people to die. Weak men have created this situation and strong men are needed to fix it.

>> No.12766618
File: 573 KB, 918x596, pakistan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Humans can care about 150 people tops as personal individual human beings.
Have you ever met a Muslim that wasn't DEEPLY and personally offended by the plight of Palestinians?

Do these people >>12766523 not care about the victims?


All humans are to some extent tribal creatures.

>> No.12766619

The media doesn't give the true right a voice and regularly slanders them. Social media is increasingly censoring them which gives them no choice but to associate with violent radicals. I'm actually surprised this doesn't happen more often because the right are put into a position where they can't moderate each other without becoming hypocrites.

>> No.12766625

Really I oppose the right as well, the right only exists to reinforce the left. Any opposition to the left's high-low coalition is taken as a vile and immoral act that mandates an expansion of left-wing power to curtail a rising Brownshirt threat. Now sometimes they actually ARE immoral acts, like this shooting, but nowadays even saying "Mexico, not so good." provokes a Brown Scare. Power petitions itself. This whole state of affairs must be moved past entirely.

>> No.12766639

>muh right/left
No such thing, at least not in mainstream US politics and most of the West. Democrats and Republicans are both neo-liberals, they both support immigration and agree on most issues.
The real battle is between nationalism and anti-nationalism.

>> No.12766642

this is what happens when people take memes seriously. it's not a symptom of the internet directly, it's a symptom of people being fucking retards and not understanding jokes. all it takes is one dipshit to ruin the whole bit. this is just a bit that's gone on for too long and hundreds of people are too stupid to realize was a joke from the beginning. now you have people like this faggot and his retard booklet full of memes that he took seriously. pol was unironically a mistake and jewt knew it, that's why he deleted news in the first place. should've never brought it back, he knew his current userbase couldn't handle it. newfag normies are to blame as always, appropriating 4chan culture and misinterpreting it as anything but trolling. we used to just fuck with people, not go on shooting sprees. these kids are just stupid, plain and simple.

>> No.12766654

wtf, how the fuck did he get access to pakistan? let alone a place in the federally admitted tribal areas that is basically a war zone? has anyone done any other digging on this? that's super suspicious

>> No.12766659

you know what the police do to these guys after they catch them? there's a reason no photos of the shooter are ever released right away. they beat the everloving fuck out of these guys the whole way to prison and then they get the everliving fuck beat of them in prison. he's in for a wild ride.

>> No.12766685

Life > Etc. > Species > Cultures > Empires > Nations > Provinces > Polises > Tribes > > Families and Interpersonal Relationships > Individuals

Every part of this tree has its upsides and downsides.

>> No.12766692

I'm agreeing with you, what is at work is a high-low coalition vs. the natives of which the antinationalist movement is just the latest iteration, left-right is really just a colloquialism, ESPECIALLY in Anglo countries. In this model Republicans would be firmly of "the left" as the ones that matter (the donors) are part of the High coalition sponsoring antinationalism etc.

>> No.12766698
File: 57 KB, 960x542, 1529736144865.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The guy was using a lot of memes but you're really sheltered if you think it's JUST memes from /pol/. He's undeniably a radical but it's not like the views expressed in his manifesto are even uncommon among workers in a lot of Western countries.

As for /pol/ it wouldn't matter because you would just see /pol/ spread to other boards even more with none of the shilling and baiting to occupy those that don't cross-post much.

>> No.12766712

You seem to think they would trade the life of one of their own children to bring back the 49 dead. They wouldn't. They care about what's closest to them, and people who don't care about what's closest to them are seen as autistic and socially disconnected and often called sociopaths. Lots of people say they care about things from the environment to the Gaza strip, until something has to come out of their personal stock to pay for it. They care in the same way that people find it sad to hear babies die. That does not mean they would trade their own grandmother for no more babies dying. Caring about a race or religion or country or book or planet more than those closest to you is a human defect, not a common human trait. You only have the capacity to grant those close to you deeper emotions, and it's very shallow emotions that are used for everyone else.

Like I said, people can get those emotions from a fictional movie. Some even become Jedi knights. But they are not the same quality of emotions as you have for even animals you are closer to and certainly not near those you can feel for close humans.

Ever seen a mother who has lost her child in a violent death, whether purposeful or not? Her face and body language does not look like those protests because she is feeling deep and personal grief. It's not some abstract child, but a very real one to her. You are ignoring what deep and personal offense looks like too. Go to a bar and start calling some guy a cunt and telling him you fucked his mother. I guarantee you his face will be more outraged and angry emotion filled than those protests because he will take it personally, rather than at a remove.

>> No.12766719

Looks a bit like how Scientology divides things, and I'm not sure if you point is they're all equal like the spacealiens worshipers think?

>> No.12766730

there have always been people who don't like minorities. hated them even. gang violence has been around for longer than the internet and a good bit of that is racial. but these mass shootings are a direct symptom of dipshits like you taking memes too seriously. you're a sheltered moron yourself if you don't see the correlation newfag

>> No.12766747

Nah. But I think it's reductive to focus on . For instance, I can feel intense kinship for a non-human creature, and alienation in reaction to someone at any close degree of relation to me. The inverse is true as well. Personally I think human social life (after agriculture) flourishes in city states, or at least the parts of it I value the most, such as the arts and literature so on.

>> No.12766754

*reductive to focus on one to the exclusion of all others

>> No.12766771

I'm saying that even though he is a radical they are based on values, beliefs and opinions that are held by many. It would be dishonest to call them memes which you're not supposed to take seriously. These values and beliefs are taken seriously by many especially among the working class, they're not just some recurring jokes passed around on image boards, although like I said he brings up a lot of those too.

>> No.12766777
File: 42 KB, 400x300, 400_F_72297195_7mIeiBDkBmotKfnWxwimrgJ5lQUsvXDs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12766784

muh wheat fields

>> No.12766789

>these mass shootings are a direct symptom of dipshits like you taking memes too seriously.
They're a consequence of many things, including immigration policies and leftist virtue signalling.
You trying to reduce this to /pol/ memes is pure ideology.
The demographic changes in the West are real.

>> No.12766803

You're not able to apply those emotions to each individual on earth though, and so the majority of them are lumped together and you feel more shallow base emotions about them as groups rather than as individuals.
For instance, your grandmother belongs to the international group of Grandmothers. There are some things you could conjure up about all of them (comfy, warm, whatever, assuming you have a nice grandmother). But just because they all get those emotions conferred on them by the grouping does not mean you could swap out your Grammy for anyone else's and have the same depth of those feelings, and you probably would not feel the same range of feelings towards her as your personal Grammy, and you would also probably start adding emotions from the range you use for the grouping Strangers, not just Grandmothers. Same with pets. Your pets will always be more consciously felt than the billions of ones you never think about but are intellectually able to deduce the presence of on this planet. It doesn't mean you hate animals that you would save your pet above some random one from Thailand you never heard of before. It just means humans have a limited range of ability to produce emotions of that depth and not starting to group the more distant ones under more distant shallow emotions and broader groupings would make you mad far before you got to one billion of them.

>> No.12766816

>huwhites don't want to reproduce
>it's the faul of the muzzie 1% or 5%\
Just admit it: your tribe don't want to exist (at least as the dominant force in their own countries). If you're such an identarian, respect your tribe wishes.

>> No.12766831

is this the first mass killing by a proper memer, steeped in the jargon and in-jokes of /pol/ and pine tree twitter?

>> No.12766856

This bitch looks like an Antz character

>> No.12766859

Why should we feel compelled towards sympathy for people that we not only have never encountered in our lives but whose existence and mannerisms serve as an anti-thesis to all things Western in spirit?

I'd argue that this has nothing to do with a healthy display of empathy. Rather, we should ask ourselves where our empathy lies and why. Empathy is and has always been entirely conditional. Broad, sweeping emotion for any and every perceived wrong done to any and every group is a trait of over-socialization.

(To the anon in the other thread that was pruned, I know you're here)

>> No.12766902

Not him, but empathy isn't conditional. Some of it is, but only the finer points of it. Humans from remote tribes on the opposite side of the planet to each other with no common language both understand a natural smile from each other, perceive anger in eachother, use touch to comfort, etc. Saying empathy is entirely conditional makes it sound like you mean a different word but I haven't seen your exchange. Even sociopaths have that kind of empathy, though not the finer points.

>> No.12766966

I want a black gf lads

>> No.12766983

keep up the good fight, my friend

>> No.12767030

Except that it is.
A New Guinean male may be shown a video of man's death half way across the world and feel an emotional pull, but then go out the next week to slay another tribal man who crosses into his territory without permission.
Empathy has always been conditional.
Just look at the history of the West yet alone the world.

>> No.12767058


>> No.12767104

fuckin stupid kike, learn how to hold a camera

>> No.12767111

Did he really mention Elgabulus? Kek

>> No.12767113

He was clearly being ironic

>> No.12767114

they're also extremely more common than they should be

>> No.12767140

You're conflating a lot of shit right now
Valhalla is the mead hall that Odin presides over where you drink and read poetry till the end of the world where you REALLY die.
Fólkvangr is the meadow that Freya resides over, its also sometimes just another hall. This is the split.
The unworthy dead go to the norse underworld ruled over by Hel, the place is also called Hel. Hel is alright but shes half blue and half skin colored and suffers from multiple personality syndrome. Hel is somewhere in Nilfheim, or after it and is filled with mist made from the souls of the dead and is pretty barren.

>> No.12767178

The biggest problem with it is it's failure at displaying an effective framework for his contradictory message. He says that "white culture" is near death, and that Muslim culture is flourishing, so then his solution to this is to kill Muslims in white territory, and/or drive them back to their homelands. The problem with this is even if this is accomplished, we will still be left with a dead culture. Nothing grows from dead soil.

>> No.12767184

>fucking eurobeat kicks in at 15:30
this guy was 200% a channer

>> No.12767188

>Nothing grows from dead soil.

>> No.12767204

I honestly have never felt such disgust in my life.
He did something horrible and did it in the cringiest way possible. This is on the level of the crazy fuck with the ghost girls in terms of fucking lame as fuck. Really rethinking my opinion on right to carry arms here because holy shit. Nobody deserves to get killed by a fucking meme tier faggot like this.

>> No.12767245

If evidence was ever needed of a Reddit invasion it would be whiny faggots like you.

>> No.12767247

not a single wheat field in that picture

>> No.12767251

I hope you’re right anon
A shame that NZ doesn’t use the chair

>> No.12767258

NTA but why don't you take Brenton's cock out of your mouth

>> No.12767259


>> No.12767269

This isn't Twitter you fucking faggot. Spell out your words.

>> No.12767274

>If there is one thing I want you to remember from these writings, its that
the birthrates must change. Even if we were to deport all Non-Europeans
from our lands tomorrow, the European people would still be spiraling
into decay and eventual death.
Does this guy think that Europe has a 1< birthrate? Or does he just not understand elementary level arithmetic?

>> No.12767280

Why do people on /lit/ want to blow their parents so hard?

>> No.12767283

what a fucking psychopath

>> No.12767297
File: 26 KB, 602x401, xztybet54qq2jt5yhqzg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet that he will be treated as a lunatic and that will be the end of it.
The intelectual dishonesty of the situation makes me very sad. Of course what he did is unacceptable, but some of his beliefs and concerns are shared by many people, even outside of the internet.
The incel situatuon always cone to mind, how long are we going to put the blame entirely on the individuals instead of discussing our society?
People on the left (and I'm a leftist) are quick to dismiss criminals as a product of inequaly, not a lack of character, but now people are going to ignore the circumstances that give birth to mass shooters?

>> No.12767298

progressives can use dead people however they see fit and there's nothing you can do about it, they will pay no consequence for it because they are the mainstream

>> No.12767299


>> No.12767300



>> No.12767302
File: 154 KB, 634x480, skin'd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's fucked up that memes are essentially terrorist tactics and propaganda now. Nobody seems to be saying either how this attack more or less perfectly mirrors standard Wahhabi terrorism, down to fucking "allu akbar", except under the guise of extreme irony and cynicism. What the hell is going on guys, why are people like this now.

This shit is like a pynchon novel, if pynchon had the cynicism of PKD and Baudrillard. Dude fucking first-person streamed it so he could have his death cult buddies watch it like a twitch stream. DFW was right, irony literally kills. This event makes me want to leave this site, which is now an honest-to-god terrorist radicalization site, forever, but I also feel like nobody else is ever going to pay attention to what's going on here, let alone take it seriously as something indicative of our awful time period. It's so tiring.

Yes, absolutely.

>> No.12767304

what are you talking about? if it's less than the replacement level, the population will eventually decrease. the only reason this hasn't happened yet is because of population momentum.

>> No.12767313

>irony literally kills
you understood that just now lol?
also it can save

>> No.12767324

The birthrate is 1.6. That's beyond replacement level.

>> No.12767325

I thought it led to a state of self-hatred and nihilism that causes individuals to commit suicide; I had no idea it could induce what can't be seen as anything other than mass-hysteria.

Someone needs to figure out what to fucking do about /pol/, incels, and whatever rest of the alt-right divides itself into. Someone needs to figure out how to save these people, and in the course of course save god knows how many others. This shit is literally ISIS by another name.

>> No.12767343

He mainly posted in cripplechan, which is home to retarded radicals that post 18 merchant images at once and call you a shill for not groupthinking well enough. They're still pissed about gamergate ffs

>> No.12767348


>> No.12767359

Zizek kind of describes irony as being the core of modern military/terrorist violence. Irony is the mask which allows you to distance yourself from the actions you are committing.

>> No.12767363

That's to get it widespread, it's why his manifesto is filled with memes aswell and he claims he chose firearms to carry it out for the reason that it'll spark conflict in the US where guncontrol is already a hot topic. All to spread the message, which yes is terrorism.

Also don't blogpost just leave you faggot.

It doesn't go away until the problems are solved and they're only getting worse.

>> No.12767365

Terror attacks are mostly inconsequential To the health of a nation. More harm is done to the nation at a meeting of the DSA than Blby all of the terror attacks we’ve experienced combined, but I’m sure you’d rather wrong your hands about “humanity” than care about something of real importance.

>> No.12767368

>Someone needs to figure out how to save these people

And this is exhibit A as to why nothing is going to happen and the spiral of violence will continue.

>> No.12767372

>This shit is literally ISIS by another name.
shut up you drama queen

islamic state and other salafist terror groups is literally a worldwide insurgent group that has upended several countries and killed tens of thousands with financing, logistics, training, thousands of personnel, military weapons stockpiles, etc.

the "alt-right" is the very definition of a bunch of lone wolves that the media and the left have created as an organized boogeyman.

>> No.12767373

are you autistic or just bipolar?

>> No.12767376

You're a faithless fool and your tower of Babel will collapse sooner or later. Seek help

>> No.12767380

>People on the left (and I'm a leftist) are quick to dismiss criminals as a product of inequaly, not a lack of character, but now people are going to ignore the circumstances that give birth to mass shooters?
tribalism's grip doesn't spare its most vocal opponents

>> No.12767381

this is an event that will be used by progressives to police and sanitize what's left of the internet, i'll be surprise if this doesn't end up in mass bannings of social media right wingers and some websites like this one

>> No.12767386

Sincerity and irony both kill, and both are necessary.

>> No.12767387

>I have literally no idea what ISIS is

>> No.12767395

Take the SIEGE pill my brother. O9A. We have to destroy all traces of slave morality and the christian vision of man so we can build a galactic aryan imperium. Its not ironic or post ironic or sincere its initiatic. Initiation goes through transgression to the foulest and most debased atrocity returning to the purest light the inexistent light of the Black Sun.Connecting with dark forces of the acausal realm so we can realise impossible dreams. Heil Satan

>> No.12767397

Leftists like to brag about how empathetic they are, but their empathy amounts to feeling with an agenda. I really think our politics influences our emotions more than the other way around, and one of the left’s favorite buzzwords is indicative of this.

>> No.12767401

ISIS is real, unlike the "alt-right" organization, but the methods and recruitement ways of people in the west is the same, and has the same reasons. No one with a happy life and stable personality left for Syria. All the ISIS soldiers that commited terrorists attacks in the west had a past of criminality, or drug addiction, or social isolation, and they were recruited online because they were vulnerable and stupid.

>> No.12767402

it's arguable whether such a thing as "outside of tribalism" even exists, specially now that liberalism has lost its credibility

>> No.12767405
File: 69 KB, 638x746, 1523564092594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12767409
File: 4 KB, 179x176, the_last_psychiatrist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I warned you about narcissism bro!

>> No.12767413

It wouldn't surprise me if these guys who carried this attack out were o9a. It matches their MO to a tee: cause chaos under extreme ideologies and acclerate things. Would explain all the atomwaffen imagery in the manifesto and video as well.

>> No.12767414

There are only open tribalists and people lying (including to themselves) in order to make their tribalism more efficient.

>> No.12767420

Kek we all know what to do about them, it would mean that this site goes kaputt though and then the eventual purity spiral that will come after

>> No.12767424

Just finished reading the entire thing. Regret doing it. You stupid faggots are overrating him way too much. The dumbfuck was actually serious about it, and the couple of memes sprinkled here and there was just his way to downplay the situation so he could actually go through it.

The world has yet to see the first "for the lulz" massacre. And it won't happen because of politics, religion or anything in the genre.

>> No.12767425

The difference, you colossally stupid dumbass, is that IS and other salafist groups have a massive well-funded (by the saudis and others) recruitment and training infrastructure in the west. mostly run out of mosques, that you dumbass fuckwits defend. There is no equivalent to the massive infrastructure on the so-called "alt-right".

>> No.12767427

chauvinism is probably necessary for anything to get done. relationships of opposition are unavoidable and with them degradations, dehumanisations.

i don't love it, but i think the doctrine of original sin is a bit of a release valve. i think its effect is actually liberating and consoling in a lot of ways. acknowledging without trying to neurotically erase it can lead to an overcoming. kinda like how people are encouraged to deal with distressing thoughts. to sit with them. but of course, there's no one-size-fits-all approach, and there's a fine line between conservatism and apathy. acceptance of human nature can become arbitrary defence of the "way things are". oh well. all temperaments are correct in some circumstances and incorrect in others.

>> No.12767429

Yeah, some people do it for free.

>> No.12767438

>m-m-muh gravitas
Yep, you can leave.

>> No.12767439


>> No.12767447
File: 445 KB, 540x540, wdytwa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That's to get it widespread, it's why his manifesto is filled with memes aswell and he claims he chose firearms to carry it out for the reason that it'll spark conflict in the US where guncontrol is already a hot topic
Oh I know his reasoning. I get why he did it this certain way. It won't work, because terrorism as a whole just doesn't work. What I'm trying to get is why this ideology, in all of its forms, is flourishing right now, and how to stop it from sending already desperate and lonely people into a death-spiral of cynicism and misanthropy. Why and how has the internet become so fucking toxic that it can induce people to commit murder.

>There is no equivalent to the massive infrastructure on the so-called "alt-right".
That wasn't the fucking point though. The ideology and tactics are uncannily similar.

muh cool and super enlightened cynicism

>> No.12767450

>What I'm trying to get is why this ideology, in all of its forms, is flourishing right now

Because we are seeing an unprecedented upset demographically, culturally, and economically around the world.

>and how to stop it from sending already desperate and lonely people into a death-spiral of cynicism and misanthropy

You can't. This is the consequence of a world system which elevated capital and finance above human considerations.

>> No.12767454

You can keep on spouting memes if you want. But you are burying your head in the sand by saying there is a symmetric equivalence between ISIS and the "alt-right". One is a warfighting organization with troops, strategy, training, logistics, a recruitment program that spans the planet, backing at the state and intelligence level by multiple countries, financing, administration, commanders, blooded troops with battlefield experience with a bodycount probably in the 10s of thousands if not 100s, etc. The other has none of these things.

Honest to god liberals and leftists are fucking retarded, and on some levels I can't wait to see what the future holds, because of just how fucktarded you are when it comes to honestly looking at threat assessments. This is like the situation with Russia and China to a tee. Focusing on the inept nature of Russian influence ops, while ignoring the vast multi-pronged strategy that Chinese are currently doing. Good thing about all this is no matter what happens you people are going to get steamrolled by someone eventually.


>That wasn't the fucking point though. The ideology and tactics are uncannily similar.

Nah, you're a dumbass that doesn't understand how threat assessments and strategy works. See above.

>> No.12767457

>The ideology and tactics are uncannily similar.
Neither of these are even remotely similar in the two cases.
First off, the ideology. Do you really think they want to install the caliphate based on the laws of Muhammad? Simply because they both aren't neoliberals doesn't make them similar.
As for tactics, they are entirely different. Not only because the "alt right" doesn't exist. Even if you describe a few lone wolves doing these attacks, they precisely do it in this spontaneous non-organized manner. ISIS is an insurgent army.

>> No.12767466

what the fuck....
Because you are one of the few people who knows the truth about the lefties, all you have to do is gain influence and have a "quiet life" tho

>> No.12767474

You stupid or what? It's not about the organizations, it's about what drives people to them. All so that you can rant about China and leftist really

>> No.12767486


>Cringe Londoner Larping as an 80s Bushwhacker

Embarrassing mate

>> No.12767490

>Do you really think they want to install the caliphate based on the laws of Muhammad
They want an ethnostate based on equally contradictory axioms of "non-degeneracy", setting themselves up as continually repressed individuals who prove themselves by keeping the ideology going. They also continually jerk each other off on the images of [historical white person of the week]. In any and all cases they envision a long-lost paradise that must be forcefully returned to society, but is being withheld by muslims/jews/etc.

>Even if you describe a few lone wolves doing these attacks, they precisely do it in this spontaneous non-organized manner
Which is exactly what ISIS spreads propaganda videos to do: to incite random acts of jihad from radicalized individuals across the world.
Is it a problematic equivalency? Duh, of fucking course. But you're blind to think that /pol/ et al. isn't an ideological group that promotes terrorism. They share the same exact drive.

>> No.12767524

>Is it a problematic equivalency? Duh, of fucking course.
Anyone else hate this union of the tentative interrogative with the assertive expletive? It's fucking old hat.

>> No.12767549

Only stupid person here is you m8. You, or the person above, made the stupid comparison between IS and the alt-right and about how to do something about the alt-right, i.e. a counter-strategy. as if the two threats and strategic counter-planning would be the same thing. Factoring in one thing ("muh desire") is amateur hour.

>> No.12767562

>Which is exactly what ISIS spreads propaganda videos to do: to incite random acts of jihad from radicalized individuals across the world.
That's only one part of it you stupidly spergfaggot. The majority of their recruitment infrastructure is not spontaneous, and it's not non-organized. They have organization in terms of recruiters at mosques, financiers, weapons suppliers, spotters, agent handlers, and a variety of other functions.

>But you're blind to think that /pol/ et al. isn't an ideological group that promotes terrorism

You're blind insofar as treating these as equivalent threats. You're either a dumbass or a leftist making excuses.

>> No.12767566

Why are you larping as Jack Reacher mate?

>> No.12767569

Pol has no centralized leadership.
Pol has no army.
Pol has never fought in a war.
Pol has never occupied foreign land.

Comparing pol to ISIS is lunacy

>> No.12767570

You describe things in terms so vague and broad that the only things you really say they have in common is that they want power. Which I guess is true.

> to incite random acts of jihad from radicalized individuals across the world.
This is a secondary, nay tertiary objective of ISIS, which wants to install a specific state in a specified territory.
>But you're blind to think that /pol/ et al. isn't an ideological group that promotes terrorism. They share the same exact drive.
I guess I'm blind too.

>They want an ethnostate based on equally contradictory axioms of "non-degeneracy"
I really don't see any "contradiction" in either. Strong Muslim societies have endured for centuries and so have ethno-states. I don't see any direct similarity between the two outside of having power, like every single political movement except perhaps ancaps.

>setting themselves up as continually repressed individuals who prove themselves by keeping the ideology going. They also continually jerk each other off on the images of [historical white person of the week]. In any and all cases they envision a long-lost paradise that must be forcefully returned to society, but is being withheld by muslims/jews/etc.
This is purely your bizarre attempt at psychoanalyzing muslims and ethnonationalists, of course in uselessly derogatory terms. It has nothing to do with either actual ideological content nor with their methods.
In fact your whole post reads as if you jump from "all militant activists have some limited psychological similarities" to "they want the same results using the same methods", which is completely retarded.
Why would you single out Islam and the NZ memespouter? All you said is so broad that it is equally true of every single militant socialist movement in the world, of all national liberation movements in history, or even any political movement.

>> No.12767578

>get btfo by normal reasoning you could find in a basic book on strategy
y-y-y-ou're rambo!

Admit it, you're out of your depth. Otherwise you'd have a competent response.

>> No.12767585

>Fucking FPS gopro pov NO RUSSIAN
>Initial D
>Subscribe to PewDiePie
>memes printed on guns
>literal deus vult poltard

anyone else feel like the animal is starting to wake up

>> No.12767595

more like an o9a read siege idiot trying to accelerate things

>> No.12767597

More like sperging out like a dying animal. I didn't write this, but I found it pretty accurate:
"he polyps are repeating the mistakes of the New Left in the 1960s. Back then the left thought that by running down the street shocking the "squares" (normies in today's language) they could wake up the sleeping masses of workers to join them. That didn't happen, so the more extreme factions turned to violence like the Weather Underground, SLA, Red Brigades, Baader-Meinhof, Japanese Red Army, etc.

It's politics "as expression." If you express yourself enough, people will follow. When they don't follow (because it's a stupid strategy), the radicals express themselves in more extreme ways. "Sometimes people just won't listen, so we have to use persuasion." Violence is a more direct form of expression. This is basically what the alt-right is doing now. They even had their own shock comedian, Sam Hyde, who is a right-wing spitting image of Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin (pictured) and the Yippies. Hyde's book is pretty much stealing "Steal This Book." "

Zizek also sums up something fairly parallel here:

>> No.12767603
File: 191 KB, 440x440, ziz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot link

>> No.12767615

the IRA also lost every time they killed civilians

>> No.12767617


>> No.12767619

But I never talked about a strategy to "destroy the alt-right". You've just went on a rant as if I advocated for a contingency plan for seemingly no reason. I never said they both posed the same amount of threat, just that it is not false to say that they are similar in the way they use digital medias to spread their ideas and how they pray on the weaklings to push them to commit act of extreme violence against , which isn't what a most movements do (anymore).

>> No.12767626

What was he doing in Kashmir only a few months back?

>> No.12767633

Looks like he fell for every meme, including the "visit pakistan" guy from /trv/

>> No.12767681

>visit pakistan
can you explain this meme for us

>> No.12767698

Its just one guy posting the same pictures of mountain ranges and lakes from Pakistan, which are quite beautiful really, and trying to have people to come and visit Pakistan.

>> No.12767810


The two separate planes were missing vital safety components that should have been standard but were not included to get more money out of the ones buying the planes. Like video game DLC.

>> No.12767820

I think the manifesto is more split into two parts. The first part where he answers questions being a meme filled mess meant to mislead the media and make his manifesto viral. He cites his main influence in radicalization as Candace Owens, a black, female neocon. The second part with all the different short little essays and poems is his actual manifesto.

>> No.12767914

same for me honestly, this one was so jarring

>> No.12768089

I've seen a lot of similar ideas here in moldbug's work

>> No.12768106

why is /pol/ allowed to exist

>> No.12768131

shoot yourself into the Black Sun, nobook

>> No.12768165

That's eightchan isn't it? Can someone explain eight chan? Are they just emigres from pol who found the setting too milquetoast there?

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