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Can any of you anons recommend me some writing exercises? Have you tried any? Did they work for you?

In my mind I'm toying with the idea of developing my own systemic writing exercise. I'm thinking it goes something like this;
Take a rather large subject, for example The Matter of Britain, and all of it's many different stories and characters and places, and write a prose sketch of each, then write each of them multiple times in different forms of poetry i.e. blank verse, heroic couplets, ballads etc..
Once I've exhausted a subject, move on to another, like say, the President's of The United States and repeat the aforementioned process.

It doesn't even need to be based on stories at all, I could attempt the same thing with as many rhetorical devices as I could remember, or even numbers fcs!


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Look up deliberate practice and Barbara Oakley's course.

A method I use based on the above: Recreate books that you've read from cliffnotes-style chapter summaries. Compare to source. Repeat with al your favorite works.

Far more efficient than "just read and write more lmao" though also far more time consuming and difficult. You can spend 10 years reading and writing until the fundamentals become unconscious or 10 months with this method. As an added bonus you get a deep understanding of the books you study in this way.

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