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>Bonjour mon cher. Assied-toi, le petit déjeuner est servi~
What do?

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Tell her to stop wasting her time with me and start looking for a husband, as she is a fast depreciating asset. She looks like she's already in her early to mid twenties in that picture. She's almost at the wall. This is the absolute peak time for finding a husband and starting a family, and she needs to focus on that and not be distracted by seeking attention and validation from unserious men in the short term. If she blows this opportunity, she will not get another one.

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merci bcp ma biche, comment passeras-tu l'apres-midi?

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Dumb frog poster

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Je suckerais ton penisse, cheri <3

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La cheque, sil tu plait

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quelle salope!

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Here’s my translation (I’ve been at French for about 5 months now)

>good morning my dear. __ you breakfast is __

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Abrigos que hace frio, pinche morra fea

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first blank is sit down, second is actually breakfast is served

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I don't even speak French, but I still know you're wrong.

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get laid lol

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Avec plaisir mon cher. Merci de m'avoir invité

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sit down, the little breakfast is served

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That's precisely what she shouldn't do. She should be building a stable relationship with a man who is willing to invest in her over the long haul.

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Petit déjeuner = breakfast

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Je voudrais me suicider ma cherie, svp

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Imagine if she was your gf hahahahahha

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>"Thanks for buying the free meal anon! my boyfriend is going to be so jealous!"
Manifestos for this feel?

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You should've invented him *wink ;)*
Is he single?

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>buying the free meal

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My Twisted World - E. Rodger

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I would be so much more into my gf if she were French.

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