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I have grounded goals like university and then maybe the legal profession — but hobby-wise, dreams-wise, which should I go for? I can't decide

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both are dead ends lmao
musicians can sellout more easily

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You will be neither. You will go back and forth making small progresses at each, compare yourself to people who dont try and conclude you have potential, then compare yourself to people who are great and realize you are mediocre. You will try to fuse the two forms of mediocrity into something exceptional and then you will realize it cannot be done, that all you are is pretty good at something and that's it.

Your youth will pass by and your dreams will become increasingly improbable until at last you gradually release even that unspoken seed of hope you harbor deep inside yourself.

And then life will become somethibg terrible, humiliating, bitter and loathsome. Or you will realize at last that all you ever had were the people around you, and you will cease comparing yourself to them as if you, and not they, were destined for some great thing, and you will allow them to love you for what you are, and not what you once hoped to be, and you will love them as equals, and forgive them for being what nobody ever could. And it will be good.

But what do I know Im just a stranger on the internet?

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do both and dont listen to this faggot >>12765095

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Be a philosopher

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So gay and cringe

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Why not both? I make a living as a producer and production music composer, and on the side I write. Even before I did one of my hobbies full time, I always found the two arts synergized with each other, at least in my experience. neither one is particularly lucrative in this day and age unless you find a niche, but ive managed to live comfortably on a net income of 25k a year from licensing music, where as I've gotten published around 11 times and only been paid about 500 schmeckels total. But if you are doing either for the enjoyment value (as you should) or emotional catharsis, then it doesn't really matter.

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nice projection pal, some of us aren't complete failures

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