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Specifically those containing academic journals and criticism, like pic related
Is JSTOR a good way to supplement my reading?

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>thought this was the article?
>WRONG! It’s a review of the review of the review of the article!
>*evil laugh*

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I'm sorry u had this experience anon but literally never happened to me before, idk what u did wrong

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JSTOR, Project Muse, MLA bibliography etc. are all good resources if you have an interest in scholarly research or serious critical analyses on any major works that you have read. On JSTOR in particular I found wonderful supplies of research, interpretation, reading guides / structure charts and timeline schemata on The Sound and The Fury. Sometimes the work is minor and only tangentially interesting, sometimes it can make you reevaluate your whole reading of the work in question. If you like Faulkner and TSATF in particular I suggest reading Stacy Burton's articles, they will challenge everything you had preconceived about the work.

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You gotta download all their articles and post them on the Internet

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And then "commit suicide"

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You clearly haven’t gotten deep enough yet. It will happen to you one day soon, anon, mark my words!

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Jstor legally killed the creator of Redd*t so that's pretty based I guess

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I hate this. academia needs a genocide.
>searching for obscure essays/works I want to read
>hard time finding them, all of two library copies of the book in the entire country
>get link to something from search result
>it's some wanker espousing their retard dissertation on the work
>no copy included of the work itself
>still can't fucking find the damn thing
I can either buyfag for ridiculous amounts of dosh or read it in a foreign language. How fun!
>millions of twilight fanfiction housed on the internet
>we still haven't uploaded basic literature to the net to preserve and share it

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any articles behind a paywall can suck my dick
the fact that students get free access to articles just makes it worse. they're encouraging you to subscribe to an institution if you want access to knowledge. with the price per article and the fact that you have to have access to dozens of articles if you're doing serious research, you're basically fucked if you don't pirate or aren't a student. kike shit. knowledge should be free, JSTOR isn't a library it's a scam

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get on dat der libgen, or use your university's search system to find it on a database somewhere

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libgen is the first place I tried and I'm out of uni.

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i dont think jstor is a place to look for stuff.one finds stuff while reading books or other articles and then one find them on jstor. in itself, however, the thing will give too many results unless the search is quite specific.


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>we still haven't uploaded basic literature to the net to preserve and share it
It literally takes ten seconds on any search-engine to find vast digital libraries full of actual books. Wtf?

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From my experience its articles are specific as hell and sometimes hard to find, but I'd still be screwed without it

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mainstream entry level books, sure. not my special snowflake super obscure writings that I'm not sure are even translated.
but we as humanity have taken pains to ensure such wonderous work as Twilight and Harry Potter have 1000 mirrors.

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Everyone publishes irrelevant papers, you need to get some experience with JSTOR before you can start recognize what is good and what is not. Overall a good resource, but again, reading primary sources it the thing that will get you through most of what you do. Secondary literature is secondary in more than one sense.

You can filter out the reviews with the advanced research, you know?

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You can find most of the articles published in recent literature by putting their DOI code on SCI-HUB. I cannot put the link because it counts my post as spam, but if you google sci-hub you should get enough results to find the right website. If it has a DOI code, it can be found. There are also books and other stuff.

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JSTOR + SciHub + Libgen + Oxford Bibliographies is the key combo

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>Not using Project Muse

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I had this problem recently with Bruce Andrews’ I don’t have any paper so shut up. I couldn’t find it anywhere online for under $99.

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Good lads

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what I'm looking for is certain obscure foreign literature for lesser known writers in the form of essays and short stories.
when i stop being hung over i'll try some other recs but i've searched high and low, man

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based, thanks

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That's how I feel everytime I try to check my school library has a book.

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one just has to add '.sci-hub.tw' after the main site's url and the thing is done, no need to go through all that work:

jstor org/stable/xxxxxxx > jstor org sci-hub tw/stable/xxxxxxx

this works on any academic site, but theres some material that never works, specially books. actually ive never seen a book work, at least not on jstor.

for instance, give this one a try, both to the article and the journal: jstor org/stable/43562677

>Oxford Bibliographies
thats just for references, right? or is there any content? i only see a short text and a list of references.

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This trick isn't working for me. I can search for the article title on sci-hub and find it, but if I try to modify the URL like you said it gives me an "insecure connection" error.

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yes, go ahead with that security bs, add the exception and it works fine.

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Nice, it worked.
Libgen and sci-hub are so wonderful, I'll cry if they ever get taken down.

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lol i feel ya, i cried out of joy when i first found it and realized all its potential. a true blessing.

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it doesn’t just give you access to databases about science - if the article has a DOI code, you can view it

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>Search: [literally anything]
>"Oriental Transnigger Studies (1,217)"
>"Feminist Dance Theory (497)"
>"A Socialist Reviews... (200)"
>"Intersectional Otherkin Mathematics (52)"
>"Somewhat Relevant Studies (12)"
The social sciences were a mistake.

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Oxford Bibliographies gives the references and academic assessment of validity, which is great for finding works on subjects with tiny wiki pages

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Sure, but the university pays for access, right? So it's not exactly free to students as they pay indirectly through tuition/ fees

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