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>be me
>sophomore in a top 100 uni studying philosophy
and environmental sciences
>have all my electives pinpointed on Creative Writing classes so I can get my work reviewed etc etc.
>Browse here a lot as both philosophy and Env. Sciences as majors are easy as fuck
>Constantly was seeing Nick Land/Transhumanist memes a few motnhs back
>fuck it why not just check it out?
>Actually surprised that a lot of what this cunt says is total madness but also realistic and aligns with a lot of Linkola's stuff but on the opposite spectrum
>Start reading all of Land's blogpost and reading tons of Moldbug articles really enjoying it almost obsessively
>Philosophy course assigns a project that allows us to pick a philosopher and pinpoint/expand on some of his work(very vague alot of people were allowed to work on lesser known people like Bernhard etc etc.)
>Pick Land and write a long thesis thats pretty much a trans-humanist fascist manifesto
>Philosophy prof. refused my work although we have a good relationship and explains that he expects so much more of me
>Start writing depressing dark enlightenment short stories in my writing class everyone hates it
>Absolutely find everything in my Philosophy class a bore now and am half motivated to excell in my use to be favorite major Env. Science
>tfw Nick Land ruined my fascination and admiration for the classics in philosophy. Now i can't even enjoy writing my PoMo draft of a drug addict in the Cold War era centering on the chess boom (Bobby Fischer-Spassky)
>tfw I'm considering switching out of philosophy to some computer science but it might be too late to understand programming jargon
>tfw I'm not sure if I like Env. Scienes anymore.
>tfw writing epic poetry in my diary no longer brings me happiness and I rather stay up all night exploring the deeper verses of NRx shit and theology's correlation with accelerationism
>tfw nick land ruined my life
>tfw im writing incoherent essays on Moldbugs blogs on my own blog with -2 viewers daily

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You did not live by the conclusion.
"We must imagine the Boomers happy."

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CS student here, one of chapters in Fanged Noumena is interview with some proffesor, supposedly specialist in area of cryptography or coding or something like that. I don't understand anything being said in this chapter, and googling his name only bring FN, is this guy even real? Also he mentions something called "spinal catastrophe" - what is this

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He obviously changes the professors name as to not expose him in anyway, whether he said something good or bad its always a safe move to change peoples names to not deal with any issues in the future, most publishers force writers to do this regardless.

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sounds like somebody doesn't know how to reterritorialize and make it to level 2

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>deeper verses of NRx

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>top 100 uni

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This is why Nick Land is shit and unhealthy for people who are obsessive, makes all the sci-fi crap super interesting and inconclusive enough so theres never enough with his Dark enlightenment shit and always enough room to add some more horrorism to it, just read Asimov and fuck off with the philosophy of this trash

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have sex

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only one option op, collect all your blog post build a huge manifesto and send it to a publisher and your phil. professor. then move to china with alot of amphetamines to make it writing your blog

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What did you honestly expect? Especially if you're serious about the fascist side of it. Either you're playing devil's advocate, or you actually agree with that sort of thing, but either way, its not a healthy working relationship with academia. You poked the bear, man. You'll come across like a jabbering lunatic. Slam poetry is one thing but at least it provides a space with predictable/digestible themes and ideas. Academic philosophy by rights shouldn't engage with this kind of thing.

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that was MY point, anon

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I have really good relationship with my professor and honestly I thought and still think what Moldbug (his ebooks are insanely good) and Land have to say are ground breaking philosophies I may have fit the crazy lunatic category when I insisted some of my friends to read a few articles to just trial it I even went to the extent to sending blog links to my phil. group chat consisting of a few friends in the class, its like everyone's blue pilled and wants to stay that way

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Hey anon, post your blog I want to read it. Also what NRx/accelerationist blogs do you recommend?

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you belong to us now the future was before now and then after the way

to accelerate my carbon based self as you and I will be one with two,;';

to accelerate

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post your essay faggot

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Moldbug is a smug contrarian boomer and Land is pretty much set on the idea that philosophy is a way to deepen unknowing, which is a philosophy incompatible with academia. Whether or not you think those thinkers have value may overlap with the fact that they both suggest very dangerous ideas. Universities won't risk their credibility by promoting it.

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lol you spoke against god in the cathedral

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there is a chronological order link and multiple links to show you where to start this is for more NRx things
good as well but kinda confusing for beginners
really good interview for beginners I suggest you follow along reading while listening to the podcast.
more moldbug
tons of links in this mega folder
old post but has alot of really good links and reccomendations
tons of links
read most of moldbugs book but patchwork is his best imo

and I say if you read alot of the links above and just scroll through the old accelerationist/Nrx megathreads regardless of understanding the substance you'll be able to piece together alot of shit in your reading of FN, read old land for more horror stuff, read #accelerate if you want to grasp the basics good despite it being outdated and the wikipedia page for accelerationism is pretty good although its short.

I won't post my blog here among the shit I linked above to not look like a psued and obvious reasons

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Unless you read SIEGE and pledge allegiance to the acausal Body of Kalki will be posting pictures of yourself in thigh highs within six months.

It is my sincere belief that the real Vindex will never make himself known. He will be the most pedestrian being, merely setting off a chain of effects from the slightest of actions. A mere bottle left in the street in the right place would be enough for him. Or perhaps a seemingly harmless book written. Everyone is waiting for the rise of the Vindex, but I feel the real Vindex will never be seen coming, even by the most acutely aware of adherents, as befits necessity.

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Thanks Anon-kun

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Is Accelerationist writings something you can only make sense of after covering all major works in philosophy ? Or is it self contained?

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some people can grasp the rambling really well without too much background in philosophy but it certainly helps, a lot. Not necessary at all as if you read Land you'll be easily influenced enough to go back and read Kant,Nietzsche,Marx,Deleuze and some sci-fi stuff

OP was philosophy major so he probably absorbed accelerationism like a sponge combining all the philosophers hes studied

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What is the difference between the grandpa Rick's "Once you reach infinite dimensions, Universe is too petty to care" and Nick Land's?

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Thanks. Once I tried FN and it was too hard from the beginning

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I really don't know how to say this kindly, but I think someone in the thread should. I read through a couple of the posts from 'moldbuggery.' You actually find this stuff compelling and/or plausible at all? I don't know how to put this next part, but I'm a grad student in philosophy at a top 20pgr school and I'm into and down with weird stuff. It's not that the conclusions here strike me as radical or so-evil-that-we-shouldn't-consider-them or whatever it's that they poorly argued for. And not in the rhetorical sense, but the evidence doesn't provide adequate support for the conclusion sense. I'm not gonna get into specifics in this post, but I will if you want. I can't help but suspect that you're into this stuff for silly reasons, reasons that have little to do with truth.

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Peter Thiel on C-Span 1996

2009 on seasteading, privatization of outer space and wimmenz getting the vote


Peter Thiel explains what Rene Girards ideas have meant for him


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Okay so I got into accelerationism a few months ago, I read some Xenosystems posts and I bought Fanged Noumena. Everything was going great, I made a Gnon worship group on discord and we practiced some qwertology and tried to summon a few of the lesser cyber demons but someone posted a rar called Grimes_nudes and I downloaded it and opened it accidentally and now ALL two of my bitcoins are gone and my computer won't stop playing John Stewart episodes in the background. I'm so fucking pissed off, that was literally all my student loans I was waiting for them to recover in value now I'm fucking broke and probably going to get evicted because apparently I kept everyone last speed binge listening to Kode-9 and croaking at the top of my lungs. Fuck Nick Land, fuck bitcoin, fuck discord. I'm going back to being a fucking communist.

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>muh cathedral
It's called the synagogue.

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joke: the cathedral
Broke: the synagogue
woke: the tranny discord

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no I really stand by alot with they say but im not really sure what your getting at mind explaining? enlighten me

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it's never too late to understand computer jargon anon

you're just writing out literal tasks for an idiot savant (your cpu) to accomplish

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>read fanged noumena a few months ago
>was also doing lots of DXM at the time
>had a borderline psychotic break and now I'm a fucking heavy alcoholic
thanks nick

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post blog

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Do you think this fucking impresses me, you worthless nigger? It doesn't. It's pathetic. You're pathetic. Kill yourself.

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>the real Vindex
Can he vash and vipe my vindows?

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>name changed
But even otherwise, no academic in CS actually claims to be an expert.
>one of the unwritten rules
It's wag too dynamic a field
>in case one is larping as one
He is either an industry cunt trying to sell you something or he's some faggot who wants you to enroll in his "totally awesome" koding bootcamp

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I'll be the leader :)

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stfu, you dont even know "coding" means, hint: its not programming

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CM will suffice or whole Capital?
Story of Eye will suffice?

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coding and programming are used interchangable by non-autists

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In Fanged Noumena there is interview with guy called: DC Barker - cryptographer. I want to learn more about this guy and what he is doing

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You could look at the Universities near Land at the time he wrote that and work backwards from there.

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Bespoke: the gay disco

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It's pseud shit.

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What's the connection between The Story of The Eye and Gilles Deleuze?

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Sounds like Geotrauma? If that's the case then that person is fictional.

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