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What are some good books on the female nature? I don't mean some meme shit like "Schopenhauer on Women" or Otto Weininger or Eliot Rodger or whatever meme trash. I'm talking about some actual decent books that get closer to explain the female condition. It would be cool if the author was female as well.

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Milk and honey

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but you already know

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mmmHHmm SPEaK YOUR TRUTH sister

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Those are big boobs
>It would be cool if the author was female as well.
never gonna make it.

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my diary desu

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Northanger Abbey

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I mean - do you want me to say this here, in front of everybody? - I mean you, as a male, already know.

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femininity is literally just inverted masculinity. Being cowardly is good for woman and bad for men, same for weak and strong, foolish and wise etc etc.

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That's not what I mean, dipshit. I mean you have this sacred space - you! The block that you are. You have a sacred space the holy feminine resides within. And I will never hear it. Because fuck you, you expendable block.

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something tantalizing about this image

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I'm a straight woman and I would suck the fuck out of that jazebel's titties.

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Otto Weininger you doofus

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Goethe's Faust is everything you need to read on the feminine.

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do girls like having their breasts suckled from? is it okay if a boy doesn't want anything more than that, but just that itself? do girls find it a relaxing activity, and feel content to comfort a boy with it?

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You are a block. I could place you in front of a cannon and feel nothing. You're cannon-fodder to me. Everything you do is a reaction to me and my cruelty. And I hate you, stumbling behind and ahead. I will desecrate your shrine because your lamentations soothe me. Because I hate how our mythos collects about you. No, I hate something before that. Something at the very beginning.

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>I mean you have this sacred space - you! The block that you are. You have a sacred space the holy feminine resides within. And I will never hear it.
you mean his asshole? do you think he has a womb?
imagine literally worshipping women like that. fucking homo
read the bible you fucking disgrace

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I already answered you last week, anon.

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Practically anything that's been specifically written about women for the past 80 years is deluded. Ancient lit in general probably has the most sober take on what is unique to male and female nature, but unfortunately those stories are being completely dismissed now as tools of oppressive sexism. Start there, and take note of the roles men and women play, and what their so-called "win state" seems to be.

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Hey guys. Nazi literature. What is it? I've gotten three different books, Streets of Night by John Dos Passos included, that have on the back of the pages the nazi symbol in an ad. OK. So I've also read an article about like a book shop in the city (New York, New York) where like the guy in the shop is arguing with another about a hairstyle someone is wearing that is basically from a time it was either a racist style to wear, or I just drew a nazi connection. So it was two fiction, and I forget the third. Damn.

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femanon here: moravia's the woman of rome is pretty good actually, really shocked me to see a man write about being a woman like that. i loved the narrative beyond the conceptual shit too, i really like his writing. im bouta read some of his wife's work (elsa morante) i hear she's really good too (:

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Post feet

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i want to lick your feet

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do you have feet?

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I want to help you

Alright, I’m intrigued
Could just be normal boobs squashed to the side by her arm. Alluring nonetheless.

Probably the nudity

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Fuck off tripfag

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Lick your own feet

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interested in knowing this too as an incel

going on my first date tomorrow, and need some advice on how to make any sexual advances desu

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I bet your feet are ugly and you have toenail fungus

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Schopenhauer's pretty spot on but most anons and women read him as being derogatory because they have brain spasms if they even think they hear negative things near women because they have extremely black and white thinking about whether women must be better or worse Madonnas or whores.
Go re-read it. Keep in mind he is upset that women are being forced to be whores by a male society which he considers a subpar version of the limited maturity of men. He is really upset about the whores in London because he expects Englishmen to have manners beaten into them and the fact they left this happen to thousands of women magnifies his rage far beyond what he would think of them failing to say please and thank you.
That women mature earlier is also a good thing to him, because he sees continuation of a species as the purpose of a species and thoroughly natural. People sperg out that he says it takes males longer to mature because of greater intellect, but greater intellect does not ensure your genetic continuation or the continuation of the species. Greater intellect just allows you to see in your 40s that you have no kids and most of your nonacademic friends already have a legacy while you are in publish or perish mode trying to rely on your intellect to seem like a genetic possibility amongst the much greater genetic possibilities young women have. When men mature late it just means it took them longer to work out they were meant to procreate while women are on to that at 16 and see the vanity of expecting your first year essay to really build any lasting legacy compared to children.

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If the woman relaxes and enjoys herself, then it'll happen naturally

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Foot massages

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Do not offer to suck nips on first date.

I would rather not be judged by my feet. No one will treat me any better for posting such pictures

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What will happen? the sex part? how do i even initiate a kiss desu? seems hard to just go from kiss to sex

>Do not offer to suck nips on first date.
I thought this was foreplay? am i suppose to ask verbal permission for every sexual act i wish to perform?


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They will too.

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Yeah, use lotion. Get those feet all slathered up.

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If she enjoys herself and is happy and relaxed, you'll see her looking at your lips and giving other physical cues. If you're in the moment and enjoying too, let your instincts take over at that point and kiss her.

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sorry, i ask whenever the question is relevant, and couldn't have known we had spoken before. i just feel self-conscious about myself is all (my friends tell me that i'm still mentally a child inside, and that every real man prefers backsides). but i really love what i love, and hope that i'm not abnormal...

(but i probably am, sadly)

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I have sucked the nipples of every girl I have had sex with, (8)
None of them have reacted negatively to It, remember that it’s an eroggenous zone. That said, I never have my mouth busy without my hands offering some other simultaneous stimulation as well, I’m not really a mommy fetishist to find enough interest in the act on its own for sustained periods of time and you can keep the experience dynamic for her by using your hands to do different stuff. Also I throw in the occasional Nipple pinch to keep things dynamic.

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i'm not a mommy fetishist but i just feel like a small boy and want such a relationship dynamic, and want her to cuddle me and care for me and also let me suckle when i'm feeling sad or stressed...is that okay, and would they be okay with that

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>do girls like having their breasts suckled from?
Likely not.
do girls find it a relaxing activity, and feel content to comfort a boy with it?
The trick is getting her to want to do whatever you need. She may never enjoy it but she will bear it under the right circumstances.

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that sounds really mean and i won't hurt someone like that

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>am i suppose to ask verbal permission for every sexual act i wish to perform?
Ask permission for nothing. You are more likely to get rejected for asking than you are for doing. Asking gives her the opportunity to think about it first. Initiating puts her in the moment and forces her to stop something already in progress - and this is more work for the female brain than is rejecting a request.

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"Sperm wars" by robin baker

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>that sounds really mean
You misinfer. There is nothing mean about it. You provide something for her and, if the situation allows, she finds herself willing to be engaged in certain physical ways for you. I am not implying that you need to be manipulative - just that you assert what you want in a relationship where she also gets what she wants (if the accident will).

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but how come they don't enjoy it in the first place, shouldn't it be relaxing for them, and satisfy their maternal instincts

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whoever wrote this is a terrible person

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You might be able to get a girl into that condition. I am not stating this as an impossibility - just that I have never been there. KIM that a mother may never enjoy suckling her actual child, either - though she suffers the chore. This is just how things sometimes are and accommodations are often made.

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this makes me really sad but i do appreciate your insight. i think i'm just hopeless, my dreams don't correspond with reality. i wish reality were different

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whoever wrote this is a terribly blue pilled person

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Whether or not you identify as a mommy fetishist, you are describing a very maternal relationship with a woman here. At any rate, some girls might be into it, but I’d wager that they are a minority. Women are diverse as we are, but there is still a majority opinion among them like with men.

Still, I would suggest you are open about your sexual interests with women and try to be as unafraid of rejection as possible. I know that’s easier to say than it is to do, but I’m talking as somebody with a tickling fetish here. For a lot of my life I felt like an incompatible freak. Still several women have indulged my fetish and it has gone better than expected. I’ve had girls been creeped out to.

But end of the day man, you gotta pursue what you need man, and be willing to face the pain of opening up to a woman even if she might not be receptive. It’s hard, but it’s the only way.

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>there are people who still reply to these threads instead of just report + hiding

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>Women are diverse as we are,
This is factually incorrect. Men have much flatter distribution curves than women. More women are average than men.

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>my dreams don't correspond with reality
Your dreams do not mathematically correspond with likely odds. You may, however, find the ringer.
>i do appreciate your insight
Nur ein Vogelscheisse famalam. Best of luck.

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Don't make me don my tuxedo.

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Like yourself

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