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>it's about one man's slow descent into madness

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>it's about the author's slow descent into madness

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>It's about the author's slow convalescence and return from madness and illness to joy.

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>It's about the author

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>and then fading into madness once again

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Friedricho O'Nietzsche

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>it's about the author's slow descent into homosexuality

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>it's about one man

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It's about deep meaning and symbolism

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it's about 300 pages long

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one of the characters is a girl

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>it's about the author addiction to prostitutes

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>the only purpose of the story is to convey the author's point of view

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>It's about a hero who is called to adventure, receives supernatural aid, finds himself at a threshold, accepts mentoring, is tempted by evil, finds himself in the abyss, transforms, atones, returns, and learns something along the way.

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>it's about the author's childhood

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>it´s about nothing

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>it's about one man's slow ascent into sanity

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>it's about one man's slow descent into kindness

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>it's about two men's slow descent into madness

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It's about one's meandering pathway to mediocracy

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>It's a story about how love depends too much on anatomy

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My favorite book is about the author's childhood

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>it's about the glory of god

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>it's about the author's ascent into gnosis

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what book?

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>it's about one man's quick descent into madness

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Literally this, one of my favourites. Haven't finished the trilogy or dared to try to read the exegesis though.

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The Double by Dostoevsky

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>It's about a man's descent into enlightenment

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>It's about one man's slow descent down his staircase

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>finnegans wake

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>it's about one man's slow descent into opiate addiction

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good shit

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>its about one mans slow descent into cuckoldry

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>it's about one hung nigga's slow descent into fuckin a pawg milf and having their husband eat the cum out of their pussy and then sissifying their asocial gamer son and gangbanging mother and sissified son at the same time while their husband/father sniffs the sissified son's panties and climaxes by ejaculating a pitiful load from his tiny white dick onto his son's face, at the same time the nigga fills the milf to the brim with thick ropes of cum and as the husband sucks his dick clean the nigga whispers in his ear while pointing to the milf's overflowing pussy "this one will worship my black dick too"

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How cpme it's never a woman?

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>it's about one white woman's descent into being fucked every day by bbc while her husband watches

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She cannot descend any lower

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>File: 1541865941029.jpg (747 KB, 1500x1004)
>She cannot descend any lower
why this bitch so skinny

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you did it wrong

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Prince of Nothing. Two men, actually.

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For some reason I'm associating this painting with that Capote novel about the murders in Kansas. Don't know if it's related at all though..

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no I didn't you spastic

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