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>your favorite book
>the worst thing you’ve ever done

I throatfucked a trap who was dressed in a skirt

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How was that a bad thing? It seems like it was a mutually beneficial exchange.

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Not him, but I felt dirty for a week after it happedned to me. He was arguably better than a girl though

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fucking traps is based

me? I don't read and the worst thing I've ever done is vote for that jew shill donald trump in 2016

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all of this

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That doesn't sound so bad. Better than cheating on your spouse like most boomers have done.

>favourite book
No Country for Old Men

>the worst thing you've ever done
>When I was in school I used to bully people mercilessly, despite being bullied myself. I was a real piece of shit and there's a lot of things I wish I could unsay, but obviously I can't.

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Fucking traps is only based if they pass very well.

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I stole an artwork from a gallery (realized that what I did was awful and insanity and returned it the day after)
Alternatively, getting drunk like a pig and taking a diarrhetic shit in the street. People saw.
Or maybe trying to have sex in the city centre with my straight cousin who was desperate and drunk almost enough to actually let me do it.

>throatfucked a trap who was dressed in a skirt
eh, if that really is the worst thing you're fine

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Heart of Darkness
I kicked a stranger into a nettle bush when I was 17 just because I knew I could get away with it. He was only wearing a t-shirt and running shorts so probably got stung like hell.

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Infinite jest
I work at a coffee shop in a university town and I steal textbooks from students when they get u to go to the bathroom.
I sell them on craigslist and make thousands of dollars a month.

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How the fuck do you get away with that? Don't people see you walk over and take them? Also hasn't anyone suspected a member of staff yet?

Also, how many do you steal?

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
I got throatfucked by some guy whilst dressed in a skirt

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The Stranger
I shot an arab because I got sunburnt

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lel no everyone is too busy working on their thesis or worrying about their own shit. college kids lose shit all the time by the time they realize its gone it's usually too late.

I have stolen more than I can count. I have stolen ipads and kindles as well. I wipe em and sell em again.

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Borges compete Fictions.

I got real drunk and threatened to kill my girlfriend. Everyone saw the messages on Facebook the next day. I once went to a party and stole a bunch of shit only to throw it out of the car window on the way home. I fucked a girl on a dumpster at a Taco Bell.

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The Devil to Pay in the Backlands

Tried to force myself onto a girl that I didn't even like in 6th grade because I felt like I needed to prove my masculinity.

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This is normal

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Industrial Society and Its Future

I accidentally killed by aunt's terrier whilst I was helping her reorganize her lounge. She was in another room and it kept yapping at me so I picked up an empty glass jar and hit it on the head. I thought I had only tapped it but the next thing I know it fucking dies. I put it on its bed and made some excuse to gtfo. Never heard about it from my aunt again.

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East of Eden
A little boy in the arcade dropped a 5 dollar bill. I quickly stood on it and waited until he walked away to grab it from under my shoe.

Feel bad about it like 30 years later still. He was looking around forever.

I should give a black person 5 dollars

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A Confederacy of Dunces

nice try FBI

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Your book and what you've done do not match at all

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>A Confederacy of Dunces
>Stole three grand worth of drugs from my dealer when I knew he wouldn't suspect me

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The Brothers Karamazov

As an angsty teen I used to key up people's cars. Probably caused thousands worth of damages overall.

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Everyone here is posting dumb societal taboos, crimes and whatnot. Stupid. I guarantee that isn’t the worst thing you’ve done. What about your commitment to mediocrity, Anon? Your constant compromises, your daily cowardice, your deep-seeded weakness? The addictions you nurture, the world of distraction you keep yourself in? The legion of vices and bad habits you let run amok in your soul, the bitterness you rationalize, the loneliness you are solely the father of, the endless justifications? The ideals you abandoned because they were too difficult? What have you settled for instead? No discipline, no ascension, no enlightenment, just an unhappy, quietly desperate, average life of attachments and unfulfilled longing, maybe to one day be smothered out by numbness or senility. You are still on the cycle. That is mediocrity. That will be etched into eternity as the worst thing you’ve ever done, far, far worse than the time you shoplifted, intimidated someone, got a boner from something embarrassing, etc etc etc

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ego and it's own

spooked shit

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post made me laugh

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it's a doggy dog world, anon

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Crime and Punishment
Hurt everyone around me

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>I fucked a girl on a dumpster at a Taco Bell
I think you won the thread there.

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Do you live in fairy land and ride a unicorn to work?

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>your favourite book
Samuel Beckett - Molloy

>the worst thing you’ve ever done
I dated a girl with BPD because the sex was incredible

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I never asked for such feels

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Why has there been an influx of racist bigots on this board lately

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The Sun Also Rises
Never lived up to my potential despite having literally all the committed support in the world and nothing to lose.

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The Brothers Karamazov
I stole my flatmates underwear, masturbated with them, and then put them back in her drawer.

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Extremely based gif

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i have never done anything wrong

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Can't pick a favorite book.
Never done anything bad except being snarky and pretentious.

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Feel free to save it friend, it’s all yours

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>your favorite book
pic related
>the worst thing you've ever done
from 2nd to 6th grade I faked headaches and hallucinations to miss school. This lead to my mom spending hundreds in medical bills to find out what was wrong with me. Eventually she joined some kind of cult and to this day still thinks I was possessed by demons or some shit.

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In a way, perhaps you were

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The Trial but really into Bronte right now.
Worst thing I've done are between a few.
Caused my mother to have a panic attack,stole a car,stole money from a very good ex-friend of mine which was money for his sisters marriage cake(they got it back).

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If only she checked your browser history while you were bunking off, she'd realise you'd joined the cult of 4chan and developed a loli addiction. (so yes, you probably were possessed by demons)

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>Brontë and The Trial
>stole a car

absolutely zero correlation between what you did and your picks almost comical

(What the fuck prompted you to steal a car and from who?)

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A grandmother and was a druggie. Reformed now and in denial of everything i've done so i just read books as a schizoid

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>he got trumped
lol It's amazing how easy it is to trick Americans. Not saying voting for Hilary was any better, but at least with her you know exactly what you're gonna get.

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>in a skirt
Would it be not so bad if she had worn a dress?

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Manufactured pseudo-feels post. Too melodramatic to be effective

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This can't be real

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Very clever move, anon

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ahahaha i chuckled hard

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Hey, that's also my favorite book.
I was throatfucked while dressed in a ski- wait a minute.

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>just confirming the fact that only faggots love pynchon

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>mercilessly bullying my younger brother when we were teens; also self-harming my way into a hospital and having to call and tell my mother what i’d done

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>Favorite Book
Flowers For Algernon
>Worst Thing You've Ever Done
Tie between setting fire to a paper towel dispenser in my school's washroom a couple years back and jerking off in the washroom without washing my hands before going back onto the line at McDonald's.

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Heart of darkness
I kind of r*ped a whore in a third world country, I regret that I did it without a condom.
Thank God I didn't get any STDs

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>third world country
Did you enjoy it at the moment and which country was it, anon?

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>Did you enjoy it at the moment
not really, i was really pissed
>which country was it

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Old Pinchy would be proud.

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waitaminute is Pynchon degenerate?

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I am sorry to disappoint, Anon, I will hone my craft

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Coffee and Kantpilled.

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What a horrible reaction image. It reminds me of that tragedy.

Killed a man

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Stoner. Habitually cheat on gfs.

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>Songs of Innocence and Experience
>peed in the sink at a McDonalds once

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Notes from the Underground/Catch-22
I drunkenly tried to forcefully kiss a friend I spread rumours by after I had tearfully admitted and apologized to her

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The idiot.
I stole three roubles.

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>The Iliad
>dumped the girl I was engaged to for a year to screw art hoes in peace

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Oh yeah, I forgot to put that in my post
Did the same but replace flatmate with sister, step-sister and step-mother
It’s not even a fetish, it was just because the panties were accessible and I saw it on a Spongebob episode

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As I Lay Dying

The worst thing I got accused of doing is far more interesting than the worst thing I actually did. When I was 18, I became the prime suspect in a murder case because I skipped school and spent three hours in the woods sitting in my car and reading Mason and Dixon.

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>I fucked a girl who was asleep next to me rawdog (and who I met just that night) after a buddy and I tagteamed her. Came all over her stomach and she kind of woke up to smear it all over her body. Not consensual at all, but she was a proud little whore so I like to think she liked it.

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>Fave book
Pic related
>Worst thing I've done
When I was 13 and horny and my older sis was about 19 I stuck into her room in the middle of the night and dry humped her till I came. I thought she was a heavy sleeper and didn't notice but the next day I overheard her telling me my mom about how traumatized she was. Funny thing I'm 23 now have a good relationship with everyone in my family and nobody has confronted me about it

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>I stole thousands of dollars out of my mother's purse, smoked two cigarettes on an international flight (got away with it somehow), and pissed on my roommate's bed while he was home for his dad's funeral.

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What do you expect when your alibi is that shitty

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The guy who actually did it turned himself in, otherwise I would have been fucked. Feels like a very dark episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm looking back.

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Ah, Prisoner 24601, I see you're here as well

>> No.12743619

Ha! You fucked a tranny? How’s it feel to be gay?

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This cant be real

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how is that accidental?

>> No.12743652

Of course it can.
Some women don't know what to do in rapey situations so they kind of let it happen

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Chopped down a cherry tree

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Pissed in the soup in the kitchen of my university dormitory, broke Adidas shopwindow, and window in the house of some people for no reason. Made a fire in the next house although was glad when the firefighters fixed everything at the beginning.

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One Hundred Years of Solitude

I ignore/mistreat everyone who cares about me.

>> No.12743789

Top kek

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agree, prose is too purple.

if done badly it come off stupid and if done well it romanticizes what he's describing. doesn't work at all

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The Stranger
I backed up into someone's car leaving golf practice a few years ago. I left a giant dent in the side and drove away without leaving a note

>> No.12743895

For how much guilt I constantly have weighing on me, I'm a saint compared to you guys. Wew.

>> No.12743967

also in the bus I picked up the phone that had fallen from some old woman sold it and bought Leaves of grass

>> No.12743986

Why did you include the guy who peed in the sink and the guy who didn't wash his hands after masturbating?

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>Broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years over the phone for a rich man (he was married) I met on spring break in Miami, but I did like the rich man for more than his money and we’re now engaged and living in Manhattan

>> No.12744052


How's about you Catch-aids&die

>> No.12744062

>incel moralistic outrage
Nobody cares

>> No.12744067

>he was married
You know how this will end lmao.

>> No.12744082

LOL, life wrecker.

>> No.12744092

It's more so that she will inevitably lose her looks, just like his ex-wife, and he will replace her just as quickly as she hits the wall.

>> No.12744095

And live comfortably from the divorce for the rest of her life. Could be worse.

>> No.12744106

When this happens though it will be the perfect opportunity to be hella /lit/ and write a badass lyrical angsty novel.
Counting on you anonette.

>> No.12744107

>Could be worse.
Things can only be bad if you're self aware to begin with, women are not. I dated an Italian for 5 miserable years. She read barnes and noble Dosto translations.

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>Yfw you give the terrier the jar of justice

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I took a piss in one of my mom's white wine bottles on a whim when I was fourteen. She didn't get around to drinking it until way after I'd forgotten about even doing it. She got sick. To the point that the doctors thought she had spinal meningitis.

>> No.12744129

>be house slave to rich man
nice female life

>> No.12744130

Moby dick
Being a disappointment to my friends and parents

>> No.12744133

>B&N Dosto translations
those are the same as translations sold in other bookstores. This says literally nothing about a person.

>> No.12744137

Confederacy of Dunces
I regularly romance crazy/damaged girls, often sleeping with them, and when they say they're in love with me after a week and a half or so I say I'm not looking for a relationship.
It boosts my self confidence, besides if they decide i'm their soul mate that quickly it probably wouldn't work out anyways.

>> No.12744139

you can't be this stupid

>> No.12744140

Wasn't she Italian? Why was she reading Dosto in English?

>> No.12744148

I feel this mate, it's a hard cycle to get out of. Currently about a week from dumping one my newest one.

>> No.12744149

Those are the Constance Garnett translations, retard.

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>> No.12744152

I liked it, anon :)

>> No.12744156

All of her extended family speak Italian except for her and her parents.

>> No.12744158

If you think the "reading translations" thing is anything other than a meme then I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.12744167


It isn't easy being Kino anon, don't worry

>> No.12744169

Incels on suicide watch

>> No.12744173

Cope roastie.

>> No.12744175

Is peeing in a sink at McDonald's that bad?

>> No.12744188

Yeah well plot twist, incel - im the ex boyfriend and I just described my ex girlfriend because I hate her guts. But this is exactly what happened.

>> No.12744189

Remember how nobody was giving each other shit for their misdeeds, then the incels showed up and derailed the thread to shame some woman? Fuck off and die.

>> No.12744203

That's a worse cope
cope incel (look I said it!)

>> No.12744225

This, you moralising r9k nigger refugees need to fucking behave yourselves if you're going to hang around.

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mines pretty funny
Julius Cesar and The Fountainhead but for my vices sake lets say Trainspotting

heroin and all things that heroin makes you do for money

>> No.12744275

What do you mean

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knew /lit/ had junkies

atleast your selection wasn't bad

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In highschool (during classes mostly), from time to time, I used to joke about a girl who was somewhat of a laughing stock of the group because she was extremely short, ugly (perhaps because of some issues during her mom's pregnancy) and with pretty bad hygiene; reason: I was known as a very witty guy, top of the class, and I really liked making the others laugh. She was from a poor family with multiple children. During the last year of highschool, there was a rise in the hostility surrounding her, although she was not unlikable, most people went at her because of her appearance, otherwise she was pretty smart. At a parents' gathering organised by the teacher responsible for the group, between some other things, her mother mentioned while crying that this behavior has to stop because she can't bear to hear her daughter crying in her room everyday after coming home from school.
At that moment there was no realization that these actions can have deep consequences for others, but as time passed I came to understand them, and I will forever despise that fragment of mine, lost in time.

>> No.12744315

Not true, in the OP. Why is some incel trying to interfere with my incel triggering I wonder?

>> No.12744330

>favorite book
The Idiot/Crime and Punishment/ Brothers K

>> No.12744389

because he was triggered by the triggered incels

>> No.12744405

>The introduction of a single woman causes incels to drag an entire conversation into complete incoherence.

>> No.12744406

Your not the nigga who posts on /trv/

>> No.12744416

Excuse me wtf

>> No.12744419

>Pale Fire

Bully my bf and call him fat all the time lol

>> No.12744443

favorite book

the worst thing you’ve ever done

when i was a little kid i picked on a kid with downs syndrome,

>> No.12744537

The funniest thing I read all week

>> No.12744549

>reading Mason and Dixon
should've given you the capital punishment

>> No.12744652

Trust me, she was far from traumatized. She literally called me the next day to fuck.

>> No.12744661

Tell yourself whatever you need to with that puny slave morality.

>> No.12744669

>The Trial
>watched child porn on the deep web

>> No.12744691


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Grande Sertão: Veredas?
What an amazing book. I found about it 4 years ago. Blew my tuga mind. One of my personal favourites. Good taste, macaco.

>It varies, but currently is pic related
Worked for a crooked lawyer for 3 years and created a multitude of false legal documents that bamboozled courts and clients. He's dead now, but many people say he faked his death, which makes sense, knowing the man.

>> No.12744773

>he was married
>now we're engaged
I'm not judging you, but just letting you know that you already have evidence of extramarital affairs on his part, in this case prior to your own marriage with him, and there's no reason to think what he did with you against his old wife, he wouldn't do with another against his present wife.

Also this thread is really really really messed up. You people should feel ashamed of yourselves. Really. Absolutely horrendous. I'm not judging you, but you should certainly be judging yourselves. These are really bad confessions in this thread. I feel bad when I get angry at someone - but you guys make me feel like I've never done anything wrong in my whole life...

>> No.12744790

you haven't lived if you don't have some shocking secret

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In 2008 moot gave my IP address to the cops because I printed out a 17 page /b/ thread I had posted about a 6foot tall retarded natutard weeb girl in my school and gave it to her while my buddy distracted her. She killed herself a few years ago I guess but my friend who I turned over to the cops is a doctor now so it all works out.

>> No.12744820

let's see...i stole soap when i was a child...i f*pped to my friend's gf for a very long time bc she was the only girl i knew of in life, through him...i obsessively pursued a girl in hs in a really destructive and embarassing manner...i have others. but aside from the last two, and the infrequent bouts of p*rn, i don't have anything like what i find here. i still feel extremely ashamed for everything mentioned above though...i am genuinely a degenerate for those

>> No.12744832

Sounds kinda hot desu
So why is it the worst thing you've done? Or were you just bragging about it?

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stop worryin and start livin kid

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>Closing Time

In school still, recently choked out a Native American kid on my bus because he was acting like a hood rat faggot. I gave him red imprints on his throat and called him a "filthy nigger" , got sent to a mental ward for a month.

>> No.12744897

>in school still
ding dong bannu

>> No.12744907

>obsessively pursued a girl in hs in a really destructive and embarassing manner
Tell us more

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Shy kys not because you thread. It is doesnt count

>> No.12744929

I Let the Owl Call my Name
I let my dog lick my beenis for a few seconds when I was a young teen

Pretty disgusted just thinking about it

>> No.12744950

>death of ivan ilyich
once saw a woman getting gang raped in an alley but I just ignored it and went on my way, didn't even bother to call the cops

>> No.12744962

not like it would have unraped her

>> No.12745007

Were you wearing flip flops?

>> No.12745028

Stockholm syndrome to your own guilt, impressive

>> No.12745058

It's really quite bad. Basically, puberty messed me up in ways I'm still dealing with, wherein a previously likeable and sociable boy, successful with the ladies, became a completely awkward and unapproachable weirdo that could never see girls as "normal people" anymore, and interact with them as such. I liked a girl in highschool. I told one friend, who told all my friends. Soon, everyone in school knew of it. I made it much worse by my absolute inability to even speak to her. I would get drunk some days and leave a heart on her "wall" on facebook. We were in a group together once, and had to present something to the class. During the pre-presentation sessions, I refused to speak up at all. On the day of the presentation itself, I skipped class. Other, similar tales of unbridled autism. My classmates likely remember me as "that fucking weirdo freak who harassed that popular girl throughout highschool".

There ain't much else to say, really. I'm better now, in the sense that I can talk to girls properly now, and don't suffer from such autism anymore. But I'm still not the same lad I was before puberty, wherein I could socialize my way into and out of any room, and be friends with any lady quite easily. Those were childhood days, though. A bygone era, which I'll never get to see again in this current lifetime. Now I just try to be a simple and humble person, and not ever ruin anyone's days the way I did that poor girl back in highschool. I apologized to her though at least, years after our graduation. She forgave me, and said she never held it against me (what an angel, honestly, such a lovely girl, that I still think about from time to time, though I've lost my feelings for her by this point). I just strive to be a good person now, and not repeat any such mistakes of my past, be it this one or the ones I listed previous. But it also sucks because I really hate myself, and often torment myself mentally because I feel I deserve it. So I think really negative thoughts, or watch really negative media (ex. p*rn), which I know myself to hate, but feel I deserve to be exposed to. It's part of why I come to this place, actually. Because there's so much rampant degeneracy here, which I feel I deserve to experience, for the very reason that I'm repulsed by it. But I'm not better than anyone, I don't think things like that. I just call a spade a spade, and try to stay away from the filthy spades. For example, I hate any kind of sexual act which isn't vanilla. The concept of thr**tf*ck*ng like in OP makes me really sickened and really sad. But lately I've been imagining it happening to myself, or being done by me to someone else, because I've been feeling particularly spiteful towards myself in recent days.

But yeah, that's my story. Pretty boring. Just be good to yourself and to other people, and keep yourself in virtuous lanes, so that you don't amass a mound of regrets which your later life comes to rest itself on.

>> No.12745138

>You people should feel ashamed of yourselves.
>you should certainly be judging yourselves
Who said we're not, you cunty asshole?

>> No.12745170

based as fuck

>> No.12745285

Neat story, anon.

>> No.12745318


>> No.12745330

because fucking a girl you just met without a condom (or consent) while she's sleeping is generally considered a bad thing. I just assumed she wouldn't mind since my friend and I just spitroasted her for an hour

>> No.12745347

>I just assumed she wouldn't mind
That's my go-to rape defence

>> No.12745373


>> No.12745466
File: 1.21 MB, 316x240, 1544280206911.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was in disbelief when I read someone here stole a car and all the other bullshit people have said but i'm now not totally shocked, people who read books are really fuckin weird. And honestly ignoring life as much as we do I can see people not giving a fuck/unaware of their actions.

>> No.12745467

fave book
Journey by Moonlight

worst thing

My older sister would come home drunk and piss herself then take her soaked trousers,panties and throw them in the clothes basket. I would then grab them while she slept passed out and sniff them. No jacking off or even a boner just me being a creep .I feel guilty whenever i see her.

>> No.12745486

Alright incel, you’re triggered because we found true love and he left his boring unambitious wife and kids? Far worse things have happened

>> No.12745550

No need to insult me, I'm just saying that a person who cheats once proves themselves capable of doing so again. Just be wary, is all.

>> No.12745568

Post tits and feet or leave you retarded whore jesus christ the absolute state of this site

>> No.12745813

Porn addicted incel detected

>> No.12745820

crome and punishment
i beat up my parents

>> No.12745836

Nope, Not me

>> No.12745890

Nah brah she was a female, anal sex is disgusting, I only got my dick sucked by trannys and those were the best bjs which I ever got

>> No.12745914

>Favorite book
Probably Catch 22

>Worst thing you have done
I once made a kid cry because I kept changing the rules of chess to mess with him. Yeah, my life is not very exciting...

>> No.12745959
File: 111 KB, 256x256, ダウンロード (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I felt my 9 year old cousin's butt when I was 15

>> No.12745985

The trial
I kept scaring a kid with a heart condition to see if he would die. I was also a kid.

>> No.12746094

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2
Almost burnt down my elementary school

>> No.12746119

>crime and punishment
>i ejaculated in a jar of peanut butter, mixed it in and put it back in the pantry like nothing happened.

>> No.12746156

Did he ever get close?

>> No.12746173


>> No.12746200

This would be ever slightly more incisive if I had no grand plans. I will attain beatific vision and you hold no power over me, creature

>> No.12746226

This happened to me except I was reading Gene Wolfe

>> No.12746293
File: 23 KB, 300x475, 445747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had to think about this, and I remembered something truly terrible. I hadn't thought about this for at least a year and I never want to again.
Six years ago I had a three-way with people I met a Brony meetup.

>> No.12746327

wtf bro? she’s your sister

>> No.12746329

>I had a three-way
all dudes?

>> No.12746333

Pretty motivational desu

>> No.12746340


>> No.12746375

no man wtf

>> No.12746384

>Gravity’s Rainbow
>Went hunting with Dad as a young man and to impress him I killed multiple fauna in cold blood including a Kangaroo with it’s baby in the pouch and a wombat’s head which I shot clean off.

>> No.12746402

You've successfully confused everyone with double reply. Did the 19 year old sister call the 13 year old brother to fuck the next day? Because that would be quite the twist.

>> No.12746412

I hope you are every bite and put down that joey you faggot

>> No.12746434

I stand by the irrefutable claim that it's not rape if you enjoy it.

>> No.12746445
File: 95 KB, 500x725, shadowoftorturer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I paid a married woman to take my virginity
I still see her from time to time

>> No.12746446


I stole painkillers from my mom for three years in highschool. My mom did the same thing to her mom when she was in highschool

>> No.12746492

Didn’t eat a thing and I couldn’t catch the Joey in time.

I deserve your hatred, thank you.

>> No.12746519

lol sure, because you're such a go-getter

>> No.12746535

>why is it the worst thing you've done? Or were you just bragging about it?
yikes this board is fucked

>> No.12746547

This is the literary lifestyle.

>> No.12746549

>I made my mom a fedora tipping atheist during my edgy atheist phase. Since then I have become a Catholic

>> No.12746570

Also during that time I convinced my eighth grade English teacher to assign an essay on the problem of evil to the class

>> No.12746577

Why did you kill him?

>> No.12746626


>When I was 7 I used to sneak up into this tiny wooden house with my cousin every time another friend of hers visited (both were 6), then we'd all undress and lay the girl down on a table and toy with her using all the stuff she'd keep in that backyard house.

Adult years later, the girl went full-junkie BDSM lesbian and my cousin often tells me that she's constantly asking about me, how I am and often asking for pictures of me.

>> No.12746651

Is she hot?

>> No.12746655

Yeah, I guess.

>> No.12746665
File: 56 KB, 688x559, 1427CC98-53A2-4867-B78A-58EF1DAC9606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12746667

wtf that’s not bad

>> No.12746697

As I Lay Dying

not sure which thing to pick as the worst, but the one that weighs on me the most is how i could be a little prick to my mom sometimes, and sometimes i think i may have contributed to her death through being a prick and also through not caring enough about her to realize the depth of her sadness or the seriousness of her illness

>> No.12747306

after all these years, finally.. you truly have a heart of darkness

>> No.12747309

>Used my mates master ball on some shitty Pokémon
>Destroying a friend's hot wheels for no reason playing the sheep after wards
>Dumped a mates lunch because he took to long to eat

>> No.12747369

white buildings or leaves of grass
kicked me doggo in the tum once as a lad. he was barkin and i was a stupid little faggot 6 year old so for some reason i toed him in his belly. didn't really do any damage but he did start yelping. still haunts me 16 years later. i also stomped on a butterfly once as a child. i also didn't prevent my cousin from dropping a brick on a frog, that's a distinct memory. basically any instance in which i purposefully harmed a defenseless creature makes my soul cringe every time i recall it. humans are so deplorable

>> No.12747461

Hatchet or How I Learned to Fly. I haven't really enjoyed anything since childhood aside from masturbation or otherwise quick highs. Everything else is baseless hedonism to cope or the gathering information.

I raped my older brother.

>> No.12747674


fear and trembling
used to throw one of my cats frequently, used to drown spiders because i was angry they made me scared. used to hurt people when i was bored.

>> No.12747686

that post wasn't racist or bigoted in any way but okay

>> No.12747881

lmao sounds like something that would happen to me

>> No.12747904
File: 20 KB, 220x332, 220px-The_Unconsoled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i never practiced hard enough and eventually limped out of my degree with a 2 :2 and never played my instrument again after my parents dropped thousands of pounds on a musical education for me, sending me to a specialist music school and then paying for me to afford to be at one of the major music colleges (all of which i begged them for; they never forced me, they were just supportive and good)

>> No.12747907

please die

>> No.12747909

not him but i saved it because everything i see is mine

>> No.12747933

Notes from the Underground.

I used to do Meth as a teen, was molested by a guy with Down Syndrome (not joking) and my Dad was an extraordinarily abusive person who beat me with golf clubs, and so all of this lead me down some dark paths. I am a straight male, but I once 69’d with my cousin (male) in the closet. I sucked dick once, too. I would bully kids and shoot a disabled kid with BB guns from my balcony. I stole $10,000 out of my parent’s safe to buy meth and cocaine. One time, after a drug binge, I came back to my parents room to see my mom crying on my bed, and beat the fuck out of her. Once I power-fucked a prostitute in Tijuana, while she was crying. I used to work in the food industry and would jizz and flick boogers into the food. My brother and I once both beat my grandmother, who was deaf and blind, with sticks while my parents were out. One time I was at an Elton John concert, and I yelled “DANCE FAGGOT,” before being prompty dragged out by security.

>> No.12747938

are you naturally gifted?

>> No.12747953

i think so
i took to it very quickly as a kid, won some competitions, impressed the people i auditioned for to get into the music schools
but it turns out being talented doesn't mean shit when you're a lazy shit who doesn't put the work in

>> No.12747954

good post

>> No.12747956

what the hail :/

>> No.12747964

i stopped being sorry for you being molested by a downie halfway through the text and by the end of it i was glad it happened. you're a giant piece of shit, worst guy in this thread by far.

>> No.12747971


>> No.12747982

>The Master and Margarita
>self-harmed by banging head, ended up with a permanent headache + hit a dog's skull with a rock

>> No.12747983

The Ego and Its Own
When I was a kid I threw rocks in the middle of the street to see a car crash. It didn't happen though. Also I have assaulted cops a few times and have committed arson. Used to stab frogs and other small animals with my pocket knife too. This all may sound bad but it's really only a small fraction of my life. I usually behave myself.

>> No.12747987

It is because of dickshits like you that now doctors don't believe I've been having this headache for 2 years.

>> No.12747989

>the idiot
Unironically appropriate, anon. And not because of the title. Did you ever apologize? You should do it today.

>> No.12747995

My favorite fiction book is Melancholy of Resistance btw.

>> No.12748013

sirens of titan

cheated on a couple girlfriends who were very sweet girls, and hurt them badly. i have since changed my ways but still feel very guilty about it.

one girl i dated was a total skank, but i broke her heart cruelly and she later became a prostitute

don't cheat.

>> No.12748020

I hole-hardedly agree, but allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite. So I ask of you to mustard up all the strength you can because it is a doggy dog world out there. Although there is some merit to what you are saying it seems like you have a huge ship on your shoulder. In your argument you seem to throw everything in but the kids Nsync, and even though you are having a feel day with this I am here to bring you back into reality. I have a sick sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in your rhetoric. I have zero taller ants when it comes to people spouting out hate in the name of moral righteousness. You just need to remember what comes around is all around, and when supply and command fails you will be the first to go. Make my words, when you get down to brass stacks it doesn't take rocket appliances to get two birds stoned at once. It's clear who makes the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your prize and accept the facts. You might have to come to this conclusion through denial and error but I swear on my mother's mating name that when you put the petal to the medal you will pass with flying carpets like it’s a peach of cake.

>> No.12748021
File: 172 KB, 311x475, 9443405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i let a bunch of dogs out of backyards in Albania

>> No.12748022

I can't even place my favorite book, Infinite Jest, Heart of Darkness or Moby Dick perhaps

I don't recall doing anything bad, I called my sister a whore when we were 14 because I was really mad at her and she always had a bad temper but idk. I feel like such a boring person reading this thread, the biggest mistake I ever did was isolate myself socially during the last 5 years or so and growing ever more anxious and depressed and it seems like a hole I can't climb out of but I really can't think of any regrets really. All my regrets are not taking chances when I should have and I've grown so much inward in the past couple of years I wish I could cry

>> No.12748023
File: 448 KB, 509x413, ..........png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12748029

sadly not

>> No.12748045


>> No.12748050

>For all intensive purposes
It’s a doggy dog world, anon

>> No.12748056

I tried to find some when I was 16 and normal porn didn’t arouse me, only girls my age
Worse, I couldn’t find anything decent

>> No.12748058

>his boring unambitious wife and kids
those fucking unambitious kids

>> No.12748060

Contact had been cut long after I've even thought about that, and it's most likely that I will never meet again with any of my former colleagues; there were no interesting people in the whole group, or even in the senior category. One of the very few interesting people was the Philosophy teacher who died in my senior year, due to a liver condition caused by years and years of alcoholism. Had I been born 10 or even 5 years earlier, I would've pulled the man from his despair.

>> No.12748085

>>Worst thing you have done
>I once made a kid cry because I kept changing the rules of chess to mess with him. Yeah, my life is not very exciting...

This is just sad

>> No.12748090

You devil

>> No.12748095

Based existentialist

>> No.12748109

if you ever get the chance you should apologize, i bet she would appreciate it

>> No.12748111

16 isn't CP at all, you fucking moron.

>> No.12748136

legally it is

>> No.12748148

Not in Austria or Swiss not sure anymore which, there you can shoot porn at 16 with the allowance of your parents

>> No.12748159

But I’m neither Austrian nor Swiss, anons
And mama wouldn’t want to see her boy fingering his ass on the telly

>> No.12748168

>Or maybe trying to have sex in the city centre with my straight cousin who was desperate and drunk almost enough to actually let me do it.
That's hot

>> No.12748170

Whilst you raise a convincing argument, I have to say that whilst is based.

>> No.12748178 [DELETED] 

>Ride the tiger
A drunk guy attacked me at a party and I beat him so badly he has seizures now. I was legally cleared though so fuck him.

>> No.12748220 [DELETED] 

based but hone your edge

>> No.12748276

When people use the term they mean like 5 or 6 year olds, not a 16 yr. old.

>> No.12748301

>your favorite book
>the worst thing you’ve ever done
I regularly cheat on my girlfriend of 5 years.

>> No.12748363

>your favorite book
Species of Spaces and Other Pieces
>worst thing I've done
I permanently crippled a kid from his arms down in 4th grade when I fought him for bullying my friends and myself. I shoved him and he tripped backwards on a tree root only for his backbone to be perfectly crushed by another tree root. Kid is in a wheelchair now. Moved to a new school 1 week later bc he was bullied after that.

>> No.12748391

Not the cops, though
And they’re the ones you have to be afraid of

>> No.12748470

I'm so glad that I kept my teenage atheist beliefs to myself.

>> No.12748519

It wasn't very hot when he realized that he hasn't washed his dick, became too embarrassed and didn't let me continue jacking him off.

>> No.12748649

>favorite book
the phenomenology of spirit
>worst thing I've done
when me and my best friend were around 12, we made two kids of 6-7 years jerk each others off and suck their cocks just to see what happens

>> No.12748659

Fave book was Yukio Mishimas Sun and Steel.

Worst thing I've done is let a drunk 40 year old Irish guy suck my dick at a car park when I was 19.

>> No.12748740

Favourite book is montaign’s essays.

When i was about 8 my friend and I broke into a guys garden, broke into his shed and then we both shit on the floor and left.

>> No.12748915

Did anything interesting happen?

>> No.12748927

He was sick and in pain and wanted me to.
I don't feel I did something unethical, but I'm still a murderer.

>> No.12748960

Severely underrated and xavierpilled.

>> No.12748962

War and Peace

During sex, I beat a semi-popular porn girl until she cried and bled and then pissed on her face. She said it was alright but didn't stop crying until I left.

>> No.12748986

Why did you do that? Was she into that or something?

>> No.12749039

no, but I was

>> No.12749537
File: 76 KB, 640x640, 1551048761687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry brother I hope you find peace.

>> No.12749544

cops are retarded, fatass weaklings
I could easily liquidate those worthless bastards

>> No.12750611


>> No.12750879

faggot on the right gave me an immediate boner

>> No.12751383

I wish I had the skills and the gall to do this, too.
You are my avenging angel, be praised.

>> No.12751469

I see you are a man of culture.

>> No.12751487


>> No.12751526
File: 60 KB, 305x500, 9780553136951-us.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went to my friends house when I was 11 and walked through his parents bedroom with dogshit covered shoes.
His stepfather thought he did it and called him outside, where I could actively hear him berating him super aggressively.
The next day he turned up to school with bruises and im 100% sure the guy had beat on him after I left.

>> No.12751560
File: 303 KB, 642x705, 1533204754162.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All of your sins are now forgiven

>> No.12751569

I feel the same about many of the things you mentioned but sadly I am not as much of a man of character as you.
Especially the last part, I am imagining oral sex because I really want to experience it but the thought of how disgusting it would be to tell someone you love to do that torments me. Of course I never knew a girl romantically but that I could even think of doing this to someone and the devastation that my love would feel, revealing to her that I am no better than the rest of the degenerates in the world makes me feel like I would never deserve to get to know her at all. Even worse when she would do it in my fantasy with a smile while I still know that she only acquiesces out of fear of loneliness and how she would never feel the same safety as before. The thought that I put imaginary girlfriends constantly into a wide array of such situations just tells me how desperate I am to be in a position of power and my lack of control in my stories is just supposed to guard my self-image of a nice and upstanding man in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.
That I can so easily jump from being disgusted at myself to pleasing myself with my fantasies leaves me in the end unwilling to do anything else.

That someone with the same affliction but objectively higher moral standards exists makes me feel even worse. I hope I can use this moment to become a better person.

>> No.12751583

Can't decide on favorite book, either Notes From the Underground or V I guess.

Me, my friend, and his gf went into the city to see Death Grips in highschool (lol, I know) and his girl got so drunk she couldn't walk. We basically carried her back to the station, threw her on the train and left right befor the doors closed so that we could still get to the show. Problem was I was carrying her backpack for her while bringing her back to the station so she didn't have a phone, wallet, or train ticket and literally didn't remember her name. Luckily, someone brought her to the police and she got home. I guess the responsibility fell more on her boyfriend but I still feel bad about it to this day. Also she didn't break up with him for almost a year.

>> No.12751590

based tbqh

>> No.12751611


The bible

In about 2000, I masturbated fantasizing about my niece, Lani. She looks like Star Trek Seven of Nine! In 1985, at my sister's wedding, I stuck my crotch on the hot tub drain because it kinda sucked. In 1985, I tried to get a dog to lick my dick. From 1998-2003, I fantacized about leading a Catholic army like Dune, of Mexicans or Brazilians? That was dumb because they're niggers. In 2003, I played tag with a black girl about 7-years-old. She reached for my crotch. In high school, in the library, Carlos and I said 'juicy' or 'toxic' as a way of evaluating girls. In 1988, I cheated on my SAT by talking in the hall during the break -- two problems. On 9/9/1999, I killed a CIA nigger on purpose with my car. :-) In 1982, when I was 12, I babysat Kevin's kids. I changed a diaper because I thought that was being professional. In 1975, when I was about age five, my brother, Keith, put my penis in a vacuum. In 1977, when I was about age seven, my brother, Danny, got me high on gas fumes and we sucked each other's dicks. Dr. Tsakalis had an oddly round ass. Paul Keck at Xytec had an oddly round ass. Distracting? At about age five, Jay Weinrick and I touched dicks to each other's assholes.

>> No.12751612

I am convinced that everyone who even considers beating up his parents is justified in doing so by virtue of it having gotten to that point at all.

>> No.12751613
File: 21 KB, 220x370, sonofman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pic related
got high as fuck, hit on a friend's date (twice my age), went to an illegal club, got cockblocked by a midget and ended up facefucking a slampig to vent my frustration.

>> No.12751623

:( please stop that I'm sure he loves you very much

>> No.12751637

>Notes from the Underground

16 year old ex-girlfriend was in my room taking a nap while I spent the afternoon dealing with a job application to work in patient services at my state hospital, little did I know I would be scrubbing pots and contemplating suicide.

During this process I started drinking Svedka vodka and mixing it with Cranberry Juice. I got very horny and got on top of her; she was lieing naked under the blanket.
I started fingering her, but she looked uncomfortable and wasn't wet.
I stripped, got my cock out, and put it to her face.
"I don't want to. I'm not in the mood."
I felt aggressive and started to get frustrated.
"I'm really stressed right now. This will make me feel better."
She nodded her head, closed her eyes, and began to tear up.
She wrapped her lips around my cock and moved her head back and forth slowly while closing her eyes.
While she unenthusiastically and slowly bobbed her head in an obligatory manner, I finished drinking my vodka cranberry juice.
She let out a rolling tear.
I started thrusting my cock into her mouth with my hips and face-fucked her.
I cam heavily, yet in slight pain, in her mouth and she swallowed.
She wiped her tears and then went back to sleep.


>> No.12751646

also just remembered other shit that happened that night, stole a dudes keys to do bumps off of, at one point, traded with a bouncer and forgot to trade back, made plans to have a drink with a guy the next day, ghosted him.

>> No.12751648

The Evenings
Me and friend gathered idk like 50 cosy lights and statues and plants out of peoples front yards, pulled out a 50 meter garden hose and ran through the town, wrecking all sorts of shit. Also threw an apple out the carwindow and hit some old dude in the head

>> No.12751649

Have u seen Irreversible by Gaspar Noe?

>> No.12751670

Notes from the Underground (I haven't read much of anything though)
My mother tells me to pray for something around once or twice a week, things like a sick family member or some important appointment, but I never do. She always talks about how my prayers help and cites occasions on which I never prayed so I stopped doing it altogether. I don't know if I believe that a real prayer of mine would jinx it or if I tell myself that to hide my laziness.

>> No.12751681

Not a immoral thing, but I'm ashamed of my cd/sissy fetish. Have a dildo and everything.

>> No.12751712

fuck you

>> No.12751753

>used to drown spiders because i was angry they made me scared

One summer my parents house was being renovated which necessitated that the doors were wide open during the work hours for months. Spiders, flies and other insects would come into the house in literal swarms. I feel guiltier harming flowers and plants than killing insects. They aren't really alive when they go knowingly into harms way all the time.

>> No.12751758

Forgot about some other things. On mischief night when I was 14 me and a friend tied boating rope around trees on the corners of a four way intersection. Some woman walking her dog saw us and yelled that we could have killed someone as we ran away and I yelled back "thats the point". Cops came and me and my friend hid in the park.

I also bullied this kid really bad in middle school and it stuck with him for the first two years of highschool. He was my best friend in elementary school and was never really the same afterwards.

Final thing was bullying/manipulating my parents as a teenager: threatening them physically and fucking with them psychologically and causing them immense stress to the point where they began to go to therapy and needed blood pressure medication

>> No.12751811

>Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil
>I squandered the most critical decade of my young life in sulky aimless meditations out of a narcissistic sense of self-righteousness that made me despise as unsubstantial a life that in the end I was simply not brave enough to live

Also I sometimes read books in translation.

>> No.12751836

Watership Down

When I was 9 I dropped a big ass rock on this kid's head during recess from the top of the playground structure because he told a girl who I had a crush on that my family was poor. I sort of just figured he'd get a little hurt and be fine but he ended up bleeding out on the playground and going to the hospital. He wasn't back at school until almost the end of school year and he came back he got moved into one of the special needs classes because he couldn't read or talk right. He had to have an aide with him just to go to the bathroom and shit because his motor skills were all messed up I guess. I moved away that summer so I don't know what happened but I hope he's ok now.

>> No.12751837

What does cd stand for?

>> No.12751840


>> No.12751865
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>one time I got the hold of a number of a guy I went to school with who was a bit of an asshole, so I decided to exact my revenge. I found a thread on /b/ where people posted phone numbers and people doxxed the numbers. I posted his number and waited. two people called him and told him to kill himself, that he was worthless and not remotely close to being a person. Apparently he was crying throughout the phone call. I later found out that that night he was at the hospital because his dad was in a car crash and his gf broke up with him and he later attempted suicide and wound up homeless.

Yea. I'm not proud of that

>> No.12751896

Nice as fuck. You just redeemed me anon.

>> No.12751911

This is both understandable and dark.

>> No.12751926

> I permanently crippled a kid from his arms down in 4th grade when I fought him for bullying my friends and myself. I shoved him and he tripped backwards on a tree root only for his backbone to be perfectly crushed by another tree root. Kid is in a wheelchair now. Moved to a new school 1 week later bc he was bullied after that.

I wish I had done stuff like this.

>> No.12751991

From the way you wrote it it sounds like your favorite book is "Chopped down a cherry tree" and the worst thing you did was confessing.

>favorite book
Dante's Divine Comedy
>worst deed
Got piss drunk during vacation, spent about 800$ in coke and alcohol in one night (some part of it in a brothel), behaved like a complete oaf throughout the night, vomited on the street in the morning, then slept on some random porch until someone called an ambulance.

Spent part of the afternoon in the hospital and tried to smooth talk the pretty doctor who examined me in a foreign language. I probably still had vomit stains on my shirt. And I don't even like coke.

To this day I can't say for sure I didn't fuck a whore that night, though that is very unlikely. All-around good memory I have to say.

>> No.12752033

Reading this thread is strangely heart-warming. We're all subhuman degenerates and yet the overall society is still more or less functioning, somehow.

>> No.12752176

You're both getting too hung up on fantaisies and self-disgust. Filthy thoughts are bad mostly because they lead to bad behavior.

You might want to argue they're also bad spiritually but everyone has those thought, as one priest says in the Diary of a Country Priest "when judgement day comes the angels will have to take out filthy idea and sinful thoughts by the handful, even in the holiest monasteries".

So focus on your life and actions, make sure those thoughts don't affect your behavior and you'll be fine. And most importantly interact with people, even girls.

Nobody deserves that kind of crippling self-hating loneliness, that's just setting yourself up for damnation (or any secular equivalent thereof, really it's bad enough).
You have no right to inflict this to yourself (remember fairness and justice also imply fairness and justice to yourself).

Meet girls (in bookstore, reading clubs, uni, bars, whatever /lit/ related or related to one of your hobbies), and you'll quickly realize that you're much less fucked up than you imagine in reality, and that you tend to be much more decent with real people than with imagined peoples.

We tend to romanticize evil not only in making it look cool but in exaggerating our own depravation to ourselves.
Most likely you're just both normal or even very nice guys who haven't looked at their problems with enough distance due to a lack of challenging outside activites, life experience or socialization.

Really your faults are not that bad, look at this fucking thread.

>> No.12752189

violence is a relentless cold machine unfortunately, anon is fucked up but he had relatively little opportunity to be anything else.

>> No.12752202

You're absolutely right!

>> No.12752210

based pure anon

>> No.12752249

the fact that you feel the need to justify it is perhaps the most pathetic thing of all. "ah yes, his wife didn't engage in the endless game of social prestige, therefore i should be allowed to steal her lover and ruin the lives of her children." deep down you know you're worthless beside being a slimy hole for rich men to ejaculate inside. please, when your sugardaddy inevitably leaves you because your tits have started to sag a half inch more, be sure to post your story here so we can make fun of you again for being a disgusting whore

>> No.12752279

omae wa na riquidaderu

>> No.12752319

You sadly have kind of a point.

>> No.12752399

Reading this thread made me remember quite a few things I'm not proud of. The longer I think the more i remember.

I'll stop doing it now, it's no good.

>> No.12752777


I clicked on this thread because I couldn't tell if it was bait, or just that picturesque.

>> No.12752789

Nice, care to elaborate and further your story? I'm very interested

>> No.12752845


Why is that your favorite book?

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