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based disney

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frankly the best way to experience the classics

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>tfw imagine all my books staring Disney characters anyway

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It's amazing how I was going to call you a retard, as that's pretty pathetic, but Apu makes it sort of sweet, and now understand the purpose of this meme.
This is confusing. While Scrooge is Donald's uncle, and his father could resemble his uncle, this assumes Kings Hamlet and Claudius were twins. Furthermore, Scrooge is related to Donald by being his mother's bother, not being his father's brother.

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and also Hamlet wasn't a duck, you forgot that bit

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Are you suggesting they use Pumbaa?

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>man > horse so he ride it
>dog = horse so he no ride it, dog > inanimate object so dog ride that

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goofy has ridden a horse before, and i think so has mickey
the horse is just sort of a "person" too that might not speak but very much exhibits the same tier of humanity and character that goofy does

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Flintheart Glomgold would be Claudius in this scenario, presumably. Glomgold is sort of like Scrooge's evil double. Hard to imagine who would be Polonius if not Donald, though.

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Why is Mickey Sancho?

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I bow to your knowledge of Disney characters, as I, in an apparently blunderous manner, presumed the duck foremost duck was Donald.

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I would

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Pride and Prejudice

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Though both the horse and the dog are animals, only the dog is anthropomorphic - the horse is just a horse in a world where the humans look vaguely animal-y. I have no idea why they've got a problem with them riding a horse or a donkey whether or not it gets anthropomorphized, surely they're not fishing bucks from the horse audience

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mickey has a non-anthropomorphic dog fyi

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can't wait for winnie the pooh to bludgeon an old loan shark lady and get sent to siberia

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