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Thoughts on this man?

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He looks pretty young.

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He was 24 there

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Cute but not my type

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Post the novel where the word 'nigger' shows up 14 thousand times.

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Just finished Storm of Steel last night
>Mfw at the end he stands up after being shot in the long, feels better after the blood pours out of it, is surrounded and to told to surrender by two brits but pulls out his pistol and shoots one dead
>proceeds to make an absolute mad dash out of dodge instead of just letting himself be captured in the last days of the war

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The part that really gave me feels was when he saw the guy who got bullied in training pulling his bullies out of a crater and carrying their burnt bodies on his back to safety and ernst collapsed and cried for the first time

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Yeah I remember that too. Also felt bad when he saw the qt's house demolished by artillery months after he hung out with her.

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i have to buy this book now

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Yeah that was a kick in the nuts
There were a bunch of moments in it that he described very vividly

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Definitely a must read
Far more real than All Quiet on the Western Front which is very much a propaganda piece

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Didn't he also sleep through an artillery barrage while staying in someones house? Ernst was the fuckin man.

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Yeah lmao, a shell literally landed in the room next to him iirc, he woke up for like one second and said "fuck em" and went back to sleep
I laughed out loud at one part where the Germans and Brits have a mini truce going on to trade food/cigs etc but then some retard ruins it by shooting a brit and they have a bit of banter back and forth from their trenches

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>tfw 25 years old on Friday
>at my age, Ernst had recieved the Iron Cross 2nd class, the Iron Cross 1st Class, Knights Cross of the Order of Hohenzollern, Gold Wound Badge, the Pour le Mérite (Blue Max), and had been promoted from rank and file rifleman to a full lieutenant.

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That retard was probably Hitler.

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Nobody is talking about Hitler here why do you have to bring this shit up

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>Not everyone was so charitable. Cpl. Adolf Hitler of the 16th Bavarians lambasted his comrades for their unmilitary conduct:

>Such things should not happen in wartime. Have you Germans no sense of honor left at all?

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Based Hitler

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I'd unironically read it, it's a riot

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he cute

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Paris, 3 August 1942

Finished reading Renan, Das Leben Jesu [The Life of Jesus] and in addition Robert de Traz, La Famille Bronte [The Bronte Family].

The Brontes are signifcant because they seem to possess an intelligence unlike that of other people - one that flows to them indiscriminately, like electric current. You can almost imagine knowledge being conducted through the earth and through the trunk of the tree until it reaches the bird's nest and the young brood in it. Such power could endow heavenly bodies with intelligence.

This extraordinary side of the Brontes suggests that it is the rule on other stars, in other profound thought systems. In this sense, prophetic dreams that come true, second sight, and prophecies are all extraordinary. In the same way that colors exist outside the visible spectrum, there also exists a dark body of lore that is seldom individuated. The harmony and subtle interaction of our life cycles depend on its invisible influence.

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redpill me on the brontes

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cthonic overlords projected briefly into terrestrial temporality to communicate dark masterpieces of a christian metaphysics dipped in shadow and the densest of human doubts; pre-emptive masters of psychological analytics via novel-chained personalities that express the entire spectrum of transcendental divine/human struggles. talked to stones. loved rain and solitude.
they also had banging tits. read Emily first.

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Evola was bordering on 2 esoteric & confusing 4 me but that sounds way too out of my league

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You could have said so much more with so much less.

I believe you might be dumb.

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>The Brontes are signifcant because they seem to possess an intelligence unlike that of other people
*blocks your path*

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It was hyperbole. Read Wuthering Heights. Do it. For Emily.

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Honestly idk, I was skimming through his Paris diaries the other day and came across that entry. Just thought it was humorously synchronicitous given the repetitive Bronte shitposting I've seen on this board in the last couple weeks and decided to transcribe it.

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How do I into Esoteric Brontëism, anon

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>lived to 102
>didnt look a day older than 80
>could remember events perfectly from when he was 5 years old
How the fuck do I do this

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write literally every single day about your life, your impressions, thought, etc
stay engaged with the world, with events, with others
always be exploring new things, investigating, inquiring, questioning
don't ever stop moving

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>that part where he spares the unarmed french man but doesn't know if the people coming after him did the same
hold me bros

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I rly like the part in storm of steel when he talks about the British “machine gun artist” who wrecks havoc on their trench. He really admires his enemies.

Also that part when he is impressed by some crazy fucking Brit who rushed over to their trench during a gas attack and killed a lot of germans using (maybe) a baseball bat or some kind of club.

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He was based

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would have been a cricket bat not a baseball bat

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