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"It's" and "It is" are not Interchangeable.

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"It's" is a contraction of "It is." "Its" is the possessive pronoun. using contractions is lazy and common anyway, a sophisticated gentleman of refinement and breeding articulates every word he speaks distinctly, and does not lump two ideas together in a spittle-spraying mouthful

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"It's" can also mean "it has" in American English.

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Of course not. Contractions don't belong in formal writing, and "it is" doesn't belong in dialog unless it's being used for emphasis, or to sound deliberately archaic or formal.

No, that's "its" (without the apostrophe).

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If they are not interchangeable, that means there's a difference. Can you tell me what it's?

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>No, that's "its" (without the apostrophe).

No it isn't.

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interchangeable and Interchangeable are not interchangeable either

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No, it's is a contraction of "it has." As in "it's been two weeks." "Its" is the possessive. So OP is technically right. Also, I don't think there's anything wrong with contractions. Sometimes formality matters, but sometimes you just look stiff not using them.

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Some people won’t think this post is right, but it’s.

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dumb frogposter

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I'm a believer with the reservation that the contraction occasionally allows a plausible refit into the full form.
>it's a boy!
>It is?
>Yes, it is.
>It's been three long years!
>It has?
>Yes, it has.
In each first instance the contraction though unnecessary would make the speaker seem childlike, a simpleton, or naive if he didn't use it; I imagine it lisped. The latter two instances cannot be altered.
Occasionally an unused contraction lends emphasis
>dad: it is 3 a.m.
>me: uhhh..

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Isn't it?

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Yes it's.

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most of the time it's.

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>No, that's "its" (without the apostrophe).

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Fuck you.

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>Not knowing you're wrong.

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Yea innit?

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It is

Obviously two different symbols.

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