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i keep seeing this word "event" a lot when it comes to philosophy what does it mean? what is an event?

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an object (concrete particular) in time

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depends who you ask
for whitehead, an event is a nexus of actual occasions, which are the atomic constituents of reality.

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>nexus of actual occasions
explain this in words that a retard can understand plz

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lemme get home first so i can type with my hands, then i can help

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Not a dot on a line
A line in 3d space maybe?

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home now?

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Instead of saying 'object' or 'matter' or whatever which kind of assumes a lot 'event' talks about an observed thing without implying extra attributes or circumstances

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a particle for example is just a series of events or interactions.

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Is event not a commonplace term for you? Have you never been to an event, has nothing ever happened to you eventually?

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Doesn't it mean what it means in layman's terms as well? I often worry that I overthink common words when I see them in philosophical and critical texts.

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Event gets used differently in analytic thought versus continental. And even then plenty of people in each have different takes.
As has been mentioned, in analytic thought it’s more or less ‘an object, defined not by spacial boundaries but rather by temporal ones’.

But you probably want to know about the continental one. As a first approximation, you can think of an Event as being basically the same as a Paradigm Shift in the Kuhnian sense. It’s something that seems to come out of nowhere and then change the ‘rules of the game’ in whatever field.

Zizek defines it thusly; “something shocking, out of joint that appears to happen all of a sudden and interrupts the usual flow of things; something that emerges seemingly out of nowhere, without discernible causes, an appearance without solid being as its foundation”

While Paradigm shift is about models we use to interpret scientific data, Event is about all activities which have something like a state of ‘business as usual’.

Some examples
In philosophy some of the biggest Events have been the Platonic, Cartesian, and the Kantian Events. Each one completely rewrote the very rules by which philosophy operated, forming something like the framework for all subsequent philosophy.

Zizek and others have talked about the music of Schoenberg as being an Event, one that broke the common practice ‘paradigm’ and ushered in the model of art music that has existed basically ever since.

Marx represents a sort of political Event. An important feature of an Event is that while not everybody actually enters or adopts the new logic which the Event brings, everybody does have to work with some relationship to the Event, even if in an oppositional way.

Badiou also defines a notion of false Events, which are things that take the appearance of an Event, an apperence of revolutionary newness, but which are actually a return of older logics trying to return to dominance by pushing out the logic of a newer event. He cites Nazism as the false event par excellence, because it had the aesthetic of radical newness, but was in fact the return of pre-modern political domination under a false guise.

I think Badiou would also consider the work of John Rawls to be a false Event because it offers a return to liberalism without incorporating the essential insights of the Marxist Event.

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mods banned my home ip :^(

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