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Are they the top4 writers of all time?
Who could be a candidate?

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Homer wasn’t a writer

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yeah that's about right, maybe Goethe would be a contender, maybe Tolstoy as well

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>No Joyce

What the fuck is this?

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who is that between Pessoa and Hugo?

top right corner

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you cant quantify writing in itself and even if you could those conclusions would be meaningless

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David Foster Ronald Reuel de Ortega y Pynchon

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Candidates for all time greatest that are not those 4:

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Stop posting field and stream writers.

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Having a favorites list is understandable.
Surveying what a handful of favorites lists show is okay, bu not very constructive.
Imposing your favorites list as immutably correct and “cannon” is NOT okay.

But enjoy

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this, also:

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Fuck off, tranny.

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kek no
the others are great

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At least the whole top line should be classical antiquity. Add Plato, Livy, Tacitus and Ovid (assuming wreathman is Virgil)

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>great writers

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The most plebeian post in the thread. Congratulations.

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Austrian modernists were the best writers

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Better than 80% of that pic. Plutarch as well while I'm here

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A crude and cruel old book.

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>the best at anything

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This is easy

These are the men who have brought something new to literature.

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They're not even the best writers of the Antique, you absolute fedoratastic pseud.

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oh wow good post

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>he's a Ciceropleb because he's been told to be
I bet you don't even speak latin

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>crossboarding tourist encounters names he hasn't heard before

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stultus es

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>underrates Livy
>calls others a pseud
Oh I am laffin

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>greatest of antiquity
>over the great tragedians, Aristophanes, Aesop, Horace, Martial
Kill you're'selves clueless namedropping rebbitardian scum.

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found the retarded anglo

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The eternal anglo strikes again

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what did Meville brought to literature?

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A ton of sea words.

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Whales ad homoeroticism with polynesian natives.
Don't you dare say we didn't need it.

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Holy moly.


Great to see someone with common sense among the retch.

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Where's Goethe?

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William Forrester

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Virgil has to be there.
Also me.

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Chekhov is so underrated it's disgusting.
His stories have more depth in 10 pages than most of the other autist writers have in 800.

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Then rec me some Chekhov
Seriously how do I filter tripfaggots on 4chan X I'm an idiot and can't figure it out

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A Joke (this will hit you in the feels if you've ever been in love)
The Student (Chekhov's personal favorite story of his)
The Malefactor (basically a Monty Python sketch)
Who Was to Blame? (told from the POV of a cat, very unique)
Vanka (a bit melodramatic, but the ending hits you in the feels)

These all are short stories that can be read in about 10 minutes and will give you an idea of his style. Then if you enjoy it, move on to more of his longer stories.

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Joyce was a hack, one of the biggest charlatans of literature
Dante is shit, fuck off
Pessoa is meme shit for incels
Proust is also overrated

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I don't like Homer. There were parts in the Iliad I thought were really great. Didn't care for the Odyssey at all. I contributed nothing to this thread.

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Yes Anon, thanks for showing us the truth that Dante, Pessoa, Proust, and Joyce are in fact all garbage.

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thank you for agreeing with me

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the absolute state of /lit/

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Dickens is god tier

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Disgusting humanist trite

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begone, your presence is lower than a two penny harlot

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He really isn't.

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good top 4

i miss reading fiction

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what is your favorite passage from your favorite work by Dickens. Go ahead, wow me.

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lovecraft are you shitting me

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I adore every word

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So you're a pseud. I could tell you my favorite passage by my favorite author, I could recite it from memory. You probably don't even like Dickens. He's not the worst mind you, he's just not great.

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Lola is a great writer at BuzzFeed

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hemingway is not a contender

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Consider suicide

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Is this bait or someone who has mastered pseudery?

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Joyce is a shitty meme. Sorry kid.

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This is the only acceptable list.

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You are all fucking pseuds. Can you please stop shilling these retarded medieval brainlets and actually read some Joyce and Wallace? They are so much better than useless pieces of mainstream dramaturgy that literally brought nothing new to literature like Shakespeare.

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Nah, he was joking

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Fuck off retard. The Medieval Men brought to humanity infinitely more than joys or wallas could ever do.

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holy burgers
>Mann instead of Musil
holy middlebrow

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I hope this is real. I hope you are this dumb. This post is something a cartoon character would say.

I mean Americans are stupid as fuck everyone knows that but holy shit.

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Best at starting world wars and blaming germany for it

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>Musil instead of Gadda

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>Who could be a candidate?

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tfw shot by the western

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¡Hola Paco!

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One does not belong to that list.

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am i doing it right

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>can't say his favorite passage by his favorite author
>not a pseud

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Yes, he does.

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-- dont @ me

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thats 5

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