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So, I tried reading Finnegans Wake, but it just seems pointless. Are the other two worth trying? I wanna find out if I'm ready to exit /lit/ once and for all

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Try Bottom's Dream instead.

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Try Culture of Critique instead.

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You can't leave kid

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I got about 50 pages into What Maisie Knew and was extremely bored. I just moved on to other books. Is Henry James just not for me or did I not give him enough of a chance? The prose was just not sinking in for me and there is so much that I want to read that I sort of felt like I was wasting my time.

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are you single?

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You are not ready. If you were anywhere near ready, you would know it.

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Just how the fuck are Henry James and JD Salinger exit level? They are entry level.

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Henry James is a refined pleasure for an erudite few. You'll know when you're ready for him

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Haven't you heard? James and post-Catcher Salinger are the new forced meme authors.

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this is a new level of shitposting

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sweet, sweet summerchild

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Yeah, you bigot, that picture is a yikes from me, dawg. Btw, I heard you liked words with your memes, so I put words in your memes

Edit: wow this really blew up, rupy inbox
Edit 2: thanks for the gold kind stranger!

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you're ready to exit life motherfucker. Stop trying to force this gay meme

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Imagine being this much of a pleb.

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iz gud books

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Replace Golden Bowl with Piers Plowman

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this but unironically

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try genociding whites

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I'm a Pleb because I can start my reading career off with Henry James?

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You're right, don't listen to him. James is (for good reason, mind you) entry level English undergrad material.

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who came up with this

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