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What would Lovecraft write if he were alive today?

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my diary desu go back to /pol/

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inventories of ogro de las americas

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He'd probably write observational comedy since it would be more perturbing than any horror he could imagine.

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that baby is ugly due to her genes. God damn white people ruin everything.

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It does make me cringe.

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The submarine short story of h.p. lovecraft is very frightening for me. I fear water

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Her baby's face looks as though his face is melting off. She's not even attractive as well. The guy could've done better.

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kid looks like he's pushing 40

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>this fucking cope

Imagine marrying a lesser race just to try and push your retarded anti-science agenda

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>anti-science agenda
Since when has the scientific establishment been against racemixing?

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Scientific establishment != science.

In fact the establishment stripped creds from the cofounder of DNA because he was a race realist.

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Racism isn't science.

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whats the status of her relationship now? single mom on tinder? murdered? these never end well

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Dysgenics is. Though /pol/tards getting uppity about interracial children has more to do with American race fetishism than actual demography. Intelligent populations are disappearing around the world not because one in a million of them breed with unintelligent populations, but because they don't have nearly enough children to replace themselves. OP's pic is no more a sign of decay than an intelligent white woman in her 30s who is only beginning to maybe consider having a single child. In either case, humanity's total potential has fallen.

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I know you’re trolling but you have to actively ignore evidence to consider subsaharans to Europeans/E. Asians.

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scientific racism is science

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>I hope I physically revolt you
ok lmao

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It's a cline. The bio species concept wouldn't consider them subspecies because they can interbreed with no issue. The psc doesn't consider them a different species because we have the same genes.

Almost like we're the same species.

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no one said the races were different species moron

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There are a lot of complications with interbreeding. We are all the same species though.

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She's right, I did cringe!

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What books does she read?

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THIS!! I'm a pro-race mixing Latinx male (Brazilian), and I want to create la raza cosmica. That baby is ugly not because of the black genes but because of her genes!! So sad that beautiful black male wasted his seed on this white devil. A huge tragedy. The baby's nose is so large and ugly. Its skin is yellow and sickly. And its eyes are nearly crossed. All because of her inbred white genes! Can you say busted???

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Excerpts from "The Creature of the New World"
>the child's face unveiled showed indescribable horror, and not one among us would dare lay claim to it's origins.
>the unworldly features and sinister, ever cursing eyes forever enthrall my waking mind
>I whisper it's name and imbibe the opioid poison with the power to eradicate this abomination from memory
>"la creatura..."

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oh no no no no

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This is on the verge of not being funny anymore, just sad

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who could have seen this coming

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absolute state of women lmao

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You can tell from the OP her personality is SHIT.
Glad the guy got outta dodge and found a better chick. She deserved it.

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Well i hope she finds an honest man to settle down with one day.

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haha called it


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why did you censor her name & twitter handle when you can clearly see both on OP's pic

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She cute. I wouldn't raise his kid but I would fuck the woman.

I'm asian btw

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Angry Twitter taunts @Stephan King

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I didn't make the image.

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Her life would've unironically been a lot better if she wasn't a coal burner.

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>OP's pic is no more a sign of decay than an intelligent white woman in her 30s who is only beginning to maybe consider having a single child
Sad state of affairs.

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Lovecraft would write on 4chan or just send PMs to his internet clique all day concidering how many letters he wrote.

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>I'm asian btw
who wouldn't you fuck?

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This American tradition of going to a farm and partially immersing yourself in a huge pool of corn is fucking weird, but oddly appealing.

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your mom

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>magine marrying a lesser race

i know right! He def could've done better than that coal burner.

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Women are allowed to have sexual intercourse with men of African descent. Grow up you and stop being racist you incels.

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You made a thread to post about this literally who. Who here doesn't come from a nonfunctional family

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I like you.

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>Who here doesn't come from a nonfunctional family

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He's on steroids. You can post innumerable white men in steroids looking just as good to better

Also he has the face of a rottweiler

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yeah yeah yeah keep moving

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> Women are allowed to have sexual intercourse with men of African descent.

Because foolish Western men sit back and allow them to. In societies, women are only able to do what men allow them to. In a proper society they would be severely punished; better yet in a proper society there would not even be Africans for women to have intercourse with in the first place.

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The Temple?

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if we're lucky that nigger will come back and blow the coalburner's 'brains' out

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>but muh ideal society

your subjective desires have nothing to do with what mainstream society deems as proper

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Based post

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don't know why lately there have been so many race-baiting threads, nothing to do with the board nor anything that isn't the cuck fetish /pol/tards have

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she is ugly tho

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A step above Stephen King shit

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Feels great knowing your tax money is being redistributed to this woman.

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what a useless post

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>oct 2018
Who cares

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>Who here doesn't come from a nonfunctional family
Me, parents are evangelical

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Nominalists should kill themselves or at least be ostracized.

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all people see is blonde hair.
roger taught the incels well.

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He left her lmao

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It only becomes sad once she develops self-awareness.

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Anything by Herman Hesse

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At least look up what it means before using it

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Why don't you look it up you fucking idiot?

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>one in a million
Its a lot higher than that

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He looks like a total bro

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And now she's an alcoholic

I feel sorry for the little mutt, no one deserves to be spawned like that

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Makes me cringe at how fucking ugly they are.

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She actually looks 16

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>posts the most caucasian looking black person he can find

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She probably is

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based fake quote poster

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Cool it with the anti-Semitic remarks.

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Of course, in the sense that's it's a judgment of value.
I admit I'm surprised how many people seem not to care at all about the coming dysgenic though.

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Medical kind of is. There's a massive problem with mixed race people because transplants etc. are super hard on them. Very often none of the parents can be a donor of anything(not even blood).

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>me, 20 m white spanish
>Overall good looks
>Have pecs w/ exercise
>Have 7.5inch d
>160iq finishing software engineer
>Have thalassemia major
What should I do with my genes?

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Die childless as other intelligent, educated people do.

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That is just no argument jfc, you're just turning it around saying ''Oh well we can interbreed so it's fine''. It still lowers your potential if you breed with lower quality individuals. Just as whites shouldn't breed with blacks, whites in their ingroups should also pay close attention as to who reproduces. It's not like you're good just because you're white. It's not about supremacy, it's about cohesion and self-preservance. Most discussion on this topic is just so fucking dishonest

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It's exactly what you did in your first post

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>actual, literal real-life brainlet face

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slurp them back into your body after you cum to retain your superiority.

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He looks like Adam Lanza Hogg

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brotha really dodged a bullet a there

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That guy is like half white.

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who is roger

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Ellit roger or whatever the fuck

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Men usually dislike single mothers in general.
If you have a nigglet and you are a white girl, you might as well accept you are going to die alone

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there will always be a beta provider just happy to support them

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Nope. Even beta providers wont touch coal burners. In the eyes of white men she lowered her value. No white man wants to walk around in public with her with some little nigger. The other men will be laughing.
White single mothers with white children have a 1% chance at beta provider.
White single mothers with half nigger kid. Its over. No self respecting white man would touch you.

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You sound very unintelligent.

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Shit mate, that's what I call tall

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I'm certifiably retarded but i think i know a thing about blonde girls and incels desu

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>Glad the gut got out of there , wow what a bitch
Shut up nigger

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Fugg - 20m tall and still only a 7.5 inch dick. That is some comical disproportionality.

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Ok, I trust you.

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I was gonna say post the after picture, because there is always one, but... >>12591184

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The whole idea of sub species was to denote unique and diverse populations of animals that appear as different species but were actually the same and could breed together. Honestly even closely related species can occasionally breed and produce viable offspring such as polar bears and grizzlies. Maybe inform yourself on the science before you speak about it lmao.

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A suicide note, hopefully

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Broooo finally, this is the only one I found very unsettling

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Yes the temple. Genuinly unsettling.
The rest of his stories i actually enjoy.


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A blog probably. I think the equivalent nerd pool is a very thin seam of crativity in indie video games. Maybe he’d be doing that.

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I know you probably aren't interested, but there are there are a ton of different black phenotypes in Africa. It was mainly West Africans from coastal regions who were imported to the new world so their visual appearance is much more standard. Look up the Nilotes, they're pretty much a race of giant supermodels. The San bushmen are light skinned and older then any other race in the world. The Amhara are pretty cool looking and so is their history. And most people from Madagascar are more Austroasian then black African.

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Twitter posts

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>The Temple
Laughably bad, one of his worst stories. The irrational anti-German sentiment is overwhelming. But he was prescient in his prejudice. The scariest line: "For myself I was proud, knowing how the Fatherland would revere my memory and how my sons would be taught to be men like me."

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She is ugly, so in this case you are probably right

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>(((scientific establishment))) against (((racemixing)))

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You should listen to In Too Deep by DVSN

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video game reviews on 8ch

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>The Temple
It's clearly pro-German

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