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Why are STEMlord so narrowminded? I was talking to my friend who's a CS major and he brought up that he wanted to get a minor in "mathematical sciences". I asked him what the difference was between mathematics and mathematical sciences and his reasoning that Mathematics is BA, mathematics is a BS and something something SCIENCE DUDE.

The disrespect that we get (assuming most you are also humanities majors like I am) where even getting a minor in something that is an "art" is sickening and indicative of the sad, technocratic society we live in, where having an interest in something other than creating new gadgets that help us jack off more efficiently is obscene.

logical positivism was BTFO'd nearly 70 years ago, and yet it's the dominant view among society.

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>echnocratic society we live in, where having an interest in something other than creating new gadgets that help us jack off more efficiently is obscene.

Unironically based.

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Meh I agree with him. In general BS is more marketable than a BA for job prospects.

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IT/CS/whatever you mutts call it major here
I eternally regret not studying philosophy, literature, anthropology instead. Might say fuck it and stop studying this soul consuming NPC garbage. Imagine studying something you hate every day. That's me. Imagine studying something you love every day. That's probably you AND I WISH IT WAS ME TOO.

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In mathematics? Mathematics isn't even a science.

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>indicative of the sad
>is obscene

The average kind of reasoning humanitiesfags use ladies and gentlemen

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CS pays the bills.
It's not exciting, it's a job. Occasionally there is fun to be had.

Humanities makes the world worth living in, not science.

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The average RPI student is way too autistic to ever get laid.

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>t. STEMnigger

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You know what happens when you make something you like your job, something you have to do to pay the bills? You stop liking it. Be glad you didn't ruin your hobby by making it part of your job.

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I wish I had the balls to do a degree in philosophy or literature, but I am insecure about my ability so a degree in STEM makes me feel more sure in my prospects in life.

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You are right. My goal is to make my life worth living and to have something to die for when the time comes. I want to have many (white) children, raise them well, and live as independetly as possible with my savings that I get either from waging or, hopefully, from working at home, doing freelance shit, starting a little business or something like that. But my great fear is I get consumed by the job world and end up a sad and miserable soulless bug-man.

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As a stemfag I can say the same for some of my humanitiesfag friends. Science/math and the humanities should both be studied but a focus put into one. Most people lost their inner consciousness from the femmaesque childhood, giving it to the self aware abstract mass extermination capital device that feeds on flesh and sperm and lives in a timed timeless real post Being of reverse consuming consumption of post-meta etiology of the false falsehood of three dimensions and death or nothing nothings which paints paintings around you in a clear color which is many. If you ever find a true person without a painting you hold onto them, and help those lost. You can also create either real or hyper real questioning situation mechanisms of the unreal.

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Nice thought but I don't see why that would be true. There must be people who love their jobs.

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Why do humanitiesfags always have an inferiority complex?

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Dude you just hang out with assholes.
Most STEMlords are chill, most humanities fags are chill. Everyone has different interests and most people are mature enough not to shit on something they didn't have to study in college. In fact, most science fags like reading and most humanities fags like technology.

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It's so negligible. More often the difference between a BS and a BA is what you take electives in, but the core is fundamentally the same. Uni students are so vain and think that minoring in something fucking matters. They're cattle and can't think beyond certification.

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science is a linguistically corrupted word. It's not empirical, true.

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I'm completing lit and phil degrees soon. I'm confident about living a satisfying life with what I've earned.

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im a math major. its great. i keep lit and the humanities as a hobby bc you can only mentally masturbate for so long, and it doesnt pay the bills.

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But calling all stemlords narrow-minded isn't a generalization?

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>gets their funding cut every year
>treated as second class majors
>unappreciated by a society obsessed with new gadgets rather than anything actually meaningful

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Maybe society would appreciate them if they stopped rambling about critical theory and produced something worthwhile for once.

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Also literally every conversation about problems in education gets immediatly bombared with "It's all those english/philosophy/gender studies majors that have problems, just get a degree in STEM lmao and all that debt will get repaid", at least if you're in the US. Stem job market crash is coming fast, and it won't be pretty.

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Yeah computers are just a bubble. Sure thing bud.

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Also literally every conversation about problems in education gets immediatly bombared with "It's all those english/philosophy/gender studies majors that have problems, just get a degree in STEM lmao and all that debt will get repaid", at least if you're in the US. Stem job market crash is coming fast, and it won't be pretty.

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He said, as 100,000 Pajeets who share his qualifications stream across the border every year.

Imagine majoring in something that some 90 IQ dipshit who doesn’t even speak English can do in your country.

The bubble isn’t “computers”, it’s code monkey jobs being something that secures a high salary

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Define worthwhile

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1. With automation coming STEM is hardly the market to worry about. The market will continue to grow as tech seeps further into every industry.
2. Pajeets have a higher IQ on average
3. Humanitiesfags will still starve regardless of what happens to the tech field

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4. reddit spacing

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You know nothing about the industry. For every big project there needs to be constant maintenance updating it. Code monkey jobs will always be ongoing. What you are saying may be true in 100 years when everyone knows how to use a computer at a fairly advanced level due to mandatory courses put in place, but even then there will probably be still a more complex sector to study and work in.

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>math major
What do (or can) you work at?

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I majored in CS, there are a lot of things in it that are exciting for me (mainly the more theoretical parts like theory of computation and algorithms), but in the end it's a job (programming) that's occasionally fun and I happen to be good at.

I like literature way more and I want to write (have tried very little) and sometimes think of going back to uni to study something related to it. But I don't regret taking CS.

I took a break from work a year and a half ago cause I wanted to travel around, still doing it unitl I don't know when (but now taking some remote jobs while doing that). I think that if I studied something related to lit this just wouldn't be possible and I would be struggling more with finding a way to support myself.

I actually did one semester of phil and dropped because was working with programming and enjoying it. One of my best friends graduated in it, it's finishing his masters and is completely desperate about wtf he is going to do.

Nowadays I just read a lot and study lit/phil by myself and enjoy doing it. If I'm ever gonna write for real I have a reliable way to support myself while doing that.

(This is not saying that I think you shouldn't do humanities, just saying that I like the path my life took).

>Why are STEMlord so narrowminded?
People are in general. The classic "ayy art is usuless me so science" stem person (which feels like the majority desu) has its equivalent in humanities as well (the kind of people that think it's cool to say they can't into basic math, for instance).

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I have a BA in Media Production. I'm making much more a year than most of the people I went to school with when I was going for Computer Science. Funny thing is, I don't even need/want all the money I make, I just enjoy working

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Agreed, nothing is more universal than narrow minded people, especially in college.
In regards to doing more than one thing at college, where did you go? At my school in the US its extremely easy to major in multiple subjects, in fact I'm currently a CS and Phil double major and loving it. I've heard though that elsewhere you generally have to stick to one specific subject.

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I'm not OP, I don't get what that has to do with what I said. I agree with you. Calling all stemlords narrow-minded is a generalization.

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Sure, but most of us that fell for the do what you love meme ended up hating what we loved. Most people who say they love what they do are full of bullshit, they would drop it in a second and never look back if they won the lottery.

Work is what we do so we can do what is important.

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The disrespect humanities majors receive from everyone is entirely well deserved.

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yeah? well the pounding i give your mom with my DICK is well deserved!

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Yeah, I think generally yes. In Brazil specially, cause the best universities are the federal ones (which are free) and you have to do a standarized test to get a spot there. If you wanna change your major you need to drop from it and do another test to get a new spot (and most of them make it quite hard to take classes in other areas while you are there).

I actually studied for one year in the US and took the opportunity to take some lit/phil classes while there and it was pretty good. Also the theoretical parts of CS are very close to analytical phil and from what I see the unis that are good at one of them in the US tend to be good at both. Double majoring in that (+ taking some of the continental stuff I enjoy the most and the occasional lit class) is probably my dream major desu. Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

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4th semester Phil major desu.
After reading through this thread, I've seriously begun considering again dropping out of the Humanities and going into STEM (specifically either technology or engineering). I love discussing philosophical issues, literature, art, and history, but I'm not sure I could really make a living out of it.
Should I do it?

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Depends on where you live. You need to have a look for what's in demand, what industries are booming etc.

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>study EE, graduate near top of my class
>take literature GEs from great professors, read all the classics for my courses
>read the rest of the classics and philosophy in my free time
>graduate, get a comfy high-paying essentially nontechnical business job with tons of flexibility to read and work on writing my book
>half the time I work from home and just do my own things instead of my job
This is why you STEM. Now I'm well-rounded, understanding the limits of the scientific mindset--engineering teaches one to view science as a tool rather than Truth. I can solve differential equations and discuss Hegel and Kant. Humanities will only ever let you do one of these at most.
You're absolutely right that logical positivists and adherents of scientism should be shot, though.

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You do STEM to get a job. You study humanities to get a student loan you will never be able to pay.
Wanna read the classics? You can do it for fucking free at your home.

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>to have many (white) children
Anon I respect your prefrences and concede your right to protect your idea of culture and identity, but, Why the need to specify?
I see this behaviour contantly on this website and it always makes me thing of you as individual with an unhealthy preoccupation with race, maybe it just seems strange to me because of where I've grown up but I feel like people who post these sort of comments have an inferiority complex, or at least several hang ups.

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>I love discussing philosophical issues, literature, art, and history
And you need a degree for that why exacly?

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i live like 1.5 miles from rpi. do i just walk in and sign up? which service package includes the qt asians?

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>just got a BA in History
>wanna kill myself
>gonna just teach


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confront you inner demons anon

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>I eternally regret not studying philosophy, literature, anthropology instead.
You have all the fucking material on it by your fingertips you dumb faggot. Why do you need an university for it?

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god that painting is shit

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teaching history is easy lad, just talk for a few minutes about something you could talk for hours and put a movie sometimes

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you could get hired writing anywhere for same shit pay

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My dad told me I should study whatever I feel like studying. At one point, I was so strongly caught up in everything that I actually came up with a universalist ethics system based on love and duty, but later I started to consider that such system would need from the cooperation of all of humanity, which is why it'd be foolish to believe it could ever be perfectly put into practice.
I'd decided to keep on at it because I liked the kind of people I'd met at university, and because I'd thought that being a philosophy professor might be nice.

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It isn’t like that. Jerb market is rough, one year vocational, out of school grading, lesson plans, special attention to kids, demanding respect, etc. plus i have social anxiety. teachind is a skill

also i dont know what level to teach

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you know, you retarded faggots, you could just do a double major in STEM and the Humanities.

I have a CS BS and an English Lit. (creativr writing concentration) minor, with Mathematics and Philosophy electives. I make six figures as a software engineer and workshop my material on the weekends

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But math is hard.

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I am unable to do basic math and am ashamed of it.

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>formal training in STEM
>spend free time pursuing the arts

there's literally no reason not to do this

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>got chem eng degree
>get high paying job
>time and flexibility to read, write, lift, cook, live an active out doors life

Truly blessed. I feel sorry for humanities majors, they can't do stem but stem can do humanities no problem.

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I majored in bio, minored in chem, grad school in STEM. Spend my meager free time reading great american novels.
fuck off with this double major bullshit, collecting two separate worthless undergrad degrees with minimal overlap is a total waste of time.

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the degrees dont matter
what i meant was, find time for both pursuits, you can make it

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While you're right in most cases, I think theres many STEM majors who are in touch with the humanities. I plan on majoring in biochemistry/molecular biology but I'm in no way some technocratic hedonist. Maybe I'm somewhat of an exception since I've always been artistically and musically inclined and I've always enjoyed psychology/philosophy/literature, but I highly doubt it. My very good friend, who's a compsci major also has a heavy interest in philosophy and we often talk at length about it. Many people are emotionally shallow technocucks who pursue STEM because they were either brushed into it or think it's interesting, but let's not blanket statement those who pursue STEM for a higher calling and realise the philosophical significance of their pursuits.

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you just made the same point as the people you initially responded to with advice to double major

>> No.12581582

That's what I'm doing cuz I'm not a retard

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Same. I'm joining the military and am gonna use the GI Bill to take online courses towards a business major or something like it. I tried the STEM route at first and failed, and I think that part of it was due to me not being ready for uni at the age I went.

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wish i could do that, im stuck here cuz of asthma. Legit an english degree would be more marketable. or a Lit degree


>> No.12581599

Join the Peace Corps. You'll learn the language and be able to attend certain grad programs for cheaper/free.

>> No.12581607

Switch to STEM if you want job security, or even try to double major if you can.

>> No.12581609

Interesting. Seems competitive. Wish I knew a second language

>> No.12581614

Hell go become a cop or firefighter. If you have a degree you'll move up quicker, and it can also give you ideas for subjects to write on.
You'll learn the language while you're in whatever country you sent to.

>> No.12581622

I guess I will.

>> No.12581663

I would but I feel I’m not cut out for it. I’m neurotic, have mild anxiety, social awkwardness, and am sort of effeminate (i dont talk like a fag im just not a macho man). All the firemen and cops I meet have this machismo shit. Might be cuz I’m in Boston though.

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>humanities major are upset because people say mean things about their job prospects
lmao try ecology

>> No.12581716

>not displaying your abject disdain for practicality and market forces by studying a completely unemployable scientific field and refusing to work

>> No.12581769

>a completely unemployable scientific field and refusing to work

STEM is meme. It should really be TE/B (technology engineering and business)

>> No.12581922

Imagine not having the work ethic, capacity for learning, or money to even study in a formal institution like me. Ha ha...

>> No.12581963

>dehumanising education even further for more capital efficiency
A C C E L E R A T E it

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History is x100 times better than lit what are you in

>> No.12582113

CS friend here. I actually like the theoretical side of computer science: the work I did in school was much more fascinating than the work I do in the industry.

>> No.12582333

are you saying CS is a worthless major?

>> No.12582533

Jung saw all this autism coming a mile away. He predicted the devaluation of human experience, and faith, in favour of cold, soulless science.
We are fucked for at least 100 years, or until the AGI is created. Buckle up buckaroo.

>> No.12583356

>its equivalent in humanities as well (the kind of people that think it's cool to say they can't into basic math, for instance).
I haven't such a person in my whole life.

It's kind of hard to find people into that outside humanities. You know, where people spend years reading and learning about philosophy, literature, art and history.

I haven't seen a single "autodictat" that actually knew their shit. You have everything out there, but most of it isn't something you'd find through causal browsing, and you won't have anyone reliable to guide you, explain things, and point you to new areas of knowledge.
Just look at /lit/ and how stagnant it is.

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Yah, only a hundred years after everyone else did.

>> No.12583432

What's wrong with being a philosophy academic/researcher/author ?

If you are, lets say a philosopher of science, you may have a chance to work with biologist, neuroscientists and physicists.

If you are into philosophy of language and mind you may get into the AI field and shit.

>> No.12583456

This picture really exemplifies the superiority of white women. The 2 on the left look like literal subhumans next to her.

>> No.12583461

Lol. Scientists have no respect for philosophy of science. Most are blindly positivistic.

>> No.12583477

>Tugenev predicted a thing that was already happening
what a smart guy

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Just read books in your free time.

>> No.12584182

Same(pharma student). Just glad this is my last year in this hellhole. I still wish I picked something else everyday.

>> No.12584222

As a STEMfag whose main hobby is reading and who has read and memorized thousands of verses from several languages, I have to say the lack of appreciation for mathematical beauty itt makes me sad. The sentiment expressed in OP is indicative of a narrow esthetical sense. Do yourselves a favor and go read Poe's Eureka right now.

Also universities are for getting a job right now, it's the sad but undeniable state of the land. Find a balance between what pays for your subsitance and what nourishes your soul.

t. enlightened STEMfag

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>tfw studying one of the most soulless degrees
i need a hug guys

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Some people have no (likeable) personality so they cling to the "STEM is superior" meme to compensate. Most of the intelligent physics professors were quite in tune with the humanities. Then again, I went to a liberal arts school, everyone was pushed the "well rounded scholar" idea.

>> No.12584304

It's often the case in any kind of STEM field.

>> No.12584318


Not sure it will work.

>> No.12584326


CE sure but CS lmao no

>> No.12584335

the numbers line up
I'm so smart
my boss will be making even more money now
this is so beautiful

>> No.12584365

now I have to put this on my list.

>> No.12584402

Electrical engineer reporting in. I was always more interested in history, which turned into more general interest in humanities over time but I knew one thing. If I'd major history there's about 10% chance I'd be academic researcher frustrated because none of my research gets attention it deserves(and it deserves it all!) and 90% chance that I'd be schoolteacher which would be nothing but misery.

On the other hand, in this age, universities are just highly educated worker factories. Humanities are there just to fund the machine cuz everyone has to have a degree meme will inevitably lead to numerous halfwits wasting their time and money studying them because "they couldn't into math so they've had to be good at something else"(just God spare them being good at welding or masonry, no they're gonna be good at philosophy, ethics, sociology and other big, foreign words). These will be your associates. Your professors have to lower the standards to make them go through the institution thus keep the money flowing. It's crazy to think of it, but you're better off saving up whatever you think your studies will cost you and locking yourself up at parents with a truckload of books in all but formal academic recognition of the things you'll have to say - which is ironic seeing as the higher-standard, elitist academia of the past was more tolerant to people who lacked formal education but were able to construct educated works than the current age mass-industry one.

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I am not too read on philosophy, what exactly BTFO’d logical positivism?

>> No.12584453

You visibly have never heard of Plato, Pythagoras, Leibniz, Kant or even Baudelaire for that matter.

You sir, are not only an ignorant repressed homosexual, but also a retarded faggot.
But to each his own I suppose. I leave you to your 80's rock song lyrics, I have to read some Gongora.

>> No.12584458

Foundations paradoxes and inconsistency theorems + Wittgenstein.

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I never finsihed my degree (bio), I hated it and spent what was to be my third year of misery using the library for books I enjoyed reading, working some odd-jobs on the side.
Now I'm back home and assistant manager in a small group of pubs. I work with two other people who actually finished their STEM degrees, fat lot of difference it's made between us. I'm just trying to give some perspective to people who might be reading this thread thinking the only options are:
>NPC STEMfag - no problem with working in an office
>depressed humanities - wants to work in a comfy office but nobody will hire them
Maybe it's different in the US, but there actually is a lot of work out there that lies between the space of minimum-wage and the highest earners. Even if I go on to further training in something - I know the sedentary jobs that are presented as the whole jobs market just isn't for me. I feel like it's not for a lot of people, they just don't know what's out there like I didn't.

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>> No.12584541

Very simplified version is - assuming scientific method is the proper tool of understanding the world is at odds with scientific method and then there comes the kind of political retardation of the movement. Pretty much all of them were some kind of left-leaning centrists while the "proper" politics of a philosopher devoid of anything but logic would probably be extremely tribal social-darwinism(think of Herbert "State funded fire stations are literally devil" Spencer). As such they were wasting their time trying to wrestle morality out of religion's grasp which was bound to failure.

>> No.12584586

Popper, Quine in the Anglo tradition and pretty much every single continental philosophy after the 1950s has had a go at them. They also had really gay politics (basically they were center left anti communist and anti fascist internationalists, the quintessential Eurocrat)

>> No.12584598


I think you're misunderstanding what (s)he meant. Mathematics, once you get past he arithmetic and first level Calc is really fascinating in how everything connects.

Look at DiffEq for instance. One constant, e, is so essential to making equations relate. Pi is a funny name but the way it appears in nature (circles) is mind boggling.

People harp on the concrete ideas of math that they don't even look at the more abstract connections present.

Math is a language, just like any other. It describes everything and has limitations.

>> No.12584647

Thanks. This is why I don’t normally waste my time reading philosophy unless it’s specifically about morality. Sounds like a waste of time unless it really interests you.

>> No.12584743

Metaphysics and epistemology are the most important branches of philosophy. Morality itself is grounded in these fields!

>> No.12584783

The labour market is very tight these days, so unless your degree is in something highly technical (engineering, computer science, business analytics, etc.) you'll often have a hard time getting hired if you don't go to a top-tier university. Among the more diligent sort of students this is internalised at a very early age, and often manifests as an absolute disgust for the "arts", and various rationales for why "science" and "logic" or "rationality" are the only worthwhile things to study.

It is true that the humanities have degraded quite a bit though.

>> No.12584794

>not only an ignorant repressed homosexual,
But I'm not repressing.
>I leave you to your 80's rock song lyrics, I have to read some Gongora
I like you

>> No.12584802

do academia friendo

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I'm glad I majored in the humanities. I know tons of STEM and business majors and they're all miserable. Everyone is depressed, anxious, constantly stuck in an existential crisis they don't have the concepts to even identify. A lot of them turn to drinking and drugs, which I have no problem with, if it wasn't so evident they were using them as a kind of misguided self-medication to manage and stave off the meaninglessness. A lot of them find temporary relief in weird "wellness" shit like minimalism or bullshit health store nonsense like CBD and flax seed lattes or whatever. But of course this is nonsense. The culture they consume is garbage but they convince themselves its sophisticated because bojack the horse never gets a happy ending, and therefore its deep like literature. A lot of them end up falling for the Jordan Peterson bullshit because they have no experience with philosophy or culture and the faintest whiff of it makes them realize there is something missing. Women don't fall for Peterson but instead learn the same 5-10 concepts from "blog feminism" (like the bechdel test, toxic masculinity, mansplaining) and can pat themselves on the back because they can understand the articles posted in slate or the atlantic, but this is such an impoverished level of discourse compared to real critical theory, which they never read.

A lot of them think travel is the key to their happiness so they arrange their whole life around the 1 out of 55 weeks a year where they get to go to Paris, which is fun but only gives the illusion of being "cultured". It turns being cultured into a form of consumption, a type of collecting, where visiting a different country every year becomes a stand-in for any actual forms of worldliness.

The rise of "nerd culture" is just another aspect of this trend, it gives people the illusion of depth. If they are dissatisfied with the culture they're consuming and want to get at something deeper they are directed to endless world-building bullshit, fanbase wikipedias filled with endless detail, comic books, backstories, fan fiction. None of it actually goes very "deep" but it creates a time sink and a hobby that gives the feeling like they're expanding their horizons. In reality it's just another example of basic human yearning being redirected towards consumerist ends, turning passive consumption of a franchise into a personality trait.

>> No.12584865

lel that you think this is exclusive to stem and business farts.

>> No.12584869

I'm not sure if the humanities is much of a substitute though. I think at the end of the day if you're a well-adjusted person you'll be alright as long as you adhere at least in part to your inclinations.

>> No.12584886

hey man, CBD is great but for like treating epilepsy and shit

>> No.12584888

>55 weeks a year

>> No.12584897

you're right but people in the humanities also fall for these memes. they're just different memes like chapotraphouse or contrapoints lmao.

>> No.12584898

>hates Bojack
>goes on to post the same criticism of feminist blogging the show does and everything


>> No.12584907

This post looks like a pasta that is posted because it is true

>> No.12584910

>chapotraphouse or contrapoints
nobody knows who these are aside from assblasted alt-right weenies and a handful of anons who hear them bitch about

>> No.12584995

I just didn't want anyone thinking I'm a typical stem fag that wants some asian waifu (a whore that is on average no better than white girls (suck my dick yellow fewer fags)) as OP's pic implys.
And if you're wondering why people like to talk about race here: It's because it's not allowed elsewhere

>> No.12585008

I have the material but not the time. I can't help but imagine how awesome it would be if all my time spend studying I could spend on my hobby that is also my education at the same time.

>> No.12585019

i mean there is something to be said for using math to benefit science as opposed to playing with it in a containment chamber. the latter is mostly a dead project if anyones actually trying to pump any human vitalizing info out of it. now, the fact that a CS major holds these views is pretty funny though. literally cant think of a more basic bitch “science.” also yeah logical positivism is dead but honestly explaining that to any stem major is beside the point. these are the same people that conflate the domains of philosophy and science like theyre Godzilla titans at war with each other or something. it’s all so plebby.

>> No.12585028

off yourself, thanks.

>> No.12585033
File: 103 KB, 1024x716, janny_services_pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go ahead. Ban me and see where that gets you, janitor

>> No.12585036

>Hate stem
>dont see anything lucrative about the humanities and the types that study I dont vibe with really

Should I just keep neeting it up?

>> No.12585043

>muh STEM
>muh humanities
Jesus, I remember when this board was over fucking 20 years old on average and significantly less reddit.

>> No.12585046
File: 138 KB, 988x1059, 1521423692731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12585047

Computer Science majors are massive autists who are generally not well-rounded individuals. Their focus is ridiculously narrow. I've found biologists and chemists to be generally cool people.

>> No.12585049

I agree, humanities and art students fall for this shit too, but it's mostly because their education is fragmented and incomplete, and a lot of them don't have an interest in actually processing what they're being taught. It's the same problem Plato identified in the Theaetetus, they learn all this stuff but never turn it into true waking knowledge. Most students are completely oriented towards career prospects and maximizing their human capital, and learning is just a means to that end. I think this is more true of STEM and business because they don't even pretend like they're providing something other than utility. The humanities are being power-washed into the same career-oriented pipeline, but there is still something at the heart of it that lets you expand your own humanity, something that is key to living a good life as a person, not as a cold economic actor. It's still there for those willing to put in the effort.
Bojack is completely incoherent, it has no clear moral compass or consistent message, and people read this as some kind of post-modern artistic choice but really it's just that they keep shuffling around their writers and changing directors every episode, there is nothing deep going on that isn't an accident. This is true of most TV shows unless a single person has complete creative control
Chapo trap house seems to have the message that the political discourse is cynical and often just covers up the exercise of power (at least their book description seems to say this, not sure if it's a joke). Which is true, but this is only revelatory or refreshing if you have no knowledge of Hegel and those he influenced. Though the popularity makes sense because hegel has been banished from most academia in the anglo-american world, so making such a basic point over and over can make people think you've discovered the skeleton key to all politics.

>> No.12585057

>it has no clear moral compass or consistent message
not one that you understand anyway.

>> No.12585074

>they acquire knowledge to apply it in practice
>the never turn to ""true knowledge""
The amount of pseudery in this post is astounding.

>> No.12585095

>falling for the pragmatism meme

>> No.12585111

This is the stemfag faggotry im talking about. Going to school only as a means to endc rather than an end it itself.

>> No.12585132

>I took a break from work a year and a half ago cause I wanted to travel around, still doing it unitl I don't know when (but now taking some remote jobs while doing that
you're living my dream anon
where did you travel to?
also any tips to young cs students who want to become like you?

>> No.12585163

>aimlessly collecting knowledge is so fucking supirior
You seem to be quite underage.

>> No.12585228

Am I the only humanities major working as a Journalist? I have my own little column on Interior Design and architecture the pay is whatever but its comfy and I get to sneak in my own essays sometimes. I feel as most of you just don't look hard enough for jobs and are natural born neets. I have tons of spare time

>> No.12585252

Are there a lot of new people here? We solved this problem a long time ago.

Anyone who has a soul will feel a business / scientific / engineering day job suck it out of him. Anyone who has a brain will feel the need to build something pragmatic as well.

Don't limit yourself, be /sci/ and /lit/. And /fit/, if you're smart.

>> No.12585261

but Im so lazy

>> No.12585383
File: 985 KB, 1367x760, 4ee8366ad16116359197376e860aa9a735355384ae4be5a3454b1b50b99e24de.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is somewhat related to the thread, so I guess I'll ask this here
I'm a Senior in HS and just got accepted to a top 10 school in the US. I'm a lazy shithead though and the only subjects I like are comparative religion and philosophy. I'm not really that qualified compared to some of the private school kids I see that got accepted especially in STEM fields. Do you guys think I should go to a T10 school and struggle or go to my state school for the comp sci meme and get an easy IT job. I see so many people moaning about college work on 4chan that I sometimes wonder if I'm even cut out for it. I got into a great school but I am worried I'm not cut out for the workload. Just wanna become a monk neet desu. I hate the natural sciences.

>> No.12585433

The workload for college isn't that bad you just need to know how to study.

Also as a CS major probably don't go into CS if you don't enjoy it. Going to a top 10 is likely enough to get you a job in any field you desire provided you spend some time to make connections and get an internship somewhere.

>> No.12585438

Oh Enlightened one, please tell us where the truth is. You sound like a socialist already so I am going to assume religion is a lie too.

>> No.12585450

Go wherever you can get a scholarship and study for free. If you can go to state school paying little to nothing vs. go to a top 10 and pay 50k per year, it's a no-brainer; you're getting the same crappy undergraduate education either way, so get it cheap if you can. Name-brand schools might do you credit at the graduate level. Might. For undergrad? Just focus on staying out of debt and getting a degree that will earn you money.

>> No.12585462
File: 517 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190212-160754_Opera.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, "femm*esque" is a Googlewhack (not copying to maintain it). Good work, anon

>> No.12585521

Hey anon, went to a top 100 school (meaningless) but had friends that turned down or went to top 10. It depends what you want to do after school and what type of socializer you are.

If you want to be surrounded by intellectual and interesting people, go to a top 10. I went to a school that was 25 in the nation for my college and the people were extremely not intectually-minded nor really curious at all.

If the state school gave you the honors+alumni distinguished scholar and you want to go into academia, YOU ARE MUCH BETTER OFF WITH THIS PROGRAM THAN TOP 10. Top 10 schools make you apply for extra-curriculars, state schools largely don't. If you want to study humanities, do NOT go to a state school unless it is: Umass Boston, Umich, U Washington, UC Berkeley or UCLA, U Iowa MAYBE, U Maryland, or U Ill Urbana. The rest are total and utter garbage for humanities, anyone who disagrees can't at the undergrad level. Additionally, for job availability if your state school isn't a FAANG target then you might be fucked even with a "cushy" CS degree.

Graduate making $140k+, Top 10 CS
Graduate making $90k, Top 10 humanities or state CS (I'm in the region, management consulting)
Graduate School, Top 10 humanities or double major CS and Phil at state school with research backing
Graduate making $45k, humanities state school

If you need to be surrounded by genuinely intelligent people, go to Top 10.

>> No.12585574

Rutgers has the second best philosophy program in the world

>> No.12585579

what jobs are there with a top 10 humanities undergrad degree that pay $90k out of school? Genuinely curious not being a cunt

>> No.12585582
File: 46 KB, 778x512, 439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gib sauce of asian girls

>> No.12585593


>> No.12585614
File: 9 KB, 250x242, 1544245917321s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to join a Liberal Arts school but I shitted the bed in highschool,im broke and live in a crack dome of a state with no good schools(FL). Was thinking of going to local college for English and Journalism but now im not so sure maybe I should just become a stem fag.

>> No.12585654

Thanks for the response. I got into the honors program at my state school, but its not really anything special for humanities or stem. It's just a few extra classes and a senior thesis. At this point in time I'm thinking Philosophy at the T10, and maybe transitioning into academia. But at the same time, I'm not even sure if I want to go into academia, since it seems that academic philosophy is notorious for crushing enjoyment in the subject. Also thanks for pointing the extra-curricular thing out, since now I'm unsure about that too. Hadn't thought about that

>> No.12585673

Isn't that graduate level though? He was talking about undergrad

>> No.12585674

Actually didn't know it was public
Study CS. If you do well you can get a great job that makes you a king in FL. Read on the side, if you're still pationate, you can always write about subjects that need CS expertise.
MBB (McKinsey, Bain, BCG) all pay that. Big4 comes close. Any top tier IB (investment bank), PE (private equity), or VC (venture capital) shop can pay that. Consulting, generally, will hire humanities more than Fin shit, but they pay that well.

>> No.12585694

It seriously will also depend on your appetite for high salaried gigs. If you want to start pushing 100k+ and you have a humanities degree and you don't get a consulting or IB gig, you'll need an MBA or other grad program.

My one recommendation is to look at different data science minors at the school. Knowing R, Python, and SQL will automatically make you hireable at any F500

>> No.12585715

>Collecting knowledge as a means of acquiring worthless material possessions

>> No.12585718

There are plenty of talented people in any field who love their work. You dislike work.

>> No.12585747
File: 127 KB, 1000x563, [email protected] [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think I can drain myself with CS and study /lit/ on the site (im terrible at math). i'd rather be a English Major if anything but the only career path I can see-journalism- is dying quicker than I expected. Oh the difficulties of transitioning from a HS senior to College student :(

>> No.12585759

>I asked him what the difference was between mathematics and mathematical sciences and his reasoning that Mathematics is BA, mathematics is a BS and something something SCIENCE DUDE.
The fact that you have no idea what the fuck he was saying is the reason your education is worth shit.

>> No.12585805

kek /lit/ is full of insecure literature/philosophy students

just study what you want and read what you fancy

p.s. theoretical physics + philosophy is the god-tier path

>> No.12585812

Read philosophy, code porn games for money.

>> No.12585861

Im interested where do I start already got reading philosopy down

>> No.12585921

There's plenty you can use knowledge for and yes, obtaining material wealth is quite a valid goal.

>> No.12585927

>having financial security and free time to pursue your hobbies is worthless
humanitiesfags are in denial

>> No.12585931

>meme physics
good job having a narrower performance than regular math majors and less usefulness than engineers I guess

>> No.12585933

Maybe I'm young and naive, but I'm not really aiming for huge six figure salaries, I just wanna be happy. I don't buy much and all of my hobbies are either free online (assuming I have internet) or outdoors. Albeit, maybe if I find a wife and want to have children I will change my mind about the salary prospects. I'll worry about that when it comes though, since who knows what the future will bring

>> No.12585989
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Humanities majors produce the most cancerous humans ever to exist. I've had wonderful/engrossing/deep conversations with arts grads, only to have them turn up their noses when I mention I'm in STEM. Humanities is a classist institution designed to stroke egos, not to mention a thoroughly liberal monoculture.

Ever try to have a conversation with a lit grad about the depth and breadth of mathematics? Science? Cosmology? Physics? They simply cannot wrap their minds around abstract concepts, even on a superficial level. I had a girl (phil. major) once tell me that she wouldn't even engage with the topic because it was of no social utility. Dunning-Kruger is in full swing with these morons.

>logical positivism was BTFO'd nearly 70 years ago
STEM is neither invalidated or invalidated by this

Also I'm 27 and make 110K. Life is pretty comfy so fuck all of you. Don't denigrate my life choices or my interests, especially those you can't understand or engage with.

>> No.12586012

>its equivalent in humanities as well (the kind of people that think it's cool to say they can't into basic math, for instance).
>I haven't such a person in my whole life.
I have met many. I've known people who will argue til their red in the face that maths is completely useless and shouldn't be taught in high school.

>> No.12586018

t. virgin

>> No.12586071

I have met such too. But are they studying humanities? As a humanitiesfag myself, I only noticed that we have occasional self-deprecating jokes about our shitty math skills.

>> No.12586247

Hey, do you know of any good schools outside the USA/UK?

>> No.12586442
File: 235 KB, 940x937, dinner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>don't denigrate my life choices because I make X amount of money

>> No.12586685

UF grad here. FSU is actually solid for the humanities, better than UF for sure. However if you want STEM or economics go to UF. If you only want engineering go to UCF or USF.

>> No.12586721


>> No.12586925

Thanks. Im not well acquainted with the Unis here and I don't wanna risk going to a uni with a shitty professor or terrible courses, would be a bad waste of time. Most likely going to take a program for undergrad at a local college (MDC most likely) than choose a Uni for graduate courses maybe a professor can point me in the right direction, will take FSU into consideration, thanks!

>> No.12586980

I feel you dude, im doing CS and studying front-end development (JS) and i hate it.
Infact i hate studying all together, but i feel like a simpleton whenever i have no concept in mind to takle or try and understand when my attention isnt focused onsomething urgent - i try listening to music/audiobooks but it never helps
Learning and learning is the only way i can stay afloat, I might get a double degree in Philosophy after i finish CS but not sure how that will affect my marketability if i study something completely different for 4 more years

>> No.12586996


>> No.12587339

Here's a bit of advice:
in FL, community college grads get priority acceptance to state universities.
If you have the means to, go to a local community college.
Take a wide variety of courses until you find what you like, what you're interested in. Then wrap up your AA, transfer to a university, and get a Bachelor's.

>> No.12587473

Maybe it is possible to go to night school for philosophy while working a CompAco office job?

>> No.12587511

*beats up all STEMnerds itt*

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