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Really loved the relationship between Francis Dolarhyde and Reba McClane in the Red dragon. Are there any romance novels where the female character is disabled? Would prefer if the narration is done by the male protagonist. Also a good end is a must.

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Stop trying to shit on pure love.

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Katawa Shoujo

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Already finished it. Great suggestion, though.

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>please find something for me to masturbate to

This is a literature board.

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I asked for good romance novels, not erotic novels.

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No one's going to feed your paraphilia. Fuck off

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Go to deviantart and see what you find there.

I myself have written something of that nature

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God, you're stupid, aren't you?

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Okay, maybe I shouldn't have written it as Paraphilia. I just want some wholesome romance books with disabled girls.

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You can dress up your shitty fetish in whatever "romantic" language you want. Still a shitty fetish.

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It's a patrician fetish of the highest order.

Is it acceptable if it's a criminal mystery series and the female main character may or may not fall in love with the first-person investigator later?

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It's not a fetish, you dumb bogan. It's love.

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No, I understand that paraphilias involve emotional attachment. They are still paraphilias. What I am saying is you should fuck off and keep it to yourself.

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My uncle married a wheelchair woman, never gave second thought to it as a child. They also had kids and seemed pretty etc.

Now thinking of him as some sort of wheelchair fetishist amuses me.

Why the fuck disability would "turn" anyone on? Perhaps domination aspect?

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>Is it acceptable if it's a criminal mystery series and the female main character may or may not fall in love with the first-person investigator later?
Yeah, sure why not? Better than all the other replies I'm getting here.

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>Why the fuck disability would "turn" anyone on?

There's an entire clinical literature on it. Look it up on google scholar or something.

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Your Uncle was based & redpilled.

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But you agree that there could be "sexual attraction" DESPITE the obvious disability/wheelhair

Personally, I don't give a fuck if someone has that fetish, but you get the deal

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It's a series by Hans Olav Lahlum, beginning with the novel "The Human Flies". One of the two main characters is a young woman aged between 18-23 when the books are set, who was paralyzed from the waist down after a car accident and helps our investigator solve various mysteries.

I'll refrain from saying more, since you probably don't want spoilers, but nine books have been written so far.

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Thank you.

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Was your aunt attractive when she was younger?

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>Why the fuck disability would "turn" anyone on? Perhaps domination aspect?
For me it's a really personal thing. The woman I loved was disabled.

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Looking at pictures, actually very attractive. Almost "out of league" compared to my uncle in terms of facial aesthetics, but I think disabled women may be a bit more forgiving on your looks (not that my uncle was/is some hideous smelly pervert)

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>ywn marry a 10/10 face 0/2 legs out of your league qt

Why even live?

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>"sexual attraction"

If you're talking about emotional/romantic love, sure. But those feelings are based in and preceded by a deviant sexual interest. Typically having one partner obviously objectified does not make for a healthy relationship.

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What kind of cripple was she? Paralyzed, leg issues, other things?

How old are they now?

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pic related
I haven't read it but I remember some anon saying it's his fav novel
looks really good

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Legs did not work, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spinal_cord_injury

She could walk in her youth but slowly deteroriated through the years. As far as I know, my uncle met her when she was in a wheelchair already.

>How old are they now?
I don't know, probably near 70.

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What about this couple? The guy in a wheelchair is paralympic multiple time gold medalist

Do you think she is sexually attracted to cripples?

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must add, that very humorous looking guy considering how big his upper body is compared to his shriveled and atrophied legs.

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I want a girlfriend who can bench more than I do but squat nothing at all, is this weird?

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Ara ara

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Read Temple of the Golden Pavilion

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I have a little attraction for somewhat disabled women too. I admire some inner strength aspect. Projection of course, like a lot of love.

RIP Lisa Bufano

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