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What do I need to fully understand Either Or? The only philosopher I've read before is Nietzsche. It wasn't so hard, I became familiar with his concepts and went straight away.
Do I need something else for Kierkegaard?

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No. Just don't get the abridged penguin edition because it's shit.

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Learn danish, read the bible, memorize the Formula concordiae, read ALL medieval philosophy and you are good to go

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At least have some familiarity with the Bible, and the Lutheran tradition. Then, you should be good to go.

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Some Socratic dialogues would be nice. Otherwise zero prereqs

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If you've already read Nietzsche, there's really no need to read Kierkegaard. He literally stole Nietzsche's ideas yet even manages to make those same ideas seem less profound

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Based retrocausality poster

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The irony is causing me physical pain.

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I wish to punch your face in

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