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Pulp becomes flesh, and lives. These stories have informed almost every great crime/mystery book today. This is where much of it began. The atmosphere that these written stories on paper created, read by holding a book and turning pages, getting ink on your fingertips and the damp, musty smell of pages in your nostrils.

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The Mystery/Crime genre is filled with a lot of patrician books. Why come /lit/ never talks about it but we have regular discussion on every other genre fiction (except romance)?

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noir fiction is genre crap. i would rather read christie or doyle than tryhard crap like noir.

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What do you mean by this?

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Nada will finally get a translation - available next august. French leftist noir at its best. Don't miss it, anglos. The first 2 pages are epic.

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Is this stuff like noir movies, or is everything much more explicit--sex, violence, etc?

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