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>be Mario Vargas Llosa
>be Peruvian
>be a good novelist
>be right-wing
>be a presidential candidate for Peru in 1990
>retarded Peruvians hate you so much they read your sex/violence passages in the radio just to scare voters
>lose the election to some Jap whose parents are cousins or something (Alberto Fujimori Fujimori) and who doesn't even have Native American nor Spanish blood
>become the national laughing stock
>move to Spain
>20+ years later, Fujifag, after fleeing to Japan like a filthy rat and being extradited, the now almost-eight-years-old is sentenced to 25 years in prison for corruption, murder, human rights violation, and so on, while you win the FUCKING NOBEL PRIZE FOR LITERATURE
>tfw Peru lost the opportunity to have a writer president and instead went for a filthy rat

Biggest come up in modern history, perhaps. What a badass.

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wasn´t he was a leftist?

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Compared to today's political climate he is

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Didn't he get into a fight with Gabriel Garcia Marquez at a book signing event for sleeping with his wife or something?

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He was conservative economically, but liberal socially, I think.

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He did get into a fight at a cinema in Mexico with GGM but the reasons are unknown.

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He lost because it was rumored he was a sodomite. He’s my hero, nonetheless.

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not at all.

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>He lost because it was rumored he was a sodomite
too bad

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Read the 'Final Thoughts' from Notes on the Death of Culture...you won't regret it.

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thanks for the rec, pal.

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He was, he visited Cuba in the 60s. But every latin writer did the same, except Borges

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He later opposed dictatorships, though. You can change, ideologically and politically.

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neither did Onetti, altought he was arrested for having commie friends

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his interviews are unwatchable, the guy talked like a slug

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I´ll show you a slug, hijo de puta

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> arrested for having commie friends
and writing porn

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he's a globalist freemason. But, who isn't?

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