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Post light fare for a miserable week
Currently reading pic'd
It's good enough

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Last time I was sick (but not so much to be barely able to move my eyes) I read The Nonexistent Knight by Italo Calvino.It's an ultra-comfy fantasy adventure.Read it.

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Thanks, anon. Will have my sister pick it up for me at the library this evening.

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I should definitely read Tides of Fortune
Really enjoyed Amerigo

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Yeah, I like Zweig in general but I haven't read that one yet. Of the vignettes in Fortune I've read the three concerning composition this afternoon- Handel and Messiah, Goethe and the late Love (Marienbad) Elegy, and Rouget de Lisle and The Marseillaise. Interesting that seriousness illness (I only have the flu) figures in a major way in the first two pieces..
I'll read the ones about Grouchy (the Waterloo general) and Scott's reaching the South Pole before the day ends.

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