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Hello /lit/,
I plan on writing a book denouncing the modern education system and describing what the ideal education system would look like.
Do you happen to know of any books that touch on this subject or perhaps books on the history of education?

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Hi from the other reading thread!

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I think this would be interesting to know too.

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Emile is supposed to be a response to The Republic
education has a literature as good as law

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Have you read theory on pedagogy before? I'm sure you can look stuff up just bu googling it or through wikipedia. I'm in the Teacher Ed program of my school and the philosophy is quite vast, and you would need to be pretty familiar with it, and likely an experienced educator yourself before taken seriously on the matter. I say this only because I suspect your idea may be the result of a self-righteous angst rather than a genuine interest in theory and potential for reform, but if I'm wrong, I wish you luck then. But if you don't have years of experience in education and are well acquainted with the ideas surrounding, then this is a silly task. I recall reading Piaget, Vygotsky, Dewey, and Benjamin Bloom quite a bit. But there are many more names than that.

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John Dewey wrote some good stuff on education.

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those 4 writers are each great
applying education’s great literature is the rub

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