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Why does he write as if he has no clue about the subject matter? Why is it so unclear, all over the place and convoluted?

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Redpill me about this anon

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The whole purpose of this thread is to also be redpilled. So far into the book I still don't get the hype

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it's got a few pages of brilliance behind all the abstract marxist bullshit. debord was ahead of his time in seeing how the entertainment age shapes it subjects and has them chasing the transcendence of a fictive world, and social media has integrated the spectacle into our identities and social fabric in a way Debord couldn't have imagined.

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So basically you are saying that I dont need to read it because he envisioned the world I already live and observe?

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what is the title?
the society of spectacle
the spectacle of society
spectacle of the society
society of the spectacle
society: the spectacle of
spectacle: the society of
of the society spectacle
of the spectacle society
spectacle society of the...
society spectacle of the...
of society, the spectacle
of spectacle, the society
the "of society spectacle"
the "of spectacle society"
spectacle, society: of the
society, spectacle: of the
spectacle society: the of
society spectacle: the of

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that's not what i'm saying at all. that's like saying you don't have to study economics because you buy stuff every day.

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holy shit that's a great analogy, I'm stealing it.

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I read the Red and Black translation which is widely regarded as inferior to the more recent translations, but I probably can't be bollocksed to re-read a better translation.
If you think too much you're gonna live a miserable life in this day and age. If you conceptualise of the reasons for your misery in such a grand, vague and insurmountable a framework as Debord does with "the Spectacle", you're life will slowly transform into pointless and futile struggle and eventually a black suicide.

Sidenote, I think a parallel can be drawn between the late Debord believing that the Spectacle was insurmountable and the late leftcommunist Cammette believing Capitalism is insurmountable.

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But economics is capitalism theology completely detached from reality, buying stuff every day would give me much information about the worlds economy than reading every single economics book ever written

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what did marx write?

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Lmao what

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A critique of political economy

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Kill yourself

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That's literally the subtitle of his book though, no need to be upset anon.

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Who says anon, what are you some retard.

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Neck yourselves.

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That makes no sense retard

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What are you fucks even talking about ITT

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Complaining about the book being unclear, but refusing to set out what your actual problems with it are is hardly helpful anon. What did you find difficult about Debord (additionally, what translation do you have)?

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dumbest comment on the internet

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Same. Good shit anon.

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