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>drinking alcohol then reading
Biggest mistake or best thing since sliced bread?

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don't do it

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only if you're reading something really low brow and comedic

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this, retention is severely hampered

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>drinking alcohol then reading
you're fine man, only way to read

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depends what you're reading and how much you drink

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Huge Mistake
>drinking then reading prose

Best Thing since sliced bread:
>drinking then reading poetry

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I really like to read while smoking weed but it takes me twice as long to read stuff while high :(

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fucking same

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I still can't believe people think poetry is a respectable thing to read in 2019

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Young Gaben

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because it makes you unfocused and unable to concentrate, which dumb people mistake for being enlightened because everything seems so much more mysterious and wonderful

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I don’t read for the sake of being respected, you faggot.

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trips of truth.

personally I don't really like reading when I'm drunk. occasionally I'll get baked and decide to read but I don't retain information as well

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Drink alcohol before everything, lightweight

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It feels great but dont make it a habit or else you'll feel like having a drink every time you pick up a book

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depends on what youre reading, sometimes a fellow has to lower his IQ to appreciate everything in life

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You aren't as smart as you think you are, Anon.

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You should say that he IS as smart as he thinks he is, giving him no reason to get any smarter. Which would have a far worse impact on your adversary than telling him he has to work on his intelligence.

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>t. Psued

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I'm the exact opposite. I get so into the book that I remember every last detail.

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Young Shostakovich

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>getting drunk and reading LISN bud LIDN by ee cummings

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