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so you wanna be a philosophy major, huh, kid? it's me john maus from the band john maus and here is my advice for ya.

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t. philfag

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don't do hard stimulants, kids

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he's on adderall, right? when i hear him talk in longer interviews, i get the sense that he is on some shit and read too much gay philosophy nonsense in grad school.

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he was popular before MDE you mong

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John Maus is from Ariel Pink, not John Maus

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surprisingly based post desu

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good post

i wish i was smart

i wish it was easy to get informed, what he described sounds hard and unclear and like it takes dedication

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he's pretty based generally

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John Maus is based yet bluepilled, a very disappointing mix

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That was fucking gay.
>vintage synthesizer sounds
Now a philosophy vignette.
Nuke reddit.

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