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>First chapter is people fucking

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>First chapter is protag contemplating his life up to that point

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>First chapter is the literal birth of protag

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>people fuck

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>First chapter is actually the last chapter

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This tbqhsf dawg...

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I get triggered when I encounter sex in a piece of literature because it reminds me that sex is something that's a natural part of life for 99% of humanity and it's something that I'll never get to experience.

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>it's another worried housewife chapter

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>book is divided into chapters

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>the first chapter is identical to the last chapter

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>write about sex
>know it's awkward and unrealistic because I've only seen the distorted version in pornos

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This but unironically

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>first chapter is death of the protagonist

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>first chapter is death of the author

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>first chapter is the death of the universe

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>first chapter is authors suicide note
>no other chapters

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it feels like pic related to me
I dont get angry, not even sad... its just a punch...

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>the first chapter is an autistic fit

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First chapter is protag contemplating life while on his way to school

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>first chapters predicts death of the dear
>prediction is suicide

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that hit me hard

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>protagonist makes eye contact with a woman
>next paragraph is of them fucking

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>First chapter describes the character in a sticky situation
>Rest of the book is what happened to lead up to the situation

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>Prologue: A Sticky Situation
>Chapter 1: Record Scratch, Freeze Frame
>Chapter 2: Yup, That's Me
>Chapter 3: You're Probably Wondering...
>Chapter 4: How I Ended Up In This Situation

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>first chapter is the protagonist waking up and getting out of bed for a normal day

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>first chapter is death of the reader

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>first chapter is revealed to be a dream

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>first chapter is the epilogue

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>first chapter is actually good

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>first chapter is a song of ice
>last chapter is a song of fire
Yes, this literally happens in the first book.

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>first chapter is about rednecks beating the shit out of each other

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made me giggle

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Yes. This series must be written

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>first few chapters are homoerotic fiction of nerdy Christian sailor and tattooed bbc savage

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>counting the chapters
not gonna make it

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>First chapter starts the bimbofication of the mc

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>first chapter is MC composing about people fucking

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>protagonist isn't even born until the third volume

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i would read this

this sounds like shit

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>book is divided into sentences

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Bukowski did it well, I think

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>the rest aren't

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>Book is divided into words

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>and the conception is the first volume

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As in
>13 1/2 lifes of Capt'n Bluebear
>The New Testament

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literally my diary desu

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Based and Trimpilled.

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you are sitting on a throne of lies

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>*male MC

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>in the first chapter, it's a dark and stormy night

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>first 20 pages are about the character's sleeping habits, bedrooms and dreams

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>Book begins with "once upon a time"

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It's not 'that' distorted. The positioning and angles of entry are just a little off for the camera. "Sex isn't like porn" is the worst advice you'll ever here. They are busting real nuts in case you didn't know.

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It's acting is exaggerated as well as the foreplay

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I'd hesitate to call it acting. I'm pretty sure they're just actually fucking each other.

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>book is a book

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>book isn't divided into chapters

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>First chapter starts with a f*cking word

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I’m not a weeb. In fact I hate anime with a fucking passion but good lord this picture is so comfy. I just want to climb inside it and start living in whatever world this is.

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My biography?

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>the first chapter is from the perspective of the antagonist

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sh-shut up, satan

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>book starts with page 1 (one)

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>books start with page I (aye)

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>book contains phonemes

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So fucking weird how other people have sex. I mean they actually get naked and do the peepee friction pleasure.

I'm 23 btw

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>book contains morphemes or other equivalent units of meaning

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