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>Twice two makes four

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>Twice two makes five

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Twice two makes four ago.

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This is the final redpill

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>twice six eight seven makes seven eight nine

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which book? i remember reading this in somthing nabokovian

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It's in Beyond good and evil.

>Twice two makes four with or without my will, as if free will meant that!

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Notes from the Underground
The narrator says that many times in the first part

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>seven sixes make forty three

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>four score and seven years ago

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>What can I do you for?

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>Finnegans Wake

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>two two won one too

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It’s also in 1984

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Also used in the common translation (Cook's?) of On War, I think 4th book. I thought that was the reference seeing as the second post is the next part of the sentence "just as twice two does not make five"

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I think it’s an Anglicism. George Orwell says it, as does Martin Amis, though Amis probably in the context of Nabokov.

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I like it, nice and smooth.

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