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Starting a one issue erotic fiction zine, Slime Palace, which is just going to be me taking a bunch of submissions from you and pasting them up in a pdf with a dumb cover and then posting it to /lit/.

The premise of the zine is a place to publish whatever depraved erotic fiction you began to imagine that one time but never actually went through with. Things that are ultra-specific to your psychoanalytic makeup or just whatever trashy mass-produced fantasy you feel you want to reproduce on your own keyboard.

The idea here is that 1) I need these kinds of structures and at least some minimal sense of an audience in order to write anything, and 2) when the only aesthetic constraint is that you personally find it triggers something, it will generate more interesting content than you would find in the grim depths of a standard writing feedback thread.

(actually the other constraint is that it has to fit roughly on one page, anything longer i'm going to shrink it down to like 5pt text to fit so don't bother. can't think of any reason why the Slime Palace High Command might reject anything, but we reserve the right)

send things to:
[email protected]

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How long are submissions open for? How many pieces do you think you’ll include?

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>it has to fit roughly on one page
Why? It's an online journal, page count shouldn't matter within reason.

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People can submit through all next week. I'll assemble and post the final thing next friday probably. I have no idea how many pieces it will include, hopefully >0, I think the premise kind of precludes being selective with the submissions.

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It's for the aesthetic unity of one story per page. Slime Palace High Command has spoken.

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Fair enough. In that case what font and font size will you be using to measure the page?
Also is there a format for our titles, names, etc?

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up to 800 words would fit fine. If lots of people actually want to submit longer things, I'll probably just give them several pages. Credit and title things however you want.

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will you commission someone to make pupi kaur-esque illustrations

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where will this be posted?

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Just to /lit/, to dissolve almost immediately back into the vats it was birthed from. Although if enough people submit i'll also make a tumblr page to host it semi-permanently.

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exclusively to /lit/, to dissolve almost immediately back into the vats it was birthed from

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I dont feel like I can produce anything decent with just one page

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based post

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he did say he'd give people several pages if they want them

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git gud I'm writing it out right now.

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Could a mod sticky this, maybe? I want to contribute but I don't want to do it now, and I don't want to forget about it.

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What about an erotic weight gain fic

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Any genre of erotica? Comedy? Horror?

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Just save the email address you lazy fuck.

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I'll post update threads in the next few days
Any genre

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I hope that you like my /d/ tier shit fetish

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bumping for interest

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I would but I don't think anyone wants to read my tg tf lesbian submission fiction

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I would like to read that

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I submitted mine, maybe people could post their stuff to bump the thread? I would read it and I’d enjoy feedback on mine as well

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Great idea. Why don't you start?

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i wish i wasnt a virgin and knew how to write erotica

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Very scary, not sure if this is good but I did keep it “personal” (1/2)

Led blindfolded to the tub. The shower head comes off and sprays with purpose, set on the ground and let loose. Freezing cold slowly warms and, eventually hot, soaks her genitals, goosebumps and raised hairs gently receding. She basks in the golden shower. Warm piss splashes her stomach and streams down her breasts and he accidentally, “accidentally,” aims poorly and finds the flow landing promptly on her dry blonde hair. A quick correction, but the damage is done, her hair matted now and dripping. This was her first time experiencing anything like this, she hadn’t even been warned it would happen, and yet clear pleasure arrises as she instinctively sticks her tongue out to receive the droplets raining from her hair. God the water wont stop spraying, it’s enveloping; right to the edge and over, she moannss as she comes for the first time. Impossible to resist the pink tongue slipped out of plump lips, he blasts more piss, now straight into her mouth. Gag reflexes are unavoidable and oh so hot, she sputters as yellow liquid foams up and spills from her lips. Before he can even finish the command “swallow” his fist winds around her wet hair and his cock plunges towards the back of her throat.

Its night time and the fog is so thick outside one might, walking shirtless, end up with dense droplets all across one’s skin and feel a coolness touch every inch. The fog is such that both darkness and silence seem impossible-everything is touched with a tinge of whiteness, and something between rainfall and static fills the air. It is in this blanket that rage, some spastic energy, careens outward from the depth of a soul and, finding an arm for an outlet, sends a fist smashing into delicate teeth and lips and facial bones. A dull streetlight reveals blood trickling and proudly illuminates the scene. Having one’s head forced down into a pillow is one thing, into rough concrete another. Knees and forearms, strength simply, pins down arms and a head and skinny thighs, and she is raped as deeply as possible.

The shower head remains on the ground, forgotten now with everything saturated already. She is on all fours, and his dick, covered in saliva, not with just any coating but the thick stuff that drools out when you have shoved something down your throat for longer than you thought you could, presses against her anus. It’s too tight, nothing’s ever gone in there before, but she pushes back.

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It opens up and consumes the head, slowly shrinking back to form a tight seal against his shaft. Its not “the good kind of pain” its not “oh this hurts but I love that it feels good for you” and yet somehow that’s even better. The dirtiest, most painful consumption. Here she was wishing he’d yank her hair back even harder, using each part of her - and truly herself as a whole being - only as means to further pleasure himself. She’d never really found dirty talk to come naturally, but after so many slaps to the face every time her inflection was imperfect and marks across her skin becoming an unfading shade of red, she had picked up the artistry of true slutiness. What a surprise it was when she pleaded for more piss in her ass, when she begged to be turned onto her back so she could let go a stream of her own. It was certainly a more unpredictable stream, spurting up towards her own face and pooling down around his ballsack. She’d already had her hardest orgasm for sure, earlier when the scent of his ass still sat on her lips and he was busy pounding her cervix until her eyes rolled back (which he could see with the blindfold pulled down around her neck). But now, after so long, the legs get shaky and orgasms happen in unceasing waves, eliding and taking over the whole body. Head leaning against the foot of the tub and hair dripping down to the floor, she nearly rips the soap bar out of the wall with her grip. Her pussy had not stopped secreting juices and ejaculate for near an hour now, and it pulses and tightens as her lips grip his dick with each passing thrust. The sensation is too much, his cum which, waiting to spring out seemed to have left the balls long ago, started to leak out in a pour. He hurries towards her face and the clenching of his fingers on her head snaps her out of a daze just in time to see semen, immense amounts, rushing at her. Rope after rope coats her face, reaching her hair and sneaking into corners of her eyes and nose. He was done for, having released so much, but she needed to continue. As he sits back towards the other end of the tub, she reaches for the shower head once again. Placing it firmly between her legs, she scoops the cum down her face with a single finger and savors its taste. It drips from her fingertip to her taste bud, more falling in from her cheeks all the while. Her tongue is coated and as she has yet another orgasm she can’t help but swish it in between each tooth as well. Not the first or even the second substance she’d swallowed that evening, the cum slides down her throat and she sits back completed as she comes one final time. Naturally, a shower lends an easy clean up, a necessity when sleeping in such a mess would be incomprehensibly gross. Shampoo became the dominant smell in the room, the nicest smell there in a while, and outside the fog grew dimmer as the light from their bedroom window went out.

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I'm curious if you're male or female.

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Erotica written by virgins is exactly the kind of material suited to Slime Palace, it's a bonus if it's not intelligible or recognisable to any audience of actual sex-havers.

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I would like to contribute something but I can't claim ownership of this masterpiece.

In 2011 I bought a laptop from a flea market for parts. Whoever had parted ways with it (or let's face it, it was probably stolen) had neglected to wipe their hard disc and besides some pedestrian excel worksheets there was a "journal" of around 200 pages in various WordPerfect formats I'm guessing were from 1996 or so that were ripped from some other PC and kept on the laptop. I, in turn, coped them to an external for myself before I stripped the laptop, but in doing so I corrupted some of the files.

So today if I have time, I'll copy it screen to screen. by hand if I have to, the old fashioned way, editing as little as possible so you get the full effect. So this person (can't tell gender) worked in some kind of law office or maybe doctor's office, hated President Bush (the first one) and had long rants about their co-workers which sometimes culminated in fantasies of erotic forced tickling sessions that involved a lot of feet and bondage. I feel like it should be immortalized in some way and if I have time later I will do that.

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Mad man

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You're doing God's work.

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This is cool.

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Sounds intense. We would appreciate it.

Also bumping to remind people that submission window ends Thursday next week.

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>which sometimes culminated in fantasies of erotic forced tickling sessions that involved a lot of feet and bondage
Damn, someone stole my idea..

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>one issue
>800 words

eat shit

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submit to this

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Mr Morrissey please donate to the Slime Palace Patreon. We love 'Manchester' and 'Asexual Romanticism' so goddamn much here at the SP office, and you will receive a nude polaroid of the editorial team as recompense for your noblesse oblige.

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Bump this for the early morning readers

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fuck off, bong
no don't, i luv u

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