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>be at bookstore
>book catches eye
>don't know author
>buy it and read it anyway
>it's good

what book was it?

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Death and the Dervish

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Mein Kampf

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

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The Foundation of Exploration

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A History of the English Language, by Simon Horobin

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Jacob Have I Loved

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This bad boy right here

Hands down the greatest novel I've ever read

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*Before I knew he wrote Fight Club
I was young

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Pic related when I was 14 - probably the first work I enjoyed that could be called Literature.
>tfw I haven't done this since I was a teenager.
I have too much I want to read that I have high hopes for thanks to the internet, but I made a lot of progress last year so hopefully this year I'll clear through the bulk of it and be able to enjoy just browsing a bookstore or library aimlessly again.

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I was drunk after meeting a friend for a late lunch and needed to kill my buzz so I bought this and read it in a nearby park.

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Studs Lonigan

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In my defence, I was literally 13 - it's pretty much the ideal fantasy for slightly precocious 13 year olds.
I'm weirdly salty about how popular its become, it used to just be a comfy escapist book of my almost-childhood that no one else had heart of.

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Charlotte Roche - Wetlands

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Motherfucking NYRB

As soon as I see the spine, i just grab it. I have not read a single bad one yet.

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Are they easily available in book stores in the US?
Don't get them here in the UK, save for Amazon.

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>Introduction by John Fowles
Well, that's going on the "To Read" pile.

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They show up at used book stores like Half Price Books and 2nd and Charles constantly around me. I think Half Price Books orders them, but because most people don’t buy randomly and haven’t heard of NYRB, they sit there until they get put in the 2 buck clearance section. Every single time I go, there are some in the clearance. I own about 30 and have bought 0 brand new

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Schlump by Grimm.

NYRB shit, hell yeah.

Initially published anonymously, the book is about a German soldier in WWI, written by a former German soldier in WWI. I'd describe it like Candide in the trenches, though it's less succinct, and has less episodes and raw metaphor, but carries the same attitude within a similar protag, and is an excellent, harrowing read. The end actually made me tear up. I've since read Goodbye to All That - Graves, and I'm on The Great War and Modern Memory by Fussell. Interesting shit.

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>tfw adding another NYRB to my list
I’m 10 pages from finishing the one I bought most recently, and then I have to read the one my wife blasted through yesterday so we can discuss it

When will their domination end

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When anyone else hires an excellent team of translators or else combs international literature properly for things the modern literary crowd is fucking interested in. Fuck. They have an excellent publication, and their own press, it's genius.

Ever read Lapham's Quarterly? If Lapham opened a press, I'd guess it could compete.

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Im so jealous. Here in Australia you can only really find them in shops new, for $30-35 usually. Only once did I find one second hand. I may be going to New York this year so I'm hoping to stock up on second hand NYRBs when Im there

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Good point. I think Dalkey could rival them if they pressed more often though. Can’t say I’ve touched Lapham, but will have to investigate now

That’s rough pickins. Where in Aussieland are you at?

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The Devil all the Time

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Okay frends, hardmode: what's a book you took a chance on and didn't even know the publisher?

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Submission by Houellebecq
Admittedly it was the somewhat sensationalist cover that did it for me
I expected something provocative and not much else, but ended up enjoying a fairly introspective novel

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Juan Goysoto - Quarantine

Legitimately one of the most insane, delightful books I’ve ever read. Joyce filtering the Inferno through middle eastern conflicts and TV hell

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*Goytisolo, whoops

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Godine being the publisher.

Strange post-WWII novel about identity loss and existential dilemma. I ought reread it, I can’t remember much, but I remember enjoying it.

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Fascinating book on just how vain we all really are.

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>Where in Aussieland are you at?
Sydney, so one of the more "literary" cities. Actually just grabbed a whole heap of good stuff at a bookfair, so there is good stuff to be found here, especially Australian novels that are hard to come by elsewhere. But the NYRBs are rare here and it sucks.

Pic related, published by the "Writers and Readers Publishing Cooperative", whoever they are

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Emilio's Carnival / Senilità

Obviously Zeno's Conscience is pretty well known, but I hadn't heard of it at the time, or anything else by Svevo. Bought it on a whim from a Value Village and it became one of my favourite books ever pretty much immediately.

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If On a Winter's Night a Traveler before I came here and knew who Italo Calvino was.

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I bought Julian Barnes 'The Noise of Time' when I was in the Amsterdam airport and I really enjoyed the book
Shostakovich's life is really interesting and Barnes has a really good handle on general narrative and storytelling

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One of the comfiest things I have read, and with delightful prose.

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The Tartar Steppe

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White City Blue by Tim Lott
It was a time I judged a book by its cover and the content turned out better than expected. Genuinely evocative tale of human connection and disconnection veiled behind crass lad humour.

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What's NYRB?

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I read it at around the same age and the comfy feeling is one of my best memoriee.

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Great book.

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only happened to me with non-fiction

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just get them from bookdepository, you utter mong

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The secret history

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Victoria by Hamsun

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>buy a book without knowing the author
unfortunately im too cucked by the academy to do this. canon only

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>want to buy book
>all recent prints have ugly-ass covers
>don't buy book

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Anything by Jeremy Robert Johnson.
Except for the part where none of his stuff is on shelves and I just had to go by the Amazon description when /x/ showed him to me.

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New York Review Books

They’re like the Criterion Collection of literature, constantly publishing lost classics, works never before translated to English, etc. Always with great supplementals too

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Svevo is pretty much the most underrated author of the early 20th century.
Fun fact, Italians are the most powerful race in the world

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One of my favorite book titles

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Thats so much better than the english cover

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>be at bookstore
>book catches rye
>don't know author
>buy it and read it anyway
>it's good

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>be at bookstore
>book catcher in the rye
>know it's written by jerome salinger
>buy it and read it
>it's great

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>buying Catcher in the Rye from a book store
It's one of those books you can get in new/like new condition online or at a charity store for a fraction of price

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Scaramouche by Raphael Sabatini.

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This is one of my very favourite "read for entertainment"/escapist books. The character of Andre-Louis particularly appeals to me.

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It appeared to me at just the right time to make it a classic for me.

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Yeah I can get that, >>12531908 was for me
I miss the feeling of walking into a bookstore and most everything being somewhat alien and unknown, not knowing what to expect from any book.

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>be at bookstore
>staff seems uncomfortable with my presence
>have an awkward exchange with the store owner
>stare at the book names
>the book i want to buy is slightly torn i don't want to pay full price for it
>cancel visiting the stationery section

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You guys are going to laugh at me for being a brainlet but I once picked out Nostromo by chance at a book store, I didn't even have any intention to buy a book that day, but as I was passing by this store, I decided to check it out, the prices were surprisingly low, so I determined to buy one quickly and go home. The name of the book intrigued me so I went with it, hadn't heard of it before. Turns out the book was a really nice read.

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