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This has more substance than anything I've ever wrote.

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Very good
Do you have anything more by Nael?

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Can someone recommend a book like this?

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While Nael’s is the objectively better piece, I personally find more fulfillment in Galko’s rawness.

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The nigger
He destroyed the West
The nigger is out

by Nael, age 16
From Day of the Rope When, 4chan.org/pol/

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>the nigger
More like kikes

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d underratted

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this is how mafia works Xd

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The Tiger
by Soren, age 6

The tiger
Destroy your cage
Or don't
You'll regret it either way

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The virgin
He destroyed his latest relationship after two dates
He made this post

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Based & faithpilled.

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>Galko's rawness

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Martin Lutha'
He done ruined Chris'endom
Oro pro nobis

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The level 1 crook
He found some cash
That's how mafia works

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The cis white male
He needs to be castrated
This is a regular latte, I ordered a chai. Take it back, trash.

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>the right can't into prosody

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The tiger
There's no cage
The tiger is my property

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The tiger
He failed to destroy his chage
The tiger is still locked up

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Someone explain why this is good and keeps being posted

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He destroyed his country
This is the Jews fault

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>anything I've ever wrote
I believe you.

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based proofreader

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it's shit, liking it is simply implies that you are so above today's poetry and culture, that for you even such a primitive scribble of a child is better

it's so simple every pseud has the ability to feel some emotion from it, and any flaw it has is excused, or rather completely invisible, as it was written by a child

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more like.

the tiger
trapped? nobody seems to know
who knows
nobody knows
im going to die where i was born

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It's unironically better than anything Joyce, Pynchon or Nabokov have ever written.

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it perfectly captures the playful nature of a child

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That second yes has daddy's handwriting

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The tiger is out
He destroyed his cage
The Tiger

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The Tigger is out
He destroyed his cage
The Tigger

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What flaws does it have. It's perfectly reduced such that there are no unnecessary lines, the message is clear but broad enough to cover a wide variety of interpretations, and it has just enough literary devices to give it depth without going overboard.

Nobody thinks Nael is actually a prodigy or anything, it's just accidental genius, like a monkey at a typewriter.

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>literary devices
what literary devices are employed in this? Asking genuinely

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>brainlets on MY /lit/

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come on, it's just repitition, what else is there in it?

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lmao are you me?

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They burn my lungs
They sear my flesh
My mind goes numb
My penis goes limb
Why do I suffer myself to light these twigs
Satan is honing my strings

>John ages 26 4chan poster

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oh yeah

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To what? Art is not great just because you can ascribe deeper meanings to it that the artist never intended for.

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Better than any nobel prize winner

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Google 'Death of the Author'

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Top three big cat poem with Blake and Rilke imho

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>Mom, do you see me?
>Yes, but I don't want to.
Jesus. Poor kid.

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Seems like a bullshit book. Its publication date does coincide very well with the time art pretty much died, though.

Art becomes meaningless the moment you remove the artist from it. You can see patterns in randomness and noise. But it's still just noise, not art.

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>art is dead
Johnny did you miss the school bus today? Why aren't you in class?

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If you appreciate this, you're either pretentious or just laundering money.

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That's pretty deep and grounded in science.

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I think it looks pretty and is fun to look at because of all the random complexity, in what way is that pretentious?
You're the one who's being pretentious when you try to look for meaning in abstract art.

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You're the one calling nonsense an allegory. You're the one claiming art requires no artist.

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It has nothing to do about children. It's a good poem on its own.

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>It's a good poem on its own.

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>being this much of a philistine
Go jerk off to gaudy baroque buildings on /pol/, pleb.

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Like I said, pretentious. Your response to a disagreement is immediately "go back to /pol/".

Art is nothing without intent. All you can have without intent is conjecture or guesswork, and it will all be your imagination. It will all be your mind painting what the artist could not.

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>You're the one calling nonsense an allegory
no I'm not, I'm just calling it pretty
>You're the one claiming art requires no artist
when did I claim that?
who are you even arguing with?

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>"art is meaningless without the artist"

surefire way to spot a pseud.

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Imagine if Nael peaked with that poem and the rest of his life is just a long, depressing downward spiral into mediocrity and self-hatred

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unironically profound

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Yo fuck cages mayne.
- tiger

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Based and redpilled

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Can you explain why this is good or are you doing that effeminate thing where you glorify something dumb in order to seem intelligent?

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>he doesn't know
shh don't tell him

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Penitentiary chances
The devil dances
And eventually answers
To the call of autumn

kanye is the greatest living poet and i'm being really serious

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This hits hard

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300 bitches
Like the romans

What a genius

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>The priest wore black on the seventh day
>And danced around while the building burned
>You didn't know me for a minute babe, and I've never known the spring to turn
>So slowly into autumn

Still waiting for his collab with the man he clearly lifted that verse from

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there's a latin tag 'our good homer himself occasionally nods'

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Step aside plebs

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>art is nothing without intent
This album was certainly made with intent, but the sound itself is so distorted that you any bits of the music that you make sense of are going to be completely different than anyone else's. If your argument was true then the purpose of the work could only be known by the artist, and subsequently, the artist would be the only one who would be able to properly consume this media. When I listen to the album, I find beauty. My imagination is sparked. I reason out my own problems and come to my own conclusions. I experience every function of art when I listen to this album.

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Damn that kid's mom is a cunt.

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This is actually beautiful.

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art is a conversation with the artist

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yes. this is so much better than pseud Nael.

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this got my noodle goin'

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And for that it becomes a true and powerful look at the author's soul through the lens of mere playful poetry. It is unironically a good piece when you consider the context of the author.

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im literally crying shaking rn

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Unironically carries a lot of meaning. Beifuss is taking a stance here that a machine cannot produce art, or at least not in the same way humans can, and so cannot possess a soul. Not to mention that he's demonstrating that beauty exists in all facets of nature, as evidenced by his observation that even a mathematical concept, numbers, can fit perfectly in a haiku.
This suggests a certain longing for simpler times when we would simply enjoy nature for all the beauty it contains, rather than trying to search for something more in an increasingly artificial world.

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a truly brilliant gestalt my friend

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holy shit, these kids are amazing

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Funniest thing I read on this board

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The tiger

He can't destroy his cage
He tells everyone he destroyed it anyway

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These poems are honestly really good

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fuck off back to /pol/, kid

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These are unironically good poems. It goes to show that it's not about your training or how much publicity you have behind you, it's innate.

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You tiger
What is a cage
But something to be destroyed
Tiger, at last ye are out!

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This has me real fucked up.

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You're entirely wrong. He's demonstrating that poetry operates by conventions akin to mathematical systems. The accumulative principle on display fulfills the syllabic demand of the haiku form according to numeral tradition; but is this a compromise of mathematics and its subordination to poetics, or a regulation and even constitution of poetics by mathematics? That is, the haiku form is accomplished here only as an instance of enumeration : thus, the poetic form is performative, performed by mathematics, perhaps a mere effect of it. At the same time, this particular enumeration also suggests a disruption of mathematical convention akin to that of poetic language, in the leaving out of the conjunctive "and", a grammatical (artistic) liberty evoking the poetic persona of a robot. However, this persona, opering exclusively according to the systems of mathematics, expresses itself (its self) as a machine, which you claim to be incapable of art. In so doing, this machine has produced an effect of literary language, and that through ignoring linguistic convention. Poetic convention and mathematical convention are rendered at best historical artifacts, the practices of each dissolved into a unified intellectual (or less culturally burdened, intelligent) activity, the practice of it a domain through which humans and objects fluently move, have exchanges and imitate each other. Rather it is a poem that challenges the soul by suggesting it (the poem) was not only made by a machine, but through a collaboration of man and machine ; that is, it causes the matter of the human soul to be contingent on the machine.

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The alcoholic
He destroyed his life
The alcoholic is dead

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Its a blogpost

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Anon, are you okay?
Sev-en hun-dred ten
1-2 3-4 5

What sort of bizarre dialect are you speaking if “seven” or “hundred” are monosyllabic words for you?

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Somehow, the 6-year-old's writing still tops /pol/

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Formalists btfo

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>I've [...] wrote
Yeah, it shows

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Why do Americans say "seven hundred ten" instead of "seven hundred and ten"? Do they understand how retarded they sound to the rest of the English-speaking world?

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>t. monolingual an(gl)o

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No it doesn't. This board needs better memes.

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Fuck off

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Do you also say 55 as "fifty and five"?

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