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Yassss PoC princes and princesses, D'bi is here to SLAYYYYY! Cis white males need not attend! Trans and pocs get front row seats as they're the top of the bottom of the privilege ladder. Whitey finna pay and D'bi finna slay!

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by university standards that's conservative

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The head of my (nominally Catholic) university’s theology department is a gay Jew, I’d say that’s pretty woke

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tryhards be trying hard, I don't see why you need to let these fringe edge cases trigger you so hard.
INB4 hurrrr it's spreading and taking over the world!!1!
stuff that doesn't work doesn't spread. This doesn't work. Don't spaz out and let it pass like a small but manageable kidney stone.

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>they're the top of the bottom of the privilege ladder

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All this shit just looks like someone put a bunch of buzzwords in a blender and dumped it out. It's the same thing every time.
>of color

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Except that this is dominating large companies, universities, Hollywood, etc.
Some people were making this kind of argument 8 or so years ago. But right now it doesn't make sense to make this kind of argument.
If anything the complacency of people who let those like you convince them that nothing would happen was one of the factors of their rise.

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>Her pan-Africanist explorations of identity, gender, sexuality, class, and human experience make an indelible mark on the Canadian and global cultural landscape.

Why would her identity and the subject of their study have anything to do with the percieved quality of her work. This is why nobody respects academia anymore.

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Um sweetie, like you literally cannot say that, I just can't, can you please leave the college grounds because you're so toxic, I'll have you deplatformed

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this is kinda good
this is shit

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I'm a gay black trans disabled female jew, worship me.

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The second one is an Ezra pound poem that's the meme.

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what a goddam minute. that's it. holy shit, that's it. knowledge is now eschewed by way of individuality; but the individuality is ideologically informed, even meta-narratively informed. the new meta-narrative is identity. oh fuck oh shit oh god

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>and ate them


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i know. pound is shit.

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I like this but it is just one cool sounding line, would be better in a huge confessional poem.
My suspicions are that it is 1) good because I am drunk or 2) a line from a famous poem that I don't know that is made to look like a rupi poem.

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Time to drop out

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what's a monodramatist?

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>they're the top of the bottom of the privilege ladder

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I bought his pisan cantos but haven't found the time to read them. Is it worth it?
He struck me as an innovative creative translator but until that line I have found what I've read of him pretty lacking.
To answer Bob Dylan, he definitely wins over the insufferable Eliot though.

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17-year-old breakup-emotion bait

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someone who writes and performs monologues

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>African Jamaican
So she's from Jamaica and Africa? But where in Africa, you know Africa isn't a country, sweaty ;) Unless they mean like African American: Afro-Jamaican? Seems somewhat superfluous, since most (but not all, I know) Jamaicans are black anyway...

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Some of them are, but a lot drone on about ursury and the jews and stuff nobody who isn't Pound cares about, but some are very beautiful. I'll post a few standouts:



I prefer his non-Cantos though, for instance:

and in particular is particularly moving:

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And if you're rich, all that shit gets overriden.

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This sounds like a satire

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My school has a lot of social justice oriented clubs and events, and of course a gender studies department, but it's pretty easy to ignore. It's annoying to constantly get announcements from the feminist or lgbt clubs about events that they're having, but other than that it doesn't interfere with my life at all.

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My uni has a feminist club, but I've never heard a peep out of them and only know it exists because I saw it in a pamphlet. It makes me wonder if it's a group of reasonable feminists considering that I've only met one person who fits an SJW stereotype on campus (it was a black girl who said "YAS QUEEN SLAY" without a hint of irony).

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based antiafrican

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My uni has "gender neutral bathrooms", pro-trans, BLM artwork, and feminist murals everywhere, as well as constant articles, posts, and even classes tailored towards diversity. In my English Literature class, I even got scolded by the (white female) professor for daring to claim that Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness was not racist, and also that none of the natives in Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea come across very well - that perhaps everyone is equally capable of being fucked up and cruel. People read that one Achebe essay and assume Conrad was some pro-colonialist zealot, it's irritating. This is in Scotland though, which is very faux-progressive

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lmao chill

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I unironically attend university in the american pacific northwest and progressivism is IV’d in by the milliliter starting day one of move ins. I sort of regret going here but out of state uni’s were ridiculously more expensive

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Take the commuter-pill

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Standpoint epistemology

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my college requires me to pass a "unit" on sexual assault before they let me sleep in the cupboard I'm renting for 300 dollars a week

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Those take like five minutes

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I don't care, they can suck my dick

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waoh there buddy

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A dramatist who writes monodramas.
A monodrama is a drama with only one actor/character.

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Let me guess, you're in Glasgow?

I'm also in Scotland, but like I say, where I am I barely hear anything about social justice that isn't either reasonable or someone taking the piss out of SJWs.

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Anyone else mad that the faggots stole the word queer? It was such a nice word to describe uncommon phenomena

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stop this now, pound is good

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I can tell you were belligerent and couldn't stop when faced with the reality of your racial biases

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Fuck you. This is an Ezra Pound poem.

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this, all racists must submit

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Make me

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