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Any books on how to resist the allure of the flesh? I have a porn addiction problem

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If you stop using the internet you won't want to use porn as much

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The Bible. Go to church and further your love for God. It will improve your life- maybe not physically, but mentally; and also my friend in the age to come you will reap the reward you have sewn here.

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Jesus christ dude I was eating when I clicked on that shit. Fuck you

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Christposters make Christianity appear so dull and tepid... they all talk the same... do no credit to the wonder, fire and deep peace of the religion.

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you're not even trying. you didn't need to go through the effort of finding that picture for the post, did you? weak

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Anon, unless you feel called to the priesthood or some other high passion, I highly suggest trying to find a cute girl and marry her. Pornography and jerking off are you trying to sublimate your entirely natural urge to fuck a real woman and have children with her. This is what humans are meant to do.

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t. low test beta into bony asses

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I have the same problem OP. I found Meditations by Aurelius to be pretty helpful, although I would like to find some books that focus on controlling your sex drive specifically.

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i just fapped again its like if i go a half a week without a nut when i do fap its gotta be a twofer

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to me the only annoying thing about wackin it is dealing with the jizz the cleanup is always a degenerate feeling unless i can nut and flush but thats not an option atm

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Same, I can't even orgasm the first time

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yeah the first time i only got all the way up at the very end, the second time i started rockhard

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If you masturbate twice a day or more everyday, that seems to be a problem, but if you're young, like most people on this site and do it once a day, that's normal. Wait till you et old to not masturbate/have sex.

If your habits are leading you to ever more kinky things, stop beating it to that porn. If your expectations of women are getting overblown, ...Well, stop watching bimbos.
If you can't get off to more vanilla, don't finish.

Are the cousin It hands trying to give him a handy or stop him from killing himself?

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t. nigger named Quintarious Washington.

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It's open to interpretation

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imagine how rad it would be to be a normie so when u get horny u can just fuck a vagina that shit would be insane

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anything victorian

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t. virgin who has never hit it from the back

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Just stop man. Simple

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my roommates just came home hopefully it doesnt totally smell like jizz

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>If you can't get off to more vanilla, don't finish.
I didn't expect butterfly to be such a square.

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this woman or fag

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why not just go fuck a girl instead of watching porn? its not that difficult

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First day here, huh?

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Whats with everyone here claiming porn is the evil of all evils. If you enjoy it then what is the problem?

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it desensitizes you and you become addicted and need harder and harder stuff to get off. a lot of guys also get ed. porn is bad, dude. yeah a lot of nofap guys are cringe alt right retards. doesn't mean they're entirely wrong on this issue.

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Yeah man, I love cp, I'll be honest about it. But am I really harming anyone? Nah, not really. So what's the problem?

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That doesn't like bro-science and a pretty big baseless projection. Do you have any source on that?

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It's literally the work of Satan.

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You only have an addiction when it hurts your social and personal operation (you would have to masturbate in the middle of the street, or forget to eat for that). Until that, it's just your choice to overcome the lack of pleasure. Depression also comes from that, and not from masturbation itself.

You are center your thinking on a small problem at hand instead of evaluating the real big one.

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>Meditations by Aurelius
Cliche nu-4chan-core meme advice.

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> If you enjoy it then what is the problem?

Do you really want to tread toward this thinking? I enjoy slicing you with a blade. What is the problem?

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>he DOESN'T want to be named Quintarious Washington

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I am already named Checkem Dubbs.

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>two millenia old classic & self-help staple
>edgy zoomer faggot thinks it's somehow novel or characteristic of 4chan to recommend it
Please, go back to crabbit and stay there.

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No one seems to be able to tell me what is so bad about porn without resorting to pseudo-science they heard on /pol/

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Take the schopenhauer cure

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Reading about the harms of pornography helps. I suggest:

Getting Off by Robert Jensen
Only Words by Catharine MacKinnon
Men Possessing Women by Andrea Dworkin

There's also a few videos you can watch on the following youtube channel:

And of course reading up on the effects of porn on Your Brain On Porn will help scare you off too.

Good luck. I feel so much better since I quit porn. I started at a young age and it fucked me up psychologically and I feel like it took me a while to unlearn all the misogynistic bullshit and warped views of sex that it imparted onto me.

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what if i only watch solo porn of hot chicks prancing around in lingerie and rubbing their clits? then what faggot?

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Isn't the definition of a cuckhold "a man whose wife is sexually unfaithful, often regarded as an object of derision."?

What does porn have to do with that. I am confused

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>responding to the obvious troll

It's copypasta

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That's actually not so bad. Porn fucks you because the unlimited amount of available videos tells your sex drive that you're Ghengis Khan and don't need to get hard for any but the most ridiculously arousing of situations, but if you're consistently using non hardcore videos and not escalating into the weird shit then it's not getting to you. If you're also actually watching less than two videos a day, I wouldn't even worry. That's just like one step above playboy magazine, which never hurt anybody.

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It also refers to people who enjoy watching other men possess women.
What if i draw my own porn?

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What is wrong with you people? it's always sex with you, like the very hint of flesh gives you a raging hard on. control yourselves you fucking horn dogs. If you put as much energy into fantasizing about sex as you did in a hobby you'd be a better person all together

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o how i'd like to lift the veil and tip the velvet whate'er surprise is awaiting me there 'tis soft like u o a cutie a cutie a cutie for me! who'd've know or thought? i could be love, cupped by a po deuce

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i just came to this picture

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why resist? there is nothing greater in life than feeling the warmth of a woman in one's arms

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Find some hobbies, then find your inner strength. I've been on a mission of true self actualization, that is to say, improving myself as a person without leaning on the wisdom of ideological snake oil salesmen like JBP or religion. True change must come from within. If you wait for someone to come by and solve all your problems for you, then you're a sad excuse for a human being barely deserving of rescue.
Pull yourself together. Start with the Greeks.

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>bro just stop using the internet
The other day my internet cut out for 3 hours and I actually felt sick from withdrawal symptoms. God my neuron pathways must be so fucked.

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Read this book. Everyone addicted to porn and who wants to quit knows it's bad. Every addict knows that whatever they are abusing is bad for them. This book offers a different perspective. Give it a read, it's free. You don't have anything to lose.


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fuuuuuuu how do i not beocme a clicheid'e nu chan core seventeen year old anon-kun?

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Read "The Practice of Brahmacharya"


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I have ed when it comes to sex because of it and I'm only 21. I try to get off of it but I always relapse after a few days. It's consumed a lot of my life